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Matsuda Shota 松田翔太 ( Shota Matsuda )

NameMatsuda Shota
Star SignVirgo
Birthday10 September 1985
Blood TypeA
Height181 cm
Weight61 kg

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Filmography (19)
Dias Police ~ Ihou Keisatsu [2016]
ディアスポリス ~ 異邦警察
Umi no Ue no Shinryojo [2013]
Sezaki Kota
Sennyu Tantei Tokage [2013]
Oribe Toru (A.K.A Tokage)
Taira no Kiyomori [2012]
Emperor Goshirakawa
Don Quixote [2011]
Shirota Masataka
Nagareboshi [2010]
Kamiya Ryo (28)
Tsuki no Koibito [2010]
Sai Kazami/Cai Feng Jian
LIAR GAME Season 2 [2009]
ライアーゲーム 2
Akiyama Shinichi
Meitantei no Okite [2009]
Tenkaichi Daigoro
Love Shuffle [2009]
Sera Ojiro
Bara no nai Hanaya [2008]
Kudo Naoya
工藤直哉 (21)
Atsu-Hime [2008]
Tokugawa Yoshitomi (Iemochi)
Jotei [2007]
Date Naoto
Liar Game [2007]
Akiyama Shinichi
Hana Yori Dango Season 2 [2007]
Nishikado Sojiro
Regatta [2006]
Top Caster [2006]
Aru Ai no Uta [2006]
Nanase Takumi
Hana Yori Dango [2005]
Nishikado Soujiroh
西門 総二郎 (17)

Users who voted for this artiste (90)
1. Patazilla
I first saw him in Hana Yori Dango, which was my first drama ever and therefore already occupies a special place in my heart of hearts. Although I was sort of interested in him from thence, it really took the sequel and movie to get me infatuated. From the beginning, I was mainly interested in Matsumoto Jun and Oguri Shun, who outshone Matsuda Shota, however, with the ongoing story and all the media tidbits which came along, I became more and more intrigued.

I've seen Matsuda Shota in almost all dramas he's been in since then and I have to say that by now he really doesn't need to hide behind Shun or Jun. He's a great actor and a real looker at that. His characters are a varied, but always interesting and often quirky bunch of personalities and it's not rare for him to outshine the main character.

For people interested, I recommend Liar Game and Don Quixote, which are both a good watch and have Shota portray one of the main characters. However, almost all dramas he's been have been great dramas, so you really can get your hopes up, if he's in something.

Definitely an actor to look out for! One of my top faves of all time.
2. iluvhyde
He has such a unique face! He was just made for the role of Akiyama in Liar Game... because its really hard to imagine someone being able to do it better than he has already did. Such a versatile actor with a very strong face, coupled with great acting skills! I do look forward to him being as some dark hero someday... it'll be awesome!
3. SquallAdv
Couldn't do it better as Akiyama in Liar Game, also great performance in Hana Yori Dango as the peaceful Nishikado Sojiro. Furthermore, he shows all his charm as the eccentric but lovely Sera Ojiro in Love Shuffle... He has full potential to build unforgettable characters!
4. crvn107
I first saw him in Hana Yori Dango but I didn't think too much of his acting then.Recently,I watched Meitantei no Okite and totally liked his character.I went on to watch Liar Game and liked him even more.A good actor.I'm looking forward to see more of his work! :)
5. youhei_mito
he did an amazing job in hana yori dango as nishikado soujirou :) he's really cute (kinda looks half-chinese to me ^^;), and he totally brought out the best of his character in the drama. wonder if it was his acting skills or is it just his natural personality ?
6. rahci akumatsu
shota.... he's so cute... soujiroh!! suits his looks... I wish I could see him in person XD.. he's very good at acting... and very handsome!!!
he rocks!!... and his family are actors too.. wow... O_o
7. hawkz714
Really greattttt act in Hana Yori Dangoo!!!...first time i see him... i like him....nice act n cute...hope to see him in many other doramas and movie!!recently see him in top caster!!greattt..
8. cold_jade
He's really good. I love him in LIAR GAME and the movie A Happy Gang Turns The Earth, he always get really different roles but performs well in all of them.
9. Chrolo
Same like Shirota Yuu, his remarkable and good looking face makes him my second favourite actor.
In Liar Game he doesn't need to do much for this anyway xD
10. shortmei
Amazing acting skills for a young'n like himself. Definitely has potential as a rising young star. I hope to see great things from him in the near future!
11. karen412
He's a very good actor! I really love his role in Hana Yori Dango and Liar Game! and he's so cute!! He can play different roles! very nice!! ^_^
12. mana-chan
dou kana...he has a very unique face that makes me so drawn to him...aside from his great acting skill, of course!!hope to see more of him!!!
13. CrimsonNataku
Loved him in Liar Game, and I thought he did well in Jotei and HYD/HYD2. He was so cute in a Cheerful Gang Turns the Earth! ^_^
14. jdoramarockz
this guy is handsome and very good at acting..I watched hana yori dango and he was a playboy, I think that it suits him...
15. Gork
Loved him in Liar Game, Bara No Nai Hanaya and Love Shuffle! he's so hot/cute, LOL plus he speaks english quite well!
16. xayaxceresx
He's super hot and super cool and a super great actor! XDD
I really like him in the Liar Game and Hana Yori Dango
17. spikefayejeted
He is so handsome and very talented. Liar game and josei are very good dramas. I want to see him more in dramas.
18. Mikako_xD
The guy from Hana Yori Dango.
Really Really good loking.
Only ther is no picture of him on this site:(
19. jessiesoon
he is Matsuda Ryuhei's brother...no wonder they look alike...
hope to see more of him...!!!!!
20. nickylynn
He is cool and cute. I enjoy watching him in every drama that he is in. Also, love his laugh.
21. Aisling
I like him!
I believe he's a very cute guy!!
hopefully I'll see him in other doramas later
22. rixile
he is a newbie but he's pretty good and did i mention handsome?? haha!! just my type!!
23. Lotlorien
Shota-sama, daisuki desu~~~~
=) *fangirling*
24. Yume_Billabong
I love love love him in LIAR GAME XD hopefully he'll become more popular with ^-^
25. XJShinoda
He's so handsome in HYD and Love Shuffle!!!!
26. ssie
woah!! he really got me this time in love shuffle *nose bleed* he's so cool!
27. krazekarin
he's kool i like him! he has very unique face thta you cant seem to forget
28. akissa
I LOVE HIM!!! Marry me please lol.
29. Dina-chan
In HYD, he was so funny...sometimes he made me laugh when i watched him...
30. acupracacia
I just love him in HYD!!! he has this mischievous yet cool look. ^___^

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