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Sekaide ichiban yasashii ongaku [世界でいちばん優しい音楽]

Drama Details
Title:Sekaide ichiban yasashii ongaku
The most peaceful music in the world
Telecast:1996-05-12 to 1996-05-19
Season:Spring 1996

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:2 Episodes

Sumireko, who is usually called "Sue" , had a daughter when she was 18 years old as a single mother. Sue and Akira, her boyfriend, were very much in love, but Akira's parents were against their marriage. Akira left his parents, and got killed in an accident at a construction site where he worked. Sue and Akira were going to get married soon, and Sue was pregnant... Sue starts working when Nozomi (Non-Non) is 3 years old. Their life is not easy economically, but Sue has never regretted that she had Non-Non. Sue works hard, and every man in her office is very nice to her because she is cheerful and attractive, which sometimes makes female co-workers jealous. They speak ill of Sue because she is a single mother, but Sue does not care. It is still hard for her to leave the office on time when others have to work overtime, but Sue has to go back to Non-Non. Toko Kaieda, Sue's boss, is a very hard worker and expects Sue to work hard as well even if she has to sacrifice her private life sometimes. But in fact, Toko is also a single mother, and has some problems herself. Sue's life is not easy. She has to be a good mother as well as a good worker. She realizes Non-Non suffers from loneliness, and Akira's parents are still mad at her. But Iwao, Akira's father is actually worried about Non-Non and Sue. Although he really wants to contact them, he cannot summon up courage because he remembers how cold he and his wife were to Sue at his son's funeral. One day, Sue sees Iwao watching Non-Non over the gate of the nursery school, and notices how warm his eyes are. She fears he may take Non-Non away from her, but at the same time, she realizes she took his son away from him. So she decides to be kind to him if she ever sees him again, which comes suddenly in an unexpected way.
Fuji Creative

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Actor/Actress Cast (5)
Ishida Hikari
Ikegami Kimiko
Ruike Daichi
Nonomura Makoto
Sato Kei