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Drama Details
Season:Fall 2001

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:63 Episodes

The main character of this story, Masami Katase has been teased since childhood because of her unnaturally red hair. To add to her sorrow, she has never really received much love from her parents. Masami, who because of all this has a complex about both her looks and her personality, is raped by her older brother's friend. While he is raping her, he tells her that she is so ugly that he doesn't even want to look at her face, so he puts a bag on her head. Painfully scarred by the rape, Masami runs away from her hometown to live in Tokyo.

After moving to Tokyo, Masami meets two guys, Fuyuki Hidaka and Naoya Serikawa, and the 3 become friends. Although both Fuyuki and Naoya have the same father, Fuyuki's mother is his father's mistress. This in turn leads to intense turmoil between the two brothers. Masami falls in love with Fuyuki, but finds out that he is doing something behind her back. This causes Masami to turn to Naoya, who has a secret that he doesn't want anyone to know...

This is a story about love and growing up. The heroine, Masami goes through some very hard times, and seeks the help of Fuyuki and Naoya to help her ease her pain. This helps Masami to once again gain her self-respect, and to grow from a girl into a woman.
Fuji TV

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Actor/Actress Cast (5)
Yui Ryoko
Sekiguchi Tomohiro
Terada Minori
Murai Katsuyuki
Asaka Mayumi