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Dohmoto Koichi 堂本光一 ( Koichi Dohmoto )

NameDohmoto Koichi
JPop GroupKinki Kids
Star SignCapricorn
Birthday01 January 1979
Blood TypeB

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Dohmoto Tsuyoshi 堂本剛Dohmoto Tsuyoshi

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Dohmoto Koichi

Formed the KinKi Kids together with Dohmoto Tsuyoshi. Though both share the same family name, they are not brothers. Koichi has starred alongside Tsuyoshi in se...

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Filmography (13)
Sushi Oji! [2007]
Tsukasa Maizu
Remote [2002]
Himuro Kosaburo
Rookie! [2001]
Aida Makoto
Aiken Rosinante no Sainan ~ Mukai Ryuuta no Doubutsu Nikki [2001]
Tenshi ga kieta machi [2000]
Koishite Shinitai [1999]
P.S. Genki desu, Shunpei [1999]
Harmonia ~ kono ai no gai de ~ [1998]
Bokura no yuuki ~miman toushi~ [1997]
ぼくらの勇氣 ~未滿都市~
Wakaba no koro [1996]
Fujiki Kai
Ginrou kaiki file [1996]
Ienaki ko Season 2 [1995]
家なき子 2
Ningen shikkaku [1994]
影山 留加

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Users who voted for this artiste (70)
1. makimura_RAn
I love him so much since i saw his performance in wakaba no koro and ienakiko2. The first is in ienakiko2. I really cant recognize him. I just think that " wow he is so special" but i dont know that he was koichi! until i read the casting for ienakiko. He has a brilliant talent. He si a hard working in his career, and he is also nice to his fans. I can see it from his habit in each concert. Stay happy and Good Luck always for Koichi!!
2. Aki
Co-partner of Doumoto Tsuyoshi in the duo, KinKi Kids, I hadn't really apreciated his acting until [Rookie] where he really brought out the character of Aida-kun. Later I watched [Tenshi ga Kieta Machi] and also [Remote] which convinced me that while he is not an unbeatable in the area of doramas as he is on stage in musicals, he deserves any viewer's thumbs up simply for his professionialism and efforts in acting.
3. Kris
I don't think that he can act initially maybe because he always didn't manage to get a good script till I saw Remote and Rookie. Wow... I can see the funny and cool side of him in the both roles. He is a very professional performer at stage in musical drama (SHOCK) which gained my support to him as an artist. Other than that he danced well. Great job, Keep it up... Kouichi!
4. cold_jade
Although our prince here has the prince look and a serious personality, but I personally thinks that he tends to perform better with cuter roles like he does in ROOKIE! and Sushi Ouji!
People tend to say he acts like a woodblock, I do agree for some of the dramas that require a lot of emotions, but I must say he did really well for other dramas too. Love him.
5. CrimsonNataku
Domoto Koichi is so talented; music, acting, and performing in general. I first became fascinated with him upon watching a video of his first solo concert. Since then, I've had the opportunity to see his other concert, Endless Shock, and the drama Remote, and I've loved and been heavily impressed with what I've seen. I look forward to seeing more from him!
6. aman
Kochan is the BEST! No matter he is hosting, singing, dancing or acting. He put his BEST effort/performance to the audiences, to his fans and not forgetting to himself. He is serious in work, he love his work. He is funni too. Combining with Tsuyo-kun, they are the BEST (x n times) group! Ganbate Kochan! i shu ni oen suru!
7. toHeart_music
I like his role in 'Tenshi ga kieta machi'..maybe not everyone like that dorama...but I do like it alot...I'm also impressed with Ningen Shikkaku...though not the best,he could act like that at such a young age..I thought Ryuka was a difficult role..
8. KinKi^_^Kidz
Dohmoto Koichi , My second Fav. He is 1 Greeat Vocal with Tsuyoshi .. Love his SOLO songs too .. Acting are not as great as Tsuyoshi though .. But I saw REMOTE b4 , His Acting there have proved him to be a pro.
9. super_boink
i like him because he sleeps naked!! [hehe]

seriously, he more better looking than the other domoto [gomen to tsuyoshi fans], though i havent seen him act, he is way cool dancer!!!
10. teru_teru_bouzu
kya..... Prince Koichi...buhaha
Although I'll have to admit he isn't the best actor.. But he sure can sing... gambatte Ko chan.... I wish you great success in SHOCK 2006 ^^
11. sayurikurata
Omg! He's so hot, hehe. I love how he plays in Remote and in Ginrou Kaiki Files. Looking forward to getting more of his dramas soon!! XD
12. stararies17
becoz he's a kinki kid's member =) like their songs. he certainly has a very cool n nice photoshoot image. very stylish
13. simonelin
Like him becos he is part of Kinki Kids, his drama are not bad also. Like his musical Shock. Real cool and stylish.
14. kiimura+akuya
One of my favourite artiste!! superior in his dance moves & stage plays.. koichi is so lovable..
15. katrinka
one of the most underrated actors out there. He is so good that he makes what he does look natural.
16. icy
I really like his acting as the cool+mature Himuro in 'remote'. He was so kakkoii !!
17. unmei_no_uta
He's so kakkoii & kawaii too!^^His dances are hot too and I like his acting!^^
18. minniecako
I just saw his SHOCK
one of the best show that i've ever seen
He is the prince!
19. Fyxyse
He's very cute and he got this innocent+honest look on his face
20. sosweet56
great actor. first saw him in remote. stunned by his acting. =)
21. Kat
He's such a talented actor and singer plus he's really cute.
22. oonqy
other than he is handsome, he is so funnie and kawaii !
23. tjddks
I like his role in Rookie.... hehe... kinda awkward :p
24. Y*U*K*I
Handsome, responsible, Funny, and full of knowledge!!
25. cutiehinata
koichi.. so kawaiii..... i love everything about him
26. tkroom
I love him act.
I love him face.
I am a fanclub.
27. hidemi
he's the best!!!!! kakkoiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28. some_gurl
his smile just captivates me.. love him in Rookie
29. melting_snow
Love Kinki Kids, Love Koichi! Talented composer!
30. K|NK|
He is so handsome & is a reponsible guy too..

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