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Aragaki Yui 新垣結衣 ( Yui Aragaki )

NameAragaki Yui
Star SignGemini
Birthday11 June 1988

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Aragaki Yui

Yui Aragaki is affectionately known as "Gakky" to her fans. Her bright smile earned her the trademark �gGakky smile.�h Already a popular idol, she made it into ...

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Filmography (19)
Code Blue Season 3 ~ Dr Heli Kinkyuu Kyuumei [2017]
コード・ブルー 3 ~ ドクターヘリ緊急救命
Shiraishi Megumi
Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu [2016]
Moriyama Mikuri
Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku [2015]
Okitegami Kyoko
Legal High Season 2 [2013]
リーガル・ハイ 2
Mayuzumi Machiko
Soratobu Kouhoushitsu [2013]
Legal High [2012]
Mayuzumi Machiko
Mou Yuukai Nante Shinai [2012]
Ranma 1/2 [2011]
Tendo Akane
Zenkai Girl [2011]
Ayukawa Wakaba
Angel Bank ~ Tenshoku Dairinin [2010]
Fujikawa Karin (ep. 1)
Code Blue Season 2 [2010]
コード・ブルー 2
Shiraishi Megumi
Smile [2009]
Mishima Hana
Code Blue: Doctor Heli Kinkyu Kyumei [2008]
Shiraishi Megumi (Flight doctor-in-training)
Papa to Musume no Nanokakan [2007]
Kawahara Koume
My Boss, My Hero [2006]
Umemura Hikari
Gal Cir [2006]
ナギサ (18)
Onna no Ichidaiki [2005]
Koshiji Fubuki (child) (2nd Night)
Dragon Zakura [2005]
Kousaka Yoshino�@
Sh15uya [2005]

Users who voted for this artiste (157)
1. amekoi
The innocence that envelops her personality is pleasantly adorned with her expressive eyes and playful lips. This image of Aragaki Yui gives a light impact in every role that she takes---may it be deep or just plain heroine-type. With a big fanbase behind her back, she is set to become not only a well-loved J-idol but an actress who reaches out to everybody's hearts.
2. dbesthair23
This girl is just pure amazing and 100% cute and beautiful all the way. Her acting skills to match her beauty is just perfect too. She deserves a lot more credit as she really does know how to act on all of her roles. Yui is doing a killer job right now on the new Drama Smile, I hope everyone watches her there, you won't regret it!!! Go Yui!!
3. Sasagawaa
She is a really good actress ! First saw her in My Boss, My hero then I watched every of ever drama, every time I loved her character.
Also I like her voice, especially in her song "Heavenly Days".
And wow what a beautiful face ! I love her smile and eyes.
I wanna watch the movie she's starring in :x !
4. KAZdoramma
I just think she`s real cute and not bad as an actress. She`s obviously been in a bunch of popular/successful doramas from Dragon Zakura to My Boss My Hero but my favourite performance must have been SMILE (2009). She was class act in this one and i enjoyed her newest movie, BALLAD too.
5. K.T.Tran
First saw her in DragonZakura and thought she was pretty hot. Then just saw her in Shibuya 15 and she cute....plus she kicked some serious ass. Defiantely watch her in Sh15uya. If you want to see her looking really cute, then MBMH is what you should watch.
6. natsukoi
Cute, sassy and bubbly---everybody's dream sister/girlfriend/best friend. With her comfy personality, Aragaki lightens up the screen, her signature wide smile plastered upon her lips. Her squeaky but pleasant voice adds up to her bubblegum-flavor.
7. Fight-oh
Yui was soo kool in Dragon Zakura.. She was Yamapi's girlfriend and played it really nicely... I hope to see her in future roles becuz shes only 18 years old.. She has great potential.. I like her for her nickname gacki.. Shes #10 on my faves
8. ubeyou
Saw her in Malaysia TV few years back, and now noticed her via Zenkai Girl in 2016. She's really an amazing actress with superb aura whereby it will make everyone laugh. She's cute, pretty, no doubt no 1 actress in Japan IMO.
9. Gakky's Enthusiast
She is so lovely as I would even love to go get her wallpaper on my game gadget. She always makes me feel sort of happy. =)

I would say that she could be the most adorable person will be living on my heart. More than A+
10. Llijen
she has the cutest smile i've seen... i started liking her since i saw her in dragonzakura, then i started watching sh15uya, and i searched for my boss my hero english subbed but failed... she is so kawaii!!!
11. Kunimi-kun
She's the most beautiful girl in Japan ^o^. She has got a cute smile *o* and she's a great actress. I finished to watch Shibuya 15...it was a great live action, she looks so kawaii in that live action.
12. sinned12
In terms of hotness she should be way at the top. In terms of her performance, she does hold her own.

I think I've watched every drama she was in and wasn't disappointed with any of them.
13. mrsmith10
First saw Gakky in Code Blue but she really stood out in Smile. She was brilliant. Also like her in Papa to Musume no Nanokakan, Shibuya 15, and Zenkai Girl. Nice singing voice to.
14. ThyGriever
Wow~! She's amazingly pretty and a great actor. She acts pretty cool in Gal Circle and I'm pretty sure Yui will become more popular as time goes on =]
15. hitomi #1
Real pity not more votes for her, one day she'll be #1. So so cute, nice singing voice, good actress who seems to be getting better with each role.
16. zend
really really love her in MBMH and DZ. currently watching gal circle. and woah.. she's just so cool.
pretty. wish her the best for the future.
17. ester_grace
I think she's a potential actress, she's pretty cute and I like her beautiful eyes. She did a good job in smile and papa to musume.
18. Ahrjai
She is really pretty ^^ Watching her in dramas is really refreshing. It's nice to have an artist that can do a variety of roles.
19. crazytigerfrog21
Just love her in Gal Circle, Zakura, and My boss! But it's really good to see her finally get a lead role in My boss, my hero
20. Hikaryu
She's really cute....there's something different about her than other artists...http://jdorama.com/images/smiles/hadoken.gif
21. katakura_satsuki
She's stunning! I liked her in My Boss, My Hero and the Koizora movie..and she's just a brilliant actress all around!
22. dango
23. neonloneliness
First saw her in Gyarusa.

she's very attractive with her soft cute voice and talk less but cool roles as Nagisa.
24. bluescorpion
The cutest actress I have ever seen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really really love her!! "My Aragaki Yui"
25. amran
a** kickin girl in sh15uya. COOL EMAA!!!
kawaii school girl in MBMH...HIKARI!!!!
love gacky!~~~
26. Kugashira
She's soooooo pretty. I loved her in My Boss My Hero and especially Papa to Musume no Nanokan.
27. gummonster
I love her smile, and i also love her in My boss my hero. she and tomoya nagase rock my world
28. robetella
Really cute and sweet gal. Girl Next door look. One of my fav stars now most definitely. =))
29. bleui
really, really love her bossy-cold carachter in gyarusa...i love her when she's angry...
30. rafa
She has kawai smile... Her acting is very good... I like all her movies and dorama...

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