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Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo Season 3 [金田一少年の事件簿 3]

Drama Details
Title:Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo Season 3
金田一少年の事件簿 3
Kindaichi Boy's Accident Files / The Files of Young Kindaichi
Telecast:2001-07-01 to 2001-09-30
Season:Summer 2001

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TV Station:NTV
Duration:9 Episodes
1 Special

The Young Kindaichi is back and better than ever! In this first of many cases, Kindaichi finds himself onboard a cruise ship in which the captain mysteriously disappears the day after a big party. A search of the ship finds nothing, except for little drops of blood on the light switch in the captain's room. Might it be a clue perhaps? You bet! When what looks to be a case of serious foul play unfolds, the ship's radio is found disabled-so much for contacting the authorities. So, far out at sea until they can reach land, it's up to Kindaichi and friends to find the killer - and stay alive!

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. Jidai [Arashi]

Actor/Actress Cast (7)
Matsumoto Jun
Kindaichi Hajime
Naitou Takashi
Kenmochi Tsuyoshi
Suzuki Anne
Nanase Miyuki
Sakai Wakana
Ikariya Chosuke
Katagiri Hairi
Yamada Yu

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25. Comments by GhstDreamer [Rating: 7/10]
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29. Comments by C-yber Rhapzody [Rating: 5/10]
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