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Taguchi Junnosuke 田口淳之介 ( Junnosuke Taguchi )

NameTaguchi Junnosuke
JPop GroupKat-Tun
Star SignSagittarius
Birthday29 November 1985
Blood TypeAB

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Filmography (10)
Kyowa Kaisha Yasumimasu [2014]
Ooshiro Tou (29)
Legal High Season 2 [2013]
リーガル・ハイ 2
Kaga Ranmaru
Osozaki no Himawari [2012]
Aoyama Kaoru
Legal High [2012]
Kaga Ranmaru
Inu o Kau to Iu Koto [2011]
Hotta Katsuhiko
Kochikame [2009]
Araki Kakunoshin (ep. 3)
Yuukan kurabu [2007]
Bido Granmarie
Hanayome to Papa [2007]
Miura Seiji (23)
HAPPY [2006]
Ganbatte Ikimasshoi [2005]
Nakata Saburo

Users who voted for this artiste (37)
1. RubberDuckie
I love his smile. It's seriously the cutest and absolute best. Hahah, and he always has puns in his mind and uses them. norinori~ sarada~ XD PLUS, he looks so beautiful and graceful when acrobaticing. is that a word? XD Yahh, since he practices a lot, he perfects his skills. He's really awesomee, one of my favorites in KATTUN.
2. apithea
When i first saa him, I don't actually like him, he's just like any other. But as I get more information of his personality I really do like him.
His smile, en his weird behavior could always make my blue days become brighter, somehow
3. Evil_Ellie
I LOVE JUNNO! He's so hot and i love his smile XD And he is so cute and funny most of the times!
He did an awesome job in Ganbatte and I love his performances with KAT-TUN. And his fantastic acrobatics .. backflips!
Ganbatte Junno!
4. jahvi
AHH! I fell right in love with him in Happy. And then I saw him again in Hanayome to Papa. He's such a good actor! He's a good singer as well! I'm definitely waiting for more of his series! He's so cute!!!! ^^
5. teru_teru_bouzu
wahhhhhhhhhh Junno... Jdorama gave you a page....haha.... THe boy with the great smile...Funny too sometimes, but I still can't understand his puns... A great acrobat too.... Wish you lots of luck Junno...^^
6. uni_hana
I think he's an awesome singer and dancer. I own the KAT-TUN live dvd, the new one, and I can't help but notice how well he and his fellow band mates dance and sing! I'm so jealous! lol.
7. zaizai
sooooooooooooooooooooo KAWAAAAAIIIIIII!!!!!!! he's one of my favorite members in KAT-TUN. he dance well graet in gymnastics and now......a great actor.
Go flippin' JUNNO!!!!!!
8. Masuda_Takahisa_Lover
He is cutie!!! Great actor/signer and really cool that he can do awesome flips and stuff ... His "invincible smile" makes me happy all da time when he does it!
9. mamarin
love him in Happy! he 's so cute.
fall in love with him again in Hanayome to papa.
he 's so sweet guy.love his smile ><
and funny with Bido IN Yukan club.
10. chibiandor
Taguchi Junnosuke is a very handsome guy...so cute!! I swear! His cuteness is just as amazing as his acting! XD I love him in Ganbatte Ikimasshoi!! ^_^
11. ikuta_kumiko
multi talented JE star.. singing..dancing..acting.. kakkoii..sweet..adorable..plus his smile..aah.. luv him!! junno-kun..aishiteru~~
12. laura--eins
Junno is a jack in all trades. Love his dancing, acting, singing. Just love everything about him and this Smile melts my Heart <3
13. html_ellie
junno is so adorable..even tho he cant make up a joke..he's so adorable...lyk ohno in arashi...junno is cute..kawaii
14. NyappyNeko
Kakoiiii!!! He is so beautiful in Ganbatte Ikimasshoi!!! His legs is AMAZING!!!! Like him!!!!! KAT-TUN forever!!!!
15. Yama_Pi
It was a surprise for me whan I heard that he's playing in a dorama too.
16. odhie
he's one of kat-tun members right?.. hes so kawai.. waaa.. he's face so sweet hehehe..
17. gracel
weeeeh i ssoooooooooo love junno his smile is so beautiful it melts my heart hahaha
18. johnnysjr
kawaii in ganbatte ikimasshoi!
when he call "SEKII".
i very love his smile!!!!!!
19. yUuriko
junno was so hot...specially in yukan club...i like his blue eyes there...
20. enairra_hayami
so gorgeous
so good in singing and dancing!!
i like him!
21. Rin-chan
i love how he acted in Yukan club and he's really cute too
22. Mao
Junno in drama, well that's is new <3
23. candygurl
i voted him because he can smile 24/7
24. Hayato
kakkoii!! i love his killing smile!~
25. amalcool
his skill is smiling.
good actor..
26. wakitinha
eee tagush-kun....
so soft....
27. jafrea
i like him!!!kakkoi!!
28. ai..
good acting >.<
29. littlegurl
love his smile
30. arashi4dream

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