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Gokusen Season 3 [ごくせん 3]


Drama Details
Title:Gokusen Season 3
ごくせん 3
Telecast:2008-04-19 to 2008-06-13
Season:Spring 2008

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TV Station:NTV
Duration:11 Episodes
1 Special
1 Movie

Sawatari Goro now works at Akado High School as a vice principal. Although the head director of the school board speficically orders him to handle the problematic class 3-D, the students are just too much for him. So Sawatari goes far away to a southern island to search for Yankumi, and convince her to work for Akado. Yankumi accepts the offer, only to find that her class (again) is full of punks, where two rival groups of students are always at each other�fs throats. Will Yankumi�fs strong belief in students and teaching work this time?

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. Oretachi no Seishun [Takaki Yuya]

Actor/Actress Cast (60)
Nakama Yukie
Yamaguchi Kumiko
Namase Katsuhisa
Sawatari Goro
Enami Kyoko
Utsui Ken
Kuroda Ryuichiro
Anan Kenji
Wakamatsu Hiro
Kaneko Ken
Asakura Tetsu
Uchiyama Shinji
Tatsukawa Minoru
Ryogoku Hiroshi
Sugawara Makoto
Takaki Yuya
Ogata Yamato
Miura Haruma
Kazama Ren
Ishiguro Hideo
Honjo Kengo
Nakama Junta
Ichimura Rikiya
Kiriyama Akito
Kuraki Satoru
Miura Shohei
Kamiya Shunsuke
Waki Tomohiro
Kumai Teruo
Azuma Mikihisa
Baba Masayoshi (PE Teacher)
Koizumi Kotaro
Natsume Seichi (School Doctor)
Hirayama Aya
Takano Aoi (English Teacher)
Hoshino Aki
Ayukawa Sakura (School Nurse)
Sato Jiro
Yajima Hosaku (Japanese Classics Teacher)
Sakigake Santaro
Hatoyama Yasuhiko (World History Teacher)
Ishii Kota
Tsuruoka Keisuke (Physics Teacher)
Ishihara Atsumi
Kumai Ami (Kumai Teruo's wife)
Yamada Yu
Kazama Kaoruko (Kazama Ren's sister)
Kido Yuya
Okuma Yuya
Nakayama Masei
Tanaka Masei
Hamao Kyosuke
Terauchi Kyosuke
Maeda Goki
Hamaguchi Goki
Mayama Akihiro
Gen Akihiro
Yazaki Hiroshi
Matsukata Hiroshi
Yuki Jutta
Murayama Jutta
Wakaba Ryuya
Yoshida Ryuya
Warabino Tomoya
Wakatsuki Tomoya
Yamaguchi Ryuto
(ep. 1)
Inoue Yoshiko
(ep. 1)
Omiya Taro
(ep. 1, 4, 11)
Hojo Takahiro
(ep. 3)
Yamane Kazuma
(ep. 4)
Kaneda Akio
(ep. 5)
Shindo Gaku
(ep. 5)
Mashita Yuki
(ep. 5)
Kojima Haruna
(ep. 6)
Masu Takeshi
(ep. 6)
Fukuda Moe
(ep. 7)
Matsuda Satoshi
(ep. 7, 11)
Miyazaki Yoshiko
(ep. 8)
Takiguchi Yukihiro
(ep. 8)
Shibuya Momoko
渋谷 桃子
(ep. 8)
Yagami Ren
(ep. 9)
Nadaka Tatsuo
(ep. 10)
Tokoshima Yoshiko
(ep. 10)
Yuge Tomohisa
(ep. 10)
Aoki Sayaka
(ep. 11)
Nakane Toru
(ep. 11)
Miya Naoko
(ep. 11)
Saito Takumi
Mamiya (Ara High's alumni) (special)
Kaku Kento
Mochizuki Junpei (special)
Irie Jingi
Matsushita Naoya (special)
Morisaki Win
Igarashi Makoto (special)
Ochiai Motoki
Muto Ikki (special)

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Drama Reviews (18)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. again, and again, round we go..... can we get some [Rating: 5/10]
*********SLIGHT SPOILER************
well, this drama is okay. i mean it has its funny parts, and its "sad" parts, which just end up being a giant joke. If you want to watch something sad, ichirin no namida.
Back to this dorama, its the same thing as gokusen 1 and gokusen 2. The only different parts are episodes 1 and 2, where instead of there being 1 class leader or w/e and that little head group of friends, there are 2 of them fighting for power. But by episode 3, those 2 groups are best of friends, and then it gets to the same old crap.
In EVERY EPISODE there is a fight, where the high schoolers are getting beaten up, because those tough guys for some reason cannot fight, and Yankumi comes to the rescue. EVERY EPISODE. And in case you didnt notice, she throwns her little hair holding rubber bands (dont know what they are called, for i am not a girl), and her glasses before every fight. they get thrown right on the floor, and then 4 seconds later, she is wearing them again...........???? she is magic
anyway, its the same old crap, where every episode they have a problem w/ one of the kids in that head group, and that kid gets into a fight, where the other kids from the head group come to try and save him, and after they fail miserably, yankumi comes. And its alll the same episodes as the drama before, student teacher parent conferences, dad in hospital, best friend is now a nerdy douche who beats up other ppl because he thinks that they are smarter than them and looks down upon you because you go to a crappy high school, girl you like doesnt like u until you "prove ur worth" by getting ur ass kiked and having yankumi save you AGAIN.
They dont even attempt to change the background characters, its so annoying. Like, im sure they are different actors, but how many times did u have that guy in the background w/ the slicked back hair? ALL 3 DORAMAS, thats how many.
Good thing that i didnt watch gokusen all at the same time, cuz i would freak. I put a good 3 months in between each one, so that this way it can be refreshing when i watch the next season, but this one just doesnt cut it. Maybe i should have waited 3 years. Not bad enough that the seaons are repetative, but now the episodes themselves are repetitive.
Reviewed by benderoftheelements on 16 September 2008
2. Gokusen 3 (slight spoilers included!) [Rating: 5/10]
I have to agree with many about how similar season 3 is to season 1 and 2. It is literally a combination between the first two seasons. I wish there was more variety in what happens to each character and I'm sure the producers could've been more creative. There were a few differences towards the end. Kuma was more involved and one episode sort of focused on him more. Goda (the Kudou imitation) appeared in 3 episodes instead of just one and there was a sad episode (the last one). I have to say the last 3 episodes were probably the best, especially the finale. It was the most heart-wrenching because even though the viewers know everything it going to be all right (after seeing 2 seasons), it's still scary and sad. I want to see them graduate too! It might be too much to ask for seeing as season 3 was sort of unnecessary, but I wish there was a graduation episode at least. Those are always the best ones. =)

Drama wise, yes it was a repeat, but it also wasn't too great on how quickly the students accepted Yamaguchi-sensei. They weren't too quick in calling her "Yankumi," but I think after episode 3, they were all friends. It's not so much that I didn't like it, I just thought the process was too quick. The best was still the first two seasons, but I like HOW they found out. I thought it was funny how they thought Yankumi's family made takoyaki for aliving and then was like, "How come it says 'Oedo'?"

Characters wise, I wish it wasn't only Kuma that returned. I wish previous actors, Kazuya, Jin, Jun, Oguri Shun, and Mokomichi were shown briefly. Of course, they all had their new dramas to film, so it's understandable. Even though I didn't think much of the cast for Gokusen 3, I've come to realize that after watching this, they grow on you. I've come to like them a bit because even if they're not my favorite actors (the ones I mentioned above), they're still not so bad. Yuya and Haruma are all right and probably are the most popular among the Gokusen fans. I think it's wonderful how all three seasons managed to include singers from Johnny Entertainment. I LOVE JE!
Reviewed by lilster418 on 8 September 2008
3. Feels like watching Gokusen 18 [Rating: 1/10]
This is barely a review at this point since I only saw episode 1, but what I saw makes me believe that I won't change my mind after watching the rest (I will try episodes 2 and maybe 3 unless it improves).
It felt like exactly the same scenario - again !!! - as Gokusen 1. I could accept some repeat in Gokusen 2, but 3 times is too much.
If you have never seen Gokusen 1, skip this one and watch Gokusen 1 instead.

----**** Attention spoiler ****----
Let me convince you by telling you briefly what the first episode is about:
- It starts with the old Kyoto-sensei (Namase) with a problem class 3-D
- Yankumi (Nakama) is the teacher of a class on a remote Japanese island but is fired. She joins the Kyoto-sensei and discovers (oh surprise) that she gets the difficult 3-D class
- The class is a mess, they all look like gangsters and make a lot of noise, until a very quiet one at the far end of the room tells the others to be quiet and they all obey and sit down. Yankumi finds out he's the Boss of the class.
- One in the class tries to hit Yankumi, she avoids his fist but pretends she did not do it in purpose
- Within the other teachers, there are 2 others nice-looking young women thqt the bad behaving kids talk about
- The former gym teacher Baba joins the school but surprisingly forgot Yankumi's connection with a Yakusa family
- One of Yankumi's kids is wrongly accused of a theft, everybody thinks he did it except Yankumi, she fights for him and finaly the police let him go.
- While bad boys are beating one of Yankumi's students, she comes into a hangar and beats them all while doing a speech
- While running to school, Yankumi collides with a man that becomes the white knight of her dreams
- and so on, and so on...

It is exactly the same script, same jokes, same stories, same background music, with less interesting characters and different kids. Rhhhhhaaaa what I waste.
Reviewed by Jackykero on 26 April 2008
4. Same old Gokusen [Rating: 7/10]
I started this series with low expectations and an indifferent attitude, but I was thoroughly surprised by its quality. It's so difficult to not compare it with its predecessors, but inevitably it will be (compared). Sure, there's nothing different about its storyline, plot, running gags or characters; it's a total re-hash of Season 1 and 2 yet there is something about it that makes it rather interesting.

While Takaki Yuya is poorly cast as the lead character Ogata Yamato, Miura Haruma shines in his role as Kazama Ren. To be fair, there was little Takaki could do with a character like Ogata (reminiscent of Kamenashi Kazuya's Odagiri Ryu in S2) who is really the cool, silent type, and that leaves Miura to really work Kazama. Miura's acting was impressive; many times it felt as if he were the main character. The supporting cast of 3D was fairly good although sometimes they looked more in pain when they were trying to put on their fierce 'delinquent' expressions; cute. The teachers however were thoroughly annoying and pretty pointless except to make derogatory comments about 3D to make them the big, bad class.

This season has a great deal more action than the previous seasons; Yankumi doesn't seem to hold back any longer beating up the bad guys. Though it gets a bit tiring after 10 episodes of the same cycle of watching her students get beat and her making a grand appearance to save the day and make a short speech about life and friends.

I believe with all sequels, one has to watch it without comparing it to the previous seasons, hard as it may seem. Watch this carelessly, don't go too much into detail, just enjoy the fun ride while it lasts - and it is fun, it's Gokusen after all.

(As a side note: the Johnny's boys are taking over Gokusen.)
Reviewed by Limes on 9 December 2009
5. GOKUSEN IS BAAACK [Rating: 8/10]
HAHA! I am first again ^^
ok..about the dorama:

NEGATIVE: ok seriously.. its like everything repeats all over again!
everyone who already watched Gokusen 1 and 2 will not get
surprised at all when they'll watch Gokusen 3 *LOL* the storyline
did not change at all.

POSITIVE: ITS STILL FUNNY ^^ there are so many scenes where
you just cannt help yourself but to laugh really hard XD

..about the actors:

Takaki Yuya: ok ok he is a cute guy, thats true..BUT he tries
WAAAY too hard to be "the next akanishi jin".. in each episode
he copied jin's behavior/acting/face expression and at the
begining it was sweet but later it got on my nerves.. because I
am pretty sure he can act better than that and he do not need to
be a copy cat. AND SERIOUSLY who can ever be like jin or even
replace him??? that's impossible ;)

Miura Haruma: what can I say? I love him since "KOIZORA". He
is very handsome, talented and he CAN act. He do not need to
copy anyone because he creates a new and own character when
he plays another role...its like you see a totally different person
in each movie / dorama and thats what acting is about. To be
honest he was the main reason why I did watch the 3rd Gokusen
season till the end XD..he was like the star in the new
season..he made at least more interesting for me.
Reviewed by Di@na on 23 April 2008
6. Gokusen: still makes me cry [Rating: 9/10]
I know a lot of things are just being repeated all the time, but this series still makes me laugh so hard and cry so hard. Nakama can really pull out that emotion...
i wasn't going to watch season 3, but when the special and the movie came out i have to go back and watch the 3rd season to connect some stuff...

all in all i still like it...now if they will make another gokusen...they need to do something different...like make yankumi get into a coma or something then all her students will come and stuff...or finally get her a man!!! lol...then that will open some other stories...hehehe
Reviewed by txtsinay on 16 June 2010
7. Hmm...this looks familiar... [Rating: 5/10]
Its the same thing all over again. Gokusen 1 was awesome. Gokusen 2 still kept me interested. Gokusen 3 just left me bored. Same routine in every episode: student gets in trouble, Yankumi turns up, gives a speech while bad guys stare back, some attack, she fights back, she wins, student learns a lesson, everyone's happy. This is the 3rd season for goodness sake! Its time for some variation! It would have been pretty interesting if some characters from previous seasons had brief appearances. Sure, its still enjoyable to watch, but compared to the previous two seasons, this one falls flat.
Reviewed by doublemask on 10 February 2009
8. still nice drama for me [Rating: 8/10]
i still likes tis drama...lol...^^
yar..quite repeating,same background music..n some sort of it...but..its still good..tis dramas still can make me laugh n i enjoyed so much watching it...hemmm....i miss gokusen 1 n gokusen 2...

haruma miura is excellent acting his part..nice lol ^^...
his charming own style...i agree wif tat...
takaki yuya..not bad...his voice fo the insert songz...no doubt for tat...
but i still vote for jun n akame for the lead part...
they'r superb...sugoi desu ne...huhu...^^
loves them forever...
Reviewed by cnidaria_jin on 25 August 2008
9. Really... [Rating: 10/10]
I'd be surprised if you hadnt watched even one of the seasons of Gokusen. Yamaguchi in this season, was well... completely the same. Nothing changed. From the creepy glasses and pig tails to the red jerseys and rubber shoes. But she's pretty when thats not what she's wearing. Ogata, I mean, Yuya, was the feeling cool *cough* *cough* dude. Aside from Ren, I mean. Say... Why arent Ogata and Ren on the character list? :))

I give it a perfect 10. -end-
Reviewed by JEaddicthellyeah on 3 November 2009
10. Is there a gokusen 4???...Haruma <3. [Rating: ?/10]
I really really love Haruma miura here as Ren Kazama..
well.. I first saw him in 14 sai no haha, as kirino satoshi there...and now I was looking for more of his drama's..I like him too in bloody monday.

well I hope there's a GOKUSEN 4... but I'm looking for some improvements in the storyline.. hope there would be more thrill....and whatever idealism to make it more "must-seen drama"
really really like it..
esp. Haruma here...

Reviewed by crystalics on 29 March 2009
11. Nakama Yukie is wodnerful but... [Rating: 5/10]
This series was one too many. I love Gokusena and I liked Gokusen II a lot though it was a bit redundant. This was really does not develop any further and is a rip off/clone of the other seasons. They could have done so much with this cast and storyline but chose to do exactly what they did before.

I can't really recommend seeing this drama.
Reviewed by MonsterZero-65 on 13 November 2009
12. Was there writing involved here? [Rating: 7/10]
Of course, Yukie Nakama is again completely winning as the high school teacher, product of a yakuza family, faced with teaching the worst delinquents. The series is in its third run because it's so effective, and funny.

However, Gokusen 3 often comes off as a remake of Gokusen 2, right down to the plots and even the characters.
Reviewed by jdoramadotcom on 22 January 2009
13. If Gokusen 4 comes out..... [Rating: 5/10]
Skimmed through this for the sake of seeig what it was about and I think I think I'm being way too generous with a 5/10.....the plot is the EXACT same as its predecessors and the cast is getting less and less convincing each time. If you haven't watched the series before, watch the first and stop.
Reviewed by Shindou on 16 July 2008
14. Best Season [Rating: 9/10]
I actually thought this to be the best season of the Gokusen series. The students had different backstories that made them more likable than previous casts, and the ending was quite different from the usual. Yankumi gets old in my opinion, but the students are always entertaining.
Reviewed by Infractorial on 9 July 2009
15. introducing haruma miura [Rating: ?/10]
like all of the above,,,, i think the storyline is so much alike...
i watched this dorama coz miura's in it...
haruma miura wa kakkoi.....
Reviewed by stardope on 22 June 2008
16. awesome! [Rating: 9/10]
-I love this show! It gives much respect and importance for teacher-students relationship.
Reviewed by je-chan on 20 May 2009
17. The funniest gokusen [Rating: 10/10]
Gokusen 1 is the most touching but gokusen 3 is the funniest.
Reviewed by ester_grace on 29 November 2010
18. the third best Gokusen serie [Rating: 9/10]
the third best Gokusen serie
Reviewed by jed_ka on 19 April 2009

Comments From Users (113)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by Di@na [Rating: 6/10]
ok..about the dorama:

NEGATIVE: ok seriously.. its like everything repeats all over again!
everyone who already watched Gokusen 1 and 2 will not get
surprised at all when they'll watch Gokusen 3 *LOL* the storyline
did not change at all.

POSITIVE: ITS STILL FUNNY ^^ there are so many scenes where
you just cannt help yourself but to laugh really hard XD

..about the actors:

Takaki Yuya: ok ok he is a cute guy, thats true..BUT he tries
WAAAY too hard to be "the next akanishi jin".. in each episode
he copied jin's behavior/acting/face expression and at the
begining it was sweet but later it got on my nerves.. because I
am pretty sure he can act better than that and he do not need to
be a copy cat. AND SERIOUSLY who can ever be like jin or even
replace him??? that's impossible ;)

Miura Haruma: what can I say? I love him since "KOIZORA". He
is very handsome, talented and he CAN act. He do not need to
copy anyone because he creates a new and own character when
he plays another role...its like you see a totally different person
in each movie / dorama and thats what acting is about. To be
honest he was the main reason why I did watch the 3rd Gokusen
season till the end XD..he was like the star in the new
season..he made at least more interesting for me.
2. Comments by Sorata [Rating: 6/10]
After watching the 3 Gokusen�Ls one can conclude that warehouses in Japan are better than K1, a Jet Li movie and Crows 0 combined(*sarcasm*).
This one is imo the best Gokusen, the guys in here are much more badass than the ones from 1 and 2, they hit cops, family and fight their own fights many times; the only thing they lack are looks, since most don�Lt look like yankees at all.
Once again Yankumi is as annoying as ever and i don�Lt understand why everyone compares Takaki Yuya�Ls character with Akanishi Jin�Ls character from Gokusen 2, Jin�Ls character was a funny type of guy while Yuya�Ls character is more the lone wolf type of guy like Matsumoto Jun(1) and Kamenashi Kazuya(2).
But the best thing about this dorama was Kazama Ren(Miura Haruma), he saved Gokusen 3; he was badass and funny at the same time, he really made this a more enjoyable watch, but they choose to give him a stupid hair cut and a stupid outfit, they should have given him the same look he has on Crows 0 2, where he looks really badass.
The Gokusen Movie was super lame and corny, it was like a 2 hour version of the 11 episodes each season had, the only thing i liked about it was the special appearences from the characters from seasons 1 and 2.
3. Comments by cnidaria_jin [Rating: 8/10]
juz finished watched it...not bad...but it seems quite repeating fom gokusen 1,...nvmd lor..as long i enjoyed it...

the last episodes was really emotional for me when ren got injured...damn..i cried for it...lol..^^
seriously..after finishing tis drama...i still votes tis drama as a good one...why i'm say so...?

coz...tis drama thought us many things...such as how should we endured our live...yar...we cant changed the things in past, but we may change da future..tat was said by YAnkumi..n i totally agree...

hope there'll be the SP episodes coz i wanna see all of 3D students graduate...the most cherish things i want it to happen...lol..^^

credits for all da gokusen 3 casts...
Miura..u're great plus takaki...u hv a nice voice...lol..^^

loves them all...
4. Comments by occultangle [Rating: 3/10]
Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? All these questions and more answered here in this drama!... Oh wait, this is Gokusen 3? Never mind, this is just the same crap again. AGAIN! Why is there a third series to this? Did people really like a random GTO ripoff that much? It was never any good to begin with. Couldn't they change anything at all? Maybe she teaches nice kids this time? Or girls? Or space aliens? Or she fights space aliens? No. It's the exact same thing again. Why did they even bother filming this? Why didn't they just re-broadcast the original series over and over again, and just change the title screen? No one would have ever noticed the difference.

You will find no answers here. Please move along.
5. Comments by aiscess [Rating: 8/10]
Not again. Why did they made another season of this? It�fs more like the writer just rewritten the entire season 1 and a little bit from season 2. They could�fve used other situations from the manga which wasn�ft used in season 1. Well anyway, compared to season 2, I think I prefer this one since there were more funny scenes of Yankumi & her family plus Kuma is now married to the girl he liked in season 1 and additional laughs from Kyoto & Baba-sensei. As for Class 3D, this season is probably the worst in terms of acting, Miura and Ishiguro are the only ones tolerable. A very poor acting coming from Takaki Yuya, he should've not imitated Jin's acting in the first place.
6. Comments by JuLy [Rating: 5/10]
not much to say...three times without new move...new story...its just so so...
yankumi still great, but the acting from the rest of actors is so so...
The only one that eyes catching is 'kazama', but he's not tall enough hehe...
I dont like the one who plays 'Ogata', he just mimics Jin Akanishi's act at Gokusen 2 and the worst is he doesnt look a like enough even better than Jin was...
However, I noticed that this third season is sells Japans beatiful view, its absolutely clear view with great angle from so much scene, four thumbs up for the cameraman (I give 10 for cameramans team) ^^
-to be continued- (i've only seen the 1-4 episodes...still waiting the next episodes)
7. Comments by Patazilla [Rating: 8/10]
Ok, the plot isn't new, the topics aren't either... I nearly died at the first episodes, when the classmates always came running from nowhere to help. I still rolled my eyes in every episode later on, 'cause they never missed to have a fight in a warehouse. All the different evil groups of boys from other schools are risible... but still... I didn't expect too much after I was kinda disappointed of Gokusen 2. I just watched for some beloved Yankumi action. And anyhow I grew to love it despite all the facts named earlier. The characters were nice, I really liked the way how Kazama and Ogata interacted. and I clearly loved Sawatari! x3
8. Comments by poopiefish [Rating: 6/10]
I am still watching this...
Even though I have given Gokusen 2 a low rating previously, watching Gokusen 3 made me realize that sometimes repetitiveness can be extremely comforting and enjoyable. The predictability of the series is something that I do not have to restate, since so many others have pointed that out already, but if you come home from a bad day, watching something that you are familiar with somehow makes you feel better.

Gokusen 3 is very good at that, providing a predictable storyline, yet never failing to induce tears in my eyes when it comes to the touching moments. I suppose this is the magic of Yankumi.
9. Comments by sw33t_laydee [Rating: 7/10]
To my surprise, I though that this season was WAYYYY better than the second one. The scenarios weren't completely the same, such as season 1 and 2 but it did have their similarities. I went into it expecting the exact same thing as in the 2nd season but I thought this time around, it stuck out from the first two. Of course there will always be the delinquency and annoyances of the different views of the teachers but I thought the writers, this time around, took a chance and did some things much differently from before. Of course, it wasn't as great as the first season but it made up for what lacked in the second season.
10. Comments by Susan [Rating: 6/10]
Yet another Gokusen is done and over with... but was it really worth it to watch another series? Not really. At least 2 had some decent up and coming actors starring. 3 only had Miura Haruma going for it and in the end his character was flat and pushed to the side. Overall I was a bit disappointed. Even though this series did continue some events from the first series it was just more of the exact same speeches and events. I guess if you really LOVE Gokusen's story and characters it's fine, but I only liked them. If they ever make a Gokusen 4, count me out. ... Unless they bring back Sawada Shin. XD
11. Comments by ginger ale [Rating: 8/10]
When the original gets photocopied, its resolution kinda gets blurry. Gokusen 3 is a rehash of 1 and 2 but its more like Gokusen 2 after watching 4 episodes. The boys are younger and angrier and Takaki Yuuya stands out in my radar cause he was channeling Jin Akanishi's Hayato character from Gokusen 2. I love Yankumi, so I watch. But just between the two of us , Gokusen 1 was impeccable in storyline and casting. Gokusen 2 was irresistible because of Jin and Kame. But I am not complaining, so bring on the bishies in Gokusen 3. I'll continue watching Gokusen 4,5,6,7,......
12. Comments by Oba-chan [Rating: ?/10]
Stop watching after episode 4. I watch it a year after i watched the 2nd series. Only like 1st and 2nd episode because its different from another series, after that aaaaall same, they only changed the cast with lame actors (Except miura of course). Takaki Yuya is the worst cast here. He didnt have a strong presence like akanishi, kamenashi or matsumoto jun. He just a normal guy that trying to act cool ~_~. aaahh. thats why i refuse to give a rating for this drama.
Theme Song: Oretachi no Seishun [Takaki Yuya] and Niji [Aqua Timez]: 2 (mehhh)
13. Comments by sirhin [Rating: 7/10]
Yes, I actually watched the first two and I decided to continue it. :) It's basically a repeat of the previous "seasons" but with a different cast. It actually made me feel old to look up the new "students" and realise that I was older than some of them. Anyway, the same morals are being impounded and the teacher always comes to the rescue - even though it's basically a repeat, I still kept with it. It wasn't bad, just a bit old. If I hadn't watched the other two and this was my first foray into 'Gokusen,' then the rating would be higher. :)
14. Comments by nishishi [Rating: 7/10]
Well... lets pretend that i didnt watch Gokusen 1&2, if i do so i probably would found that Gokusen 3 is a nice dorama... (maybe not as good as "Yankee Bokou ni Kaeru"). I also would (at least) say that the casting was OK (mostly because of Nakama....)
But that is just not the case... cause i did watch Gokusen 1&2... and with that in mind i must say.... Gokusen 3 its just like them with a worst casting.... I would say this one is somewhat just as good as gokusen 2... a good way to remember the first one.
15. Comments by joychin [Rating: 7/10]
To me,it was better than gokusen 2. At least these time,the story is a little different towards the end. Her students has never been hospitalised before nor being super duper seriously injured. At the beginning and the middle part,it was kind of boring and they were all rather repetitions just like gokusen 1 and 2. Gokusen 1 is the most interesting one compared to the other two. I wanted yankumi to be with the doctor dude but as usual,she doesn't end up with anyone ... >.<
16. Comments by ABINTRA [Rating: 6/10]
Definitely my least favorite season, but it grew on me as I watched it. Pros: Still relatively amusing. Cons: By this point, I could predict what was going to happen next all too often, and it was getting eyeroll-worthy, zoning-out-from-boredom formulaic. Whenever a fight scene started, I was like, oh god, do I have to watch this again!? Pretty boys aren't even in the same league as previous seasons. And again, only Kuma makes cameos.
17. Comments by oldasianguy [Rating: 9/10]
I really enjoyed this 3rd Gokusen because of 'yankumi'.....true the plot is the same as in Gokusen 1 & 2 but Nakama Yukie is so cool and enjoyable as the Yakuza teacher that I laughed all the way throughout the drama.....Really silly and impossible ...but I was tickled all the way....a five feet tall female teacher taking on all the neighborhood bullies and wiping them up....can't happen ..but it does in this drama.......
18. Comments by SayaOtonashi [Rating: 5/10]
I saw Gokusen3 only three months after watching Gokusen2. Great mistake! G3 is just more of the same, but somehow worse. I didn't like the guys at first, and story was just boring. By the end it slightly changes but not so much. The best thing (and I love it) is Yankumi-Sawatari relationship; this couple is just great!! Sincerely, just wait two or three years between each season so you can fully enjoy them.
19. Comments by Nermal [Rating: 5/10]
Giving it a try... mainly for the shits and giggles because I really still think Shin, Noda, Kuma, etc.. were the best! (And also what the manga is all about)

** After watching it, aside from a few cameo appearances from some actors that I like, this was again a big let down. Just move on to another series please... this is getting way too far from the original Gokusen manga...
20. Comments by yeoni [Rating: 3/10]
It's still Gokusen and man, still as unoriginal as it's predecessor. The new cast isn't bad, though it's watchable, some new innovative plot lines would have benefitted this drama from yawns and boo, this is like Gokusen 2 again except lacks the cool, kinda naughty highschool kids and instead we get little "brats" trying to pretend to be hard, badass kids.
21. Comments by Shachihoko [Rating: 7/10]
I love the Gokusen series.. This one is somewhat better than the 2nd season. At least there is a different twist into the story, which is a nice change. Like others say, it the same as usual. Yankumi going to new school, meeting delinquents high schooler, teaching them, change of heart, etc.. It is still fun to watch and great to see Nakama Yukie!
22. Comments by highandmighty_ryuude [Rating: 6/10]
NEGATIVE: ok seriously.. its like everything repeats all over again!
everyone who already watched Gokusen 1 and 2 will not get
surprised at all when they'll watch Gokusen 3 *LOL* the storyline
did not change at all.

POSITIVE: ITS STILL FUNNY ^^ there are so many scenes where
you just cannt help yourself but to laugh really hard XD
23. Comments by butterLiLy [Rating: 3/10]
What can I say, the original (Gokusen 1) still rules!!
It's getting repetitive. Pretty much like one of her student would get in trouble and then involve in a fight which would always be in an old empty warehouse and Yankumi to the rescue *rolleyes*
No surprises at all. None. Nada. Zilch.

I had enough of it!!
24. Comments by marspeach [Rating: 4/10]
Worst of all the Gokusen series! I shouldn't have watched it! The second season was bad enough but at least it had some hotties. They're all ugly or look 12 years old in this one. The acting is worse too. And the story is obviously the same, lame-o recycled one. Just watch the first season, the only good one.
25. Comments by animefreak101 [Rating: 7/10]
really all of this is almost exactly the same as the other seasons i mean there is the same problems and stuff as the previous seasons just different and less interesting kids...i think they should have came up with some thing different if they were going to make another season....it really bored me....
26. Comments by d0npian0 [Rating: 7/10]
Gokusen is getting old, really. It's the third season and it follow exactly the same pattern as the two before did.
The thing is, I loved the hilarious scenes of the students, so I ended up watching it just for the beginning and the end of each episode. For the middle parts I skipped most scenes.
27. Comments by x_XJules [Rating: 5/10]
Although this series has been overdone, gokusen 3 is a lot better than gokusen 2. I'm not sure what prompted me to watch this series, maybe it was due to another bad season of doramas, but if you go into this show with incredibly low expectations you might secretly enjoy it a little.
28. Comments by erieh [Rating: 8/10]
Well, at first, I thought this would be just like the usual plot as the first 2 Gokusen series, but I was wrong! In fact, this one is the best for me. The actors are all good, and I'd say that even if I haven't read the manga of this series, I'm sure that everyone would love this.
29. Comments by williu [Rating: 6/10]
The storyline is EXACTLY the same as in previous, only this time with some of the WORST "cute-guy-who's-supposed-to-be-cool-and-all-girls-love" actors ever... especially Takaki Yuya. Gokusen is Gokusen, but come on... at least use good actors!!! Still occasionally very funny.
30. Comments by anon001 [Rating: 2/10]
not even worth watching..
i use to love Gokusen 1 so much..but the upcoming series of gokusen doesnt work to me..instead of feel moved i fell hate to the same story plot.
but nakayama yukie is preety great with yankumi roles..just cant stand the story line.

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1. nightvisiongoggles
At first, I was disappointed to find out it was just the same old Gokusen 1 plot all over again. However, I had to take into account the Japanese preference for continuity, they will stick to whatever works.
So while I no longer deeply enjoy the third installment, I'm quite sure that Gokusen 3 will still be a hit.
2. pooNbLoofunyeh27
im voting for it because..ive been waiting for it but aLSO i really like Gokusen ever since ive watched its 1st season..
3. ihvana_003
eheheh... i didn't know it's plot but i'm sure i'll like it because Yukie's the lead character
4. ckthanhi
Even though it's repeated, I still found it interesting to watch, and also waiting for the special.
5. nanaKM46
I love fighting & like Takaki Yuya & Haruma Miura
6. jayzon_yui13
Watch!! Watch!! Watch!! Watch!! Watch!! Watch!!
7. rifin2000
nice sequel for the gokusen..enjoy!!!
8. thizaznchick
9. cutetenshi
Funny especially yankumi
10. starr
my JAP crush is there :]
11. angelai
a great fan of this
12. cipong
13. Makochan
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15. Nakama-San
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