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Dillon ` Unmei no Inu [ディロン〜運命の犬 (うんめい の いぬ)]

Drama Details
Title:Dillon ` Unmei no Inu
ディロン〜運命の犬 (うんめい の いぬ)
Therapy Dog Dillon
Telecast:2006-05-20 to 2006-06-24
Season:Spring 2006

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TV Station:NHK
Duration:5 Episodes

This is a story of a middle-aged housewife whose life is changed by meeting a dog. Mari Satonaka is a housewife who left a publishing company and lives with her husband. One day, she happens to meet an abandoned dog and decides to keep it. The dog, named Dillon, does not take to her easily at first but it gradually becomes attached to its new owner. After an unexpected turn of events, Mari starts visiting the elderly and children with Dillon for animal therapy. Meeting new people with Dillon changes Mari, who has long been unwilling to open up to others, and it brings about a change in her relationships with her husband as well as her mother-in-law.

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Actor/Actress Cast (6)
Higuchi Kanako
Osugi Ren
Ikeuchi Junko
Hirata Mitsuru
Sekiguchi Tomohiro
Watanabe Noriko

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