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Yamada Ryosuke 山田涼介 ( Ryosuke Yamada )

NameYamada Ryosuke
Star SignTaurus
Birthday09 May 1993
Blood TypeB

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Filmography (9)
Cain to Abel [2016]
Takada Yuu
高田優 (24)
Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo N (neo) [2014]
金田一少年の事件簿N (neo)
Kindaichi Hajime
Risou no Musuko [2012]
Shirarezaru Bakumatsu no Shishi: Yamada Akiyoshi Monogatari [2012]
新春歴史スペシャル 知られざる幕末の志士 山田顕義物語
Hidarime Tantei EYE [2010]
Tanaka Ainosuke
Sensei wa Erai! [2008]
Guunjou Hayato
1 Pound no Fukuin [2008]
Mukoda Katsumi
向田勝己 (14)
Tantei Gakuen Q [2007]
Tantei Gakuen Q (Special) [2006]

Users who voted for this artiste (43)
1. ester_grace
He was 13 in tantei gakuen Q sp, just such a kid but OMG!! he could be that cool. One year later he also played in the series of tantei gakuen Q and I was totally fell for him. After that I started to searched his any other roles (sensei wa erai, one pound gospel and scrap teacher). He was very very cute, love his cool gesture and his silly side too which is shown by him in scrap teacher. Now I can't wait to watch him in furuhata chugakusei and hidarime tantei eye.
2. reno_erin1705
My most favorite teenage actor!
I would rather see Ryo-chan as an actor than a singer. Although he hasn't appeared in a lot of dramas, I do see his talent in acting. He did a very good job in Tantei Gakuen Q and after that I couldn't get my eyes off any of his shows.
He doesn't only have a cute appearance but also a very cute gesture that he sometimes shows in the drama.
I expect to see him plays as a more matured and important role in his following dramas.
3. joychin
A really talented young actor whom will definately bloom to be an excellent actor in the future. I first saw him in 1 pound gospel and then furuhata and followed by tantei gakuen Q. He definately can act really well....no doubt. I can't wait to watch other dramas of him :)
4. CuPxxCaKE
great actor, very cute... awesome in tantei gakuen Q. i love absolutely love his character in TAntei gakuen Q and he looks so cute in the special. I cant wait for his newest drama with kame, one pound gospel
5. hidezawa_himeko
not because he's the cutest hsj boy after chinen yuri,, but i think he's a great actor too.. i watched his dorama and he always amazing esp in tantei gakuen Q,, the roles really fit him..
6. CrimsonNataku
Hey! Say! 7 looks like it could be promising music-wise. Yamada Ryousuke-kun also seems to show some significant potential as an actor. He was very cute as Ryuu in Tantei Gakuen Q.
7. jahvi
Ryousuke! AHH! He's so so HOT! First saw him Tantei Gakuen Q and totally fell in love with his cold personality there! He's so cute! Definitely a super actor and singer!
8. Shi_4
omg,, i really want him to be my lil' sista... =)
he will become a very beautiful man one day!!
i'm so in love with him....
way to go!!!
9. jey92
He's great in Tantei Gakuen Q, Furuhata Chugakusei and Sensei Wa Erai!. I can't wait for his future drama's. Also have an amazing skills in singing.<3
10. Frits
he was very very cool in tantei gakuen sp, i couldn't believe that he was just a kid, about 13 years old right..
11. Natsuki07
He is sooooo cool in Tantei Gakuen Q... He is talented in acting... hope to see more from him...
12. Liindaa
he was very cool n kawaii. .
maybe da combination within kawai n cool. .
hav a nic day. .
13. xNoblexScarletx
Yama-chan is cool ! ^^ He has a beauty face~
Love him as Takasugi in Scrap Teacher
14. Hikari_Utako
Everyone Knows that my favorite male star ever, other than Kame, is Yamachan.
15. ojouprincess
cute! i see potential in him. hope to see him more in the future...
16. Sterjeny
Because he is young good looking and has a great future^^
17. julianlin
Looked as a cool boy, he has a great talent in the drama
18. Aysha
19. adrxuan
he's a v.cute and talented actor..XDXD
20. Tamaharu
He is a kawaii actor and singer!!
21. jessica161285
22. Fate T.Harlaown
he is very cool !
23. ihvana_003
he's so cool!!!
25. shijeii-kun16
Kawaii. ^-^
26. 3571mylucky
27. est33
28. conan_02
29. 3ine
30. elauder

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