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Hanayome to Papa [花嫁とパパ]

Drama Details
Title:Hanayome to Papa
Telecast:2007-04-10 to 2007-06-26
Season:Spring 2007

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:12 Episodes

Ishihara plays a new 20-year-old OL working in the apparel company of her dreams. Her father, played by Tokito, loves his daughter excessively to the point that he compels her to follow his house rules: 7.00pm curfew, no socialising with the opposite sex, etc. Nevertheless, she falls in love with her colleague, played by Taguchi, and begins a mission to "graduate" from her father.

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. My Girl [Miliyah Kato ft. COLOR]

Actor/Actress Cast (17)
Ishihara Satomi
Uzaki Aiko (20)
Tokito Saburo
Uzaki Kentaro (45)
Taguchi Junnosuke
Miura Seiji (23)
Koizumi Kotaro
Narumi Shunichi (30)
Shiraishi Miho
Makihara Tamaki (29)
Wakui Emi
Inukai Minako
Takizawa Saori
Okazaki Anna
Oshinari Shugo
Kanda Ryuta
Nishihara Aki
西原 亜希
Kanayama Hatsune
Satsukawa Aimi
Okabe Mayumi
Imai Rika
Ishihara Sono
Kaneda Mika
Iwakura Mai
Nakazono Yuno
Fujisaki Momo
Hirooka Yuriko
Asano Kazuyuki
Tajima Reiko
Miura Fusae
Owada Shinya
Miura Seizo

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Drama Reviews (10)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Father of the Bride, eh? [Rating: 8/10]
I thoroughly enjoyed this drama, though I may be biased because I love both Satomi-chan and Miho-chan. The story line is light and the plot succeeded in keeping my interest throughout. When the relationship is established within the first episode, I thought �guh�c so what are they gonna fill the other 11 episodes with?�h But they DID fill the episodes, and my interest was maintained throughout.

There were some unrealistic things that bothered me about the show. For example, Miura�fs confession to Uzaki�fs father that he wants to date her �gwith the intention of marriage�h seemed to come out of nowhere. As a viewer, I felt cheated out of the first steps of their relationship because it was so rushed. Later the relationship between the two solidifies and becomes believable, but that initial confession was unrealistic.

The small unnoticeable pieces of comedy were brilliant. For example, when Aiko nearly bumps into Makihara-san while carrying a tray of coffee caused a priceless reaction from the actress (Miho). The slapstick is sporadic throughout and really makes the series quite fun to watch. Somewhere along the middle of the show, however, the comedy fades and it becomes serious and dramatic. The transition is smooth and I didn�ft realize the shift had taken place until the second last episode. Although in some dramas this would have been a major uncontinuity, it fit the theme of the drama perfectly. After all, the theme is growth.

The male lead (Taguchi Junnosuke) was terrible, and I�fll be really surprised if he�fs given more acting roles, but I didn�ft mind him as much. Tokito Saburo (Uzaki Ken) was brilliant in this role. He annoyed the crap out of me in the first few episodes and I was afraid that if he continued that way, I wouldn�ft be able to watch the rest of the series. But his character simmers down to someone more manageable, and by the end of the series he was one of my favourite characters. Ishihara Satomi is growing as an actress and as her fan I couldn�ft be more proud. She still has a long way to go, but she�fs levels above the other actresses in her age group. One thing is for sure, the girl can cry convincingly. And what can I say about Miho-chan?! She was absolutely perfect, as she is in all her roles.

Overall, the drama was fun. It�fs obvious that it was geared towards females in their 20s, and perhaps that�fs why I could relate to it a little.
Reviewed by Wynter on 20 August 2007
2. Father and Daughter [Rating: 5/10]
At first glance this may seem like a love drama, but it is not. I did root for the other guy, but there really never was a chance of the main character ending up with anyone else. What the story is actually about is the relationship of a man and his daughter and how they deal with her becoming a woman. It is often hard for a single father to let go, but we do see a lot of growth in him.

Another aspect of the drama is the difficulties of growing up and separating from the parents from the girl's point of view. The first job and the first love are hard enough to deal with, but she also has an overbearing father on her hands. At times the story is funny in an embarrassing way, but also very heart-warming. The running musical theme of the drama is sung by the father and is titled "Kimi no kaeru basho". It's a lovely song full of the same warmth as the story itself.

For more reviews go to: isabelle-reviews.blogspot.com
Reviewed by Isabelle on 14 August 2012
3. celebration of fatherhood [Rating: 8/10]
There seems to be quite a number of dramas on fathers this year. If you think fathers are distant creatures like those in Yasashii Jikan or Papa to Musume no Nanokaken, then Uzaki-papa is the opposite. Sure he is irritating (so are the rest who tried to act cute). He is ubiquitous. He is intrusive. He tells everyone in his workplace about his daughter. He sings his displeasure with his guitar for his daughter when she breaks that dumb 7pm curfew. Any daughter would rush to get married just to get him off her back. But at the end of the show, i have only one thought of this relationship - envy.
Reviewed by Eyeyore on 1 August 2007
4. Cute story, annoying dad [Rating: 7/10]
This is a cute drama with a great lead. However, the acting is way over the top and not believable. Meanwhile, the dad is way too annoying for viewers to be sympathetic. That whole concept about "doing everything for the child's benefit" just annoyed the hell out of me. A psychiatrist is desperately needed for this overgrown needy old imbecile who drains the life out of his daughter. If you want to watch a good oyako kankei drama, watch Papa to Musume no Nanokakan instead.
Reviewed by FierceStriker on 18 November 2008
5. four thumbs up [Rating: 9/10]
i wanna give it a ten point actually coz i really enjoy on watching this movie, i watch it 3 times already en it still not bored me. So whether it such a really great dorama or I am just a freak. But there's no suh a thing as a perfect score i guess, so i just give it a nine.

I really think that this is a great dorama, from the very first time i watch it 'til the very end I really enjoy this drama.
Thanks to this drama i somehow become a big fans of Junno kun
Reviewed by apithea on 11 December 2007
6. Hmm... OK [Rating: 7/10]
I would give this 9/10 IF NOT for the first 3 episodes. I'm glad I persevered through these episodes to find the jewel that this drama really is from then onwards. In fact I ended up enjoying it so much that it will rank on my favorites shelf. I agree the male lead leaves much to be desired, however the female lead is so cute and energetic that she gives the entire drama a driving engine that makes you want to see it all at once.
Reviewed by ralphm1999 on 9 September 2009
7. Over-protective dad [Rating: 8/10]
I agree that satomi was over-acting and annoying but in the middle her acting was getting better. But i like this drama because of relationship between aiko and her father is just like me. My father is also over-protective so i can fully understand aiko's feeling.
Reviewed by ester_grace on 19 January 2011
8. Over-protective dad [Rating: 8/10]
I agree that satomi was over-acting and annoying but in the middle her acting was getting better. But i like this drama because of relationship between aiko and her father is just like me. My father is also over-protective so i can fully understand aiko's feeling.
Reviewed by ester_grace on 19 January 2011
9. BORING!! [Rating: 5/10]
BORING!!! Satomi is just over acting... and lame... The character doesnt really suit her... She is more suitable to be a serious type high school student as in WaterBoys 2... Well, Saburo-san had done a great job!!! He saved the whole drama...
Reviewed by opospa on 4 November 2007
10. Like,like and like [Rating: 10/10]
Fun and romantic drama!
Must watch it!
Reviewed by eiza on 10 September 2008

Comments From Users (71)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 6/10]
Over the top characters and over the top acting with moderate storyline. The main thing that kept me watching was that after 5 episodes, you actually want to know what happens to them. Ishihara Satomi plays a young girl named Aiko who is beginning her new job. She wants to experience freedom and independence, but is watched over constantly by her over bearing father, Uzaki Kentaro. She had lost her mother when she was young so the father is very protective of her.

That nature of her father is often times ridiculous and a bit annoying in the beginning, but he thankfully mellows down a bit as the series progresses. I'm sure there had been some complaints about his character early on in the show. Anyway, his actions towards the end are seen as more endearing than anything else.

Acting is pretty good in this series despite the melodramatic scenes between father and daughter and the introduction of the new boyfriend, Miura Seiji. A lot of things seemed a bit illogical and out of character despite the early intentions of each character (ie Miura Seiji's response to the disagreement of marriage between him and Aiko)

It's a decent series overall for a light-hearted story.
2. Comments by Inujun [Rating: 7/10]
This is a rather common story about an overprotective dad who has problem letting go of his only daughter, including of course... chasing away any potential guys. Have to admit that the guy here is very persistant though in a way that is actually quite abnormal, lol! First time seeing Ishikawa acting, she seems a bit too exaggerated sometimes but well who cares if shes so uber cute. I'm not sure what they intended to do with the manager narumi though, by letting us believe him to be a potential competitor for aiko's love since in the end that just died out without much explanation, I would say Koizumi's role was pretty much wasted. Well overall pretty entertaining with the only touching moments showing how a father might feel for his only daughter.
3. Comments by Jackykero [Rating: 2/10]
One of the very few doramas I gave up on before reaching the end of it.
Granted, Ishihara Satomi is very cute, she overacts a little but that's fine, she does not overact to a point of being unbelievable. What made me quit is really the role of the father, how he meddles in everything and how everybody seems to think it's normal, including his 20 years old daughter. I don't know of any 20 year-old Japanese girl who would accept 10% of what he's doing. And even though this is a dorama and such unrealistic things have to be expected, I thought it was just going too far.
I would have watched the dorama for a little more if the rest of the story was interesting, but I found the story just plain average.
4. Comments by Swedish_Japan_Lover [Rating: 7/10]
Well well well what to say... Ishihara Satomi is one of my favorite j-actresses and she did a good job in this one too. I liked the side-story with the manager, I am a fan of those kind of stories. Although I was always getting annoyed with the plot, the father and just the situation of Aiko not being able to do what she wants, so I guess my personal opinions and values drags the rating down. Junno was so so, at this point his actingskills are weak, but i didn't get annoyed by him at least, haha! The low rating is also because of the ending, but it was already disposed in the beginning that this is a drama filled with conflicts but will no matter what end like a fairytale.
5. Comments by nishishi [Rating: 8/10]
What a lovely dorama... Hanayome to Papa is really GOOD!!! The casting is superb... I love all the actor... but one of them really caught my attention... Wakui Emi.... OMG shes a excelent actress!!!

Tokito Saburo is really good in this doramas as well... 'bout the couple... well... they were OK... I mean.. They put a good show but it was nothing thaaaat special! Most young actors could play their chars. Btw.. imo Satomi~chan and Junno doesnt have a good chemistry betwen them......

Nways... this dorama is really good... and some parts r really funny!!! I really enjoyed Hanayome....
6. Comments by aoi_dolphine [Rating: 7/10]
This is a rather funny and yet with a sweet romance theme in it. The father going overly protective of his only daughter. I don't think in real life situation anyone will have a curfew at 7pm right? That's where the fun begins. The daughter on the other hand keeps on trying to find her role in her workplace and of course new romance to go with it. That's all I am going to comment here... or yeah if there's any KT fans here Junno is in this drama with Satomi. Surprising they pull off as a sweet couple very well.
7. Comments by rikastar [Rating: 6/10]
I think it will be better if everything was just concluded in 5 episodes or so, it got bland towards the end. And almost all the characters are quite annoying, I don't find myself supporting any of them. Ishihara Satomi needs to improve a lot more if she's still going to lead any drama... I think she is going the comedic route but she's not very natural at it. Junno is just being himself so he still have lots of room for improvement too...
8. Comments by yamada_taro [Rating: 8/10]
I wasn't expecting to watch this, but curiosity got to me and I'd say this was a big surprise. It was comedic and at the same time, while the father-daughter relationship is a tad overboard, it delivers it's purpose -- an entertaining show. The later episodes were more serious, but it was actually touching and heart warming.
9. Comments by �ؓގq [Rating: 7/10]
It was quite a cute drama. I watched this while I had a mini crush on Junno hehe, I loved his smile. I would've rated this higher if my crush was still existent but since I have my senses back 7 would be more appropriate. It was quite funny and I love the chemistry between the main characters, its quite cute and innocent
10. Comments by oonqy [Rating: 9/10]
taguchi really din disappoint me ~! worth my time to wacth the drama cos of him~
his expression is priceless...

the father is also priceless from the way he treated his daughther~

one thing abt the drama is the 2 young male actor are gd-looking hahahaa ~ [tat's surely heighten viewer's mood.. (oops~)]
11. Comments by Nermal [Rating: 7/10]
Simple yet lovely. While the main character (Uzaki both father and daughter) can get annoying at times, that silliness is what in the end brought me in. Surreal but sweet, a family drama with a touch of comedy all tied up by veteran actors and a young cast of promising ones! ^^
12. Comments by koala_bry [Rating: 10/10]
i liiiiiike this dorama...mainly because ishihara satomi's charater AIKO-chan is absolutly hilarious!!!!! really...and she's sooooooo cute!!! the father too is really funny!! great comical duo perfectly shynchronise!!! just hilarious!!! n_____n gyabooo
13. Comments by venuskarura [Rating: 3/10]
did not finish watching the entire series since the first couple of episodes are too boring, naive daughter lie about marriage and a controlling dad... i could care less, was hoping the story was about something deeper between parent and child. oh well.
14. Comments by sucigam [Rating: 7/10]
Ishihara Satomi is basically playing the same ditzy character as in H2 and although the drama is cheesy as hell it still ended up being pretty fun. Just don't go in expecting anything more than mindless entertainment and you should enjoy this one.
15. Comments by opospa [Rating: 5/10]
BORING!!! Satomi is just over acting... and lame... The character doesnt really suit her... She is more suitable to be a serious type high school student as in WaterBoys 2... Well, Saburo-san had done a great job!!! He saved the whole drama...
16. Comments by jahvi [Rating: 10/10]
I love this drama! It's really good! It gets interesting right off the bat and it continues to shine! the characters are awesome and Junno is so so so cute! I love him so much! Hope that he'll be cast more roles in the future! ^^
17. Comments by v1olet [Rating: 8/10]
another father & daughter dorama. what makes this dorama interesting is the father and his silly 7 pm curfew etc. the more I watched this dorama, the more I got it why he did so. nice drama. I love papa singing with his guitar.
18. Comments by aozora7 [Rating: 9/10]
this drama tells the complex relationship between a father & his only daughter who's entering the life of an adult. definitely relates with actual relationship in actual life. some episodes can really bring you into tears.
19. Comments by oldasianguy [Rating: 4/10]
I was surprised that I deleted this series after a few episode..but I guess`other then the cuteness of Ishihara Satomi, there's not much going for this show...annoying surporting cast...especially the males....
20. Comments by Eyeyore [Rating: 8/10]
Dramatic. i have not seen this dad and daughter do comedy before but this show has such a funny script.every appearance of the dad in front of the couple comes with star wars' phantom menace !!!! Ha Ha Ha.
21. Comments by jhoeralynn [Rating: 9/10]
well, hanayome to papa is one of my favorites...not because junnosuke is one of the cast but it gives emphasis on love and repect...and how to fight for the one you truly love...<2108>
22. Comments by Veilen [Rating: 10/10]
Thorough analysis of adversities young people must face before they could happily marry. Romantic and funny comedy with awesome cast and interesting main and side stories.
23. Comments by marspeach [Rating: 8/10]
Light, cheesy show about a girl with an overbearing but caring dad who falls for a guy from Kat-tun. Funny and I even cried a couple times. Crap, I cry all the time.
24. Comments by mmyy [Rating: 7/10]
The first half is simply hillarious! Otousan's exaggerated reactions are way too funny! Unfortunately, the story got draggy and repetitive towards the end.
25. Comments by raynawashere [Rating: 7/10]
this drama is so amazing! its funny, cute, and a bit sad at sometimes. but overall i totally love it! and i love the fact that taguchi is in it!! :)
26. Comments by Maiuuri [Rating: 10/10]
hilarious, absolutely hilarious, i don't think i laughed more in any other show. the characters are brilliant especially the father and daughter.
27. Comments by uhno [Rating: 9/10]
Although the beginning was annoying, with her father's interference and all, things eventually changed to the point that this drama rocked.
28. Comments by wanderingfish7 [Rating: 7/10]
Interesting and touching. I didn't like the papa at first, but later on, I feel that he is really a good papa.
29. Comments by ct_subang [Rating: 6/10]
another funny drama abt father-daughter r/ship...thot Emi-chang wld have a more significant role next time...
30. Comments by expanzee [Rating: 6/10]
I was waiting for Satomi Ishihara come back. Although it was not disappointing, it was nothing great either.

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Users who voted for this drama (13)
1. tinyamaki
DONE with Hanayome to Papa.... I love the drama ...
the amount of funny and touching moments are well executed.
I really don't wanna end watching this one. Kentaro and Aiko's chemistry is really strong and the supporting cast did a very good job too. I didn't expect so much about this to be honest but Satomi chan really surprised me.
Now I will surely gonna watch some of her works.
and the papa, to be honest I really hate him at the beginning hahaah but as the drama goes on, he really grew in me...
Overall 9/10 :thumbsup:
(I want to give it 10/10 if Taguchi did "more effort" in acting)
2. kyon-kyon chan
I'm touched with the strong relationship between the father and the daughter.. they really care with each other even thou sometimes it's annoying them..
3. jahvi
This series is just too enjoyable! I love it! It's quite interesting and the characters were awesome! I really recommend this series! ^^
4. Hayato
taguchi best drama ever!~
i really loves him in episode 2 where he got fever n rushed to hospital
5. apithea
great drama, another drama that i won't feel bore for watching it. I really enjoy it.
6. mamarin
i love junno and satomi in this drama so much.
they are the sweet couple.
7. Maiuuri
Hilariously funny i seriously couldn't stop laughing brilliantly done.
8. gaban
funny and charming, stomi chan choo kawaii
9. chocobill
10. xJason2x
good drama
11. beaboszi
12. Eyeyore
13. kun_cheero