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Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo [イタズラなKiss ~ Love in TOKYO]

Drama Details
Title:Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo
イタズラなKiss ~ Love in TOKYO
Telecast:2013-03-29 to 2013-07-19
Season:Spring 2013

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:16 Episodes

At a high school entrance ceremony, high school student Aihara Kotoko, who isn�ft that smart, notices pretty boy Irie Naoki. She falls in love with him immediately. Kotoko initially doesn�ft express her feelings to him, but finally has a chance to tell him how she feels. Unfortunately, Naoki turns Kotoko down, saying �gI don�ft like dumb women.�h

One day, Kotoko�fs house is severely damaged by a meteorite. Until they find a new place to live, Aihara and her father decide to live with her father�fs friend. When Kotoko moves to her new temporary house, she is surprised to learn that Irie Naoki lives there as well.

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (2)
1. Update [Sabao]
2. Takaramono [Sabao]

Actor/Actress Cast (20)
Miki Honoka
Aihara Kotoko
Furukawa Yuki
Irie Naoki
Yamada Yuki
Ikezawa Kinnosuke
Fujimoto Nanami
Komori Jinko
Yamaya Kasumi
Ishikawa Satomi
Aizawa Yuga
Irie Yuki
Tanaka Yoji
Aihara Shigeki
Nishimura Tomomi
Irie Noriko
Koura Kazumasa
Irie Shigeo
Shibasaki Keisuke
Mori Kanna
Matsumoto Yuko
Kaji Masaki
Shiramata Atsushi
Takamiya Ryo
Utsumi Akiyoshi
Nakagawa Taketo
Horiuchi Masami
Chairman Oizumi
Sato Aiko
(cameo, ep. 10)
Imasato Makoto
Doctor Omura (ep. 12-13)
Iida Kisuke
Kanamori (ep. 13-14, 16)
Saeki Arata
Secretary Yokoyama (ep. 13,16)
Kashiwabara Takashi
(cameo, ep. 15)

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Comments From Users (6)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by Sakebitosan [Rating: 8/10]
The concept of "girl in love with a guy who can't stand her who are suddenly forced to live together" is a bit clichéd but here it works to excellent comedic and romantic effect because of the strength of the two leads, Honoka Miki as the loopy, lovestruck Kotoko and Furukawa Yuki as Irie, the cold, aloof mega-genius she idolizes. ~
~ ~ A meteorite destroys her family's home; her father and Irie's father are old friends; his father is wealthy and invites them to live with them until they get back on their feet, and the rest, as they say, is hilarious. Unforgettable, admirable characters and time well spent. (Currently on Viki as "Mischievous Kiss." Note: MK Season 2 is of significantly less value - Kotoko's character is written as clingy and emotionally-volatile to the point of neurosis, so there goes the humor and the "admirable.")
2. Comments by Yuuki MatsuMiya [Rating: 10/10]
Honoka M. is so sweet and funny! And Yuki F. is just perfect for the role! I gladly welcome the Special Episode!!!
3. Comments by shinjitsu [Rating: 7/10]
'playful' drama that seem to drag on a little long.
4. Comments by Shachihoko [Rating: 6/10]
It was not bad, but too predictable
5. Comments by mrsmith10 [Rating: 8/10]
Good show
6. Comments by kijoken [Rating: 9/10]
7. Comments by KamiOresama [Rating: 5/10]
8. Comments by marianam [Rating: 8/10]
9. Comments by ForeverRoses [Rating: ?/10]
10. Comments by orenji [Rating: ?/10]
11. Comments by Kitsukara [Rating: 10/10]
12. Comments by Bekkichan [Rating: ?/10]
13. Comments by resha22chad [Rating: 9/10]
14. Comments by gelyn [Rating: ?/10]
15. Comments by kamawanai [Rating: ?/10]
16. Comments by spazzy06 [Rating: 7/10]
17. Comments by eml132 [Rating: ?/10]
18. Comments by kamikaze54 [Rating: 4/10]
19. Comments by lunelle [Rating: ?/10]
20. Comments by C-yber Rhapzody [Rating: 5/10]
21. Comments by rafinharomano [Rating: 10/10]
22. Comments by Aditi [Rating: 9/10]
23. Comments by Sana1x2 [Rating: 9/10]
24. Comments by setiawan_arif [Rating: ?/10]
25. Comments by GaimRider [Rating: ?/10]
26. Comments by Syaufmia [Rating: ?/10]
27. Comments by oldpilot [Rating: 7/10]
28. Comments by lynn [Rating: ?/10]