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Ninomiya Kazunari 二宮和也 ( Kazunari Ninomiya )

NameNinomiya Kazunari
JPop GroupArashi
Star SignGemini
Birthday17 June 1983
Blood TypeA

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Ninomiya Kazunari

Aside from establishing his singing career with Arashi, Nino has acquired the title as dazzling actor who has captivated many viewers with his acting skills fro...

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Filmography (16)
Yowakutemo Katemasu [2014]
Tamo Aoshi
Freeter, Ie o Kau. [2010]
Take Seiji
Saigo no Yakusoku [2010]
Yamagiwa Shoji
Ryusei no Kizuna [2008]
Ariake Koichi
Maou [2008]
Kumada Masayoshi (ep1)
Yamada Taro Monogatari [2007]
Yamada Taro
Haikei, Chichiue-sama [2007]
Tawara Ippei (23)
Sukoshi wa, Ongaeshi ga Dekitakana [2006]
Kitahara Kazunori
Yasashii Jikan [2005]
Wakui Takuro
湧井拓郎 (21)
Minamikun no koibito [2004]
南進 (18)
Stand UP!! [2003]
Asai Shouhei
浅井 正平 (17)
Netsuretsu Teki Chuuka Hanten [2003]
名波健太 (18)
Handoku [2001]
Sakaguchi Nobu
Namida o fuite [2000]
淵上 健太
Abunai houkago [1999]
Akimahende! [1998]
Aoki Daiki
青木大樹 (16)

Users who voted for this artiste (232)
1. tabemonster
I walked into Letters from Iwo Jima expecting to see a fine performance from Watanabe Ken (and I did), but I walked out completely won over by Ninomiya Kazunari. At that time, I had no idea who Arashi was, and I had no idea Nino was so well known in Japan. So, when I searched up Ninomiya Kazunari on YouTube, I was quite surprised to find him in rainbows and a bowler hat in the Kitto Daijoubu PV. What a difference from the solemn and introspective Saigo! Nevertheless, I find Nino-chan a wonderfully talented actor (and with time, I grew to love him as an idol too). He consistently delivers, and unlike most Johnny's, he is able to turn off the idol mode and really assume the identity of the character he's playing, as demonstrated in Haikei Chichiue-sama and the movie Ao no Honou. A true talent, a gem in JE :)
2. princess
At first I had doubts about him coz the first drama I watched with him in it was "Netsuretsu Teki Chuuka Hanten" and that was a pretty crap drama and Nino was a minor character. Then I wacthed the movie Ao no Honou with AyaAya and I was amazed by his acting but I still had dobts. ( I know. *sigh*) Then I watched STAND UP!! and then i realise I should stop doubting and just ADMIT he is a darn good actor! And watching the short drama (where he had to shave his hair) totally double confirms it.
Nino is really talented and I give him a big thumbs up! I mean duh? He is in a HOLLYWOOD movie now!! Just can;t wait to see that too!
3. miklotov_camus
He's the man!! He sure is a rising actor!! He could play many roles and characters.

I already watched Akimahende, Stand Up!, Minamikun no Koibito, Yasashii Jikan, and Iwojima Kara no Tegami.

He's a Hollywood star now!! SUGOI!!!

He also has a nice vocal, nice hairstyle (although there were mess too in old times), good actor, good songwriter, nice sense of humour too (together with Sho), so friendly, etc.

I can't say he's cute, he's handsome or else.
The only thing I can say is "I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM FOR SURE!"
4. karin-chan
i will be the luckiest girl in the if you will be my boyfriend haha!!!

seriously, i voted you because...

1. i think your cute [hell cute!!]
2. i really like your voice and the way you dance
3. i like your pic here in jdrama.com
4. your going bigtime [the hollywod thing]
5. i really got the hots for you... i swear

and... plz do take good care of your bestfriend sho because you two look good together... ^_^
5. compaqmac321
NINO haha, when i saw this fellow in stand up i was like, haha why is he the lead??? shouldnt yamapi take the lead? EH WRONG, haha by the end of the show he clearly out shined yamapi and oguri, his voice is hilarious, especially since hes what like 26 years old, lol, letters from iwo jima, what?! great acting, yamada taro, what?! funny as hell. nino is that nigga one of the best in his age group and in johnnys ent.
6. mmyy
Nino is a brilliant actor who knows exactly the kind of facial expression needed in a scene and executes it perfectly. He has the rare ability to exude real, raw emotions through his eyes and mouth and voice, and that never fails to give me goosebumps and touch my heart. Hailed as the next big thing in Japan, I guess I'm not the only one mesmerised by his amazing depth and talent.
7. sandreen
Ninomiya's personality is really lovable. Though mean at times, he's really funny and observant. Plus, he very good in acting. I admire his technique of playing nintendo DS so that he can concentrate better on what the director wants him to do. XD Besides, singing and dancing, he's quite athletic, good at baseball and gymnastics. He also composes songs!
Really, he's quite a guy!
8. Tiffany
Nino is an AMAZING actor; I'm saddened to see that he's not higher on the Top Artistes list! He has proven himself over and over again in all his doramas, but it was his acting in 'Ao no Honnou' that blew me away. He has a way of getting to BE the character and it is obvious that he is serious about acting. If Nino is not a promising young actor, I really don't know who IS.
9. Mecchan
Nino is my fav idol ever. He is one of the greatest people out there. He was so impressive in Ao No Hono and so funny in Stand Up!! and completely stole my heart. In Minami- kun no Koibito he was the greatest, and in Yasashii Jikan did wonderfully AGAIN. Plus; he is SO cute you'd wanna eat him, and his smile just makes your day. Period. (Oh yeah: Nino + Quitar = <3<3<3<33
10. kyunspark
This guy could deliver roles like nobody business.... Always love his movies and dorama. He seems fit the roles that were given to him... Shocking that his position on the list is set waaaaaaaaaaaay apart from fellow band member Matsujun since Nino definitely got more talent in acting compared to Jun. And why he is below Akanishi Jin and Yamapi is beyond me...
11. simonelin
Actually I don't like him at first. or to be specific i like him least in Arashi, think that is because his looks is not as outstanding as the others in the group. But after watching a few of his drama i find that he is a great actor and talented singer. He can sing very well and play the guitar. Think he is the 2nd best singer in Arashi beside Ohno Kun.
12. dreamer10231
he can sing the high pitches without even exerting much effort, he really is full of emotions whenever acting. although, i find him arrogant in arashi (maybe because of his hurtful words); nonetheless, he's good in this craft. marathon sp, door sp, and ryusei no kizuna...letters from iwo jima...yup, he can give his full emotions without much effort
13. db9paka
When I first saw Arashi, I thought they were just some lame pretty boy wanted to become SMAP. But Nino changed it all. He is rather short, and I doubt he'll ever grow, but he's got this X-factor about him that makes me drooool... his hairstyle changes every week and he plays guitar. Dances well and acting is really good.
14. jahvi
I saw him in a TV program promoting his latest series with Ryo-chan and I just fell in love with him. His personality is so cute and adorable and kind. I haven't seen any of his series, yet, I know that he's a good actor. I am now starting to pick up his earlier series as well as the one with Ryo-chan. ^^
15. Mylani
Another boy who impressed us with the breadth of his acting abilities, despite being primarily a singer. He has the ability to convey emotions using just body posture and facial expressions, which is a rare talent in people who haven't been professional trained.
16. Chiharu
He is whatever he acts, he never fails to potray his character well and never over does it. Please to give him more doramas!!!!! *is dying to watch ninodrama* And of course, this boy can sure sing, dance, act and host there's no reason why he should be left out.
17. buzzybug
He started very well as an actor in Akimahende! And after that, a marvellous acting in Stand Up! and a sweet and very responsible person in Minamikun no koibito! I have no doubt to vote him!! He's really a great actor, and he's prove it in most of his drama...
18. Kiyomi L. Denise
This boy who's forever 17 is starting to show much maturity in his acting. Letters from Iwojima, Marathon, Door to Door, and stageplay Strangers on a Train; he is telling the world his worth of being an actor, and only the real deal! *thumbs up & ovation*
19. arashinokoto
ninomiya kazunari.. he deserves the vote for being a young actor starting from 14 and was great in akimahende! his popularity is still rising.. did a nice job in netsuretsu teki chuuka hanten as nanami-kun.. he did well in that ep featuring matsumoto rio..
20. indayze
First saw him in Stand Up and thought he was okay. Then saw the huge contrast in character when I watched Ao No Honno.
It scared me :x

But people know he's amazing. He's costarring with Ken Watannabe in the upcoming Clint Eastwood movie. WOOO! :D
21. Michiyori
Not oh-so-very good-looking, but Nino definitely has the talent! He could do really well in many different types of roles. I'm so looking forward to seeing more of his kawaii 17-year-old looking face in Jdoramas in the years to come :) Love!
22. Oba-chan
Can singing, acting, playing piano..
Perfect!! He did really well at Yasashii jikan, Yamada tarou monogatari, Stand UP!!, Haikei, Chichiue-sama
and ryuusei no kizuna. I can't believe in reality he's such a nag. But i respect you nino-kun
23. SakuraDanielle
An amazing actor with such great skills to morph into whatever role he takes on entirely. I would say one of the bests you will find over the last 10 years, specially for his age. He truthfully has no bad roles or points that I could see.
24. marsqurine
I love him :) He was voted the best in serious acting among all the actors his age. He can also cry on cue. He is so talented and recently got casted in a Hollywood movie. He is definately underrated here :) My number 1 :)
25. fybabe
I never really notice him before, even when I listen to Arashi. But his performance touches me in Yasashi Jikan. He tries so painfully hard to please his dad in the story! But hope he grows taller and get a better posture!
26. MidnightAngel92
HES MY FAVORITE ARASHI MEMBER!!! seriously nino rockz! he has a great voice, personality and looks! lol awwwww and hes so kawaii! hes a kid just like ohno :) they seem like best friends... hahah well yeshh hes awesome
27. nino_naru
I LOVE HIM!!! He's the rising star n really good actor!!!
I really want to watch his movies like Ao no Honoo, and his movies with ARASHI!!

Can't wait for his new dorama with Sakurai Sho, Yamada Tarou Monogatari!!!
28. mcreen
i love ninomiya very much. for me he is a very good actor and singer plus he is so cute... he is very talented.. i totally adore him.. i think he deserves it because he works hard for it.. goodluck ninomiya. daisuki
29. Kazanko
awesome actor...not that he can sing and dance well (of course..he is an Arashi), the character he always plays is convincing. Especially in Stand up with this Eeeeeeh....^^ and in blue light as a psycho school boy.
30. chibichan
after watched Ryuusei no kizuna, i decided to become one of his fans. I watched Nino on many doramas before, like in stand up, Haikei chichiue-sama, yasashii jikan, and Marathon sp, his acting skill is awesome

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