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Roosevelt Game [ルーズヴェルト・ゲーム]

Drama Details
Title:Roosevelt Game
Season:Spring 2014

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TV Station:TBS

Based on the same-titled novel by Ikeido Jun (the writer of Hanzawa Naoki series), the drama unfolds against a backdrop of economic recession.

Hosokawa Mitsuru is the current president of the core-precision tools manufacturing company, Aoshima. He was personally recruited from another company by the company's founder, Aoshima Takeshi. Needless to say, this move was not well-favored by the existing management who themselves were vying for the job. Not long after Mitsuru joined the company, the global financial crisis caused the economy to slump, and Aoshima was certainly not exempted from the ill-effects of the slump, which was accentuated by fierce competition within the industry.

Realising that he needs to stem the company's cashflow crisis, Mitsuru proposes to sell the company's baseball club. However, his proposal is opposed by all the other top management, especially Sasai Kotaro, a long-serving employee who feels that he should have been promoted to President instead of Mitsuru. Mikami Fumio, who is the baseball club's manager, also tries to foil Mitsuru's plans of selling the club. Amidst all the enmity of the long-serving management, and also sabotage from a rival company, Mitsuru has to find a way to save the company from its downfall...

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Actor/Actress Cast (15)
Karasawa Toshiaki
Hosokawa Mitsuru
Dan Rei
Nakamoto Arisa
Eguchi Yosuke
Sasai Kotaro
Yamazaki Tsutomu
Aoshima Takeshi
Ishimaru Kanji
Mikami Fumio
Rokkaku Seiji
Asahina Makoto
Tezuka Toru
Daido Masaomi
Kojima Kazuya
Toyooka Taichi
Takahashi Kazuya
Koga Tetsu
Kosuda Yasuto
Nakagawa Atsushi
Wada Masato
Kitaoji Inuhiko
Suda Kunihiro
Isaka Kosaku
Hayashi Tsuyoshi
Iijima Kenta
Suzuki Nobuyuki
Kisaragi Kazuma
Mine Ryuta
Isobe Branch Manager

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Comments From Users (4)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by Lucian Dureau [Rating: 5/10]
After watching one of the most interesting dorama ever like Hanzawa Naoki, and having watched Shitamachi Rocket as well, it's time to enjoy with the second adaptation to TV of novel of Jun Ikeido, it's time to Roosevelt Game!
First of all, this is literally a business dorama, it could use in those meetings where directors or chiefs want to show to their high, middle or low-level employees that the best way to manage or improve a company is being a team. This has nothing to do with the desire of justice and vengeance of Hanzawa Naoki, it's a different kind of dorama, where the main characters have to carry out with some measures to save their business and not going to bankrupt, like laying off part of the workforce or making to the rest of the personnel working a lot of hours without seeing their respective relatives as they'd wish. So now I can understand why one year later in Shiatamachi Rocket (a kind of Roosevelt Game 2.0) it appears the Tsukuda corporation where everybody is happy, having a boss performanced by the always funny Abe Hiroshi, where his family have some importance in the story, and the goal of the company is keeping on dreaming, inventing new devices. So, this way it's better and easier for the viewers to end up identifying with this variation of business dorama. Roosevelt Game tryies to do the same through the baseball team, but I think they fail in the message.
2. Comments by Spider [Rating: 10/10]
Using baseball as a metaphor for big business worked really well in this drama. Has the same feel as Hanzawa Naoki, which is not surprising given it's the same writer. Well acted and another glimse inside corporate Japan. I only wished it had a few more episodes with Kagawa Teruyuki, as he has a screen presence and intensity few other Japanese actors can match.
3. Comments by gaijinmark [Rating: 7/10]
Written by the same guy that wrote "Hanzawa Naoki" only instead of Sakai trying to save a bank we have Karasawa trying to save his company. Same screaming, yelling, rolling eyes, foaming at the mouth overacting as before.
4. Comments by loveaomori [Rating: 7/10]
nice to see karasawa and eguchi together again.
5. Comments by rikastar [Rating: ?/10]