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Saikou no kataomoi [最高の片想い]


Drama Details
Title:Saikou no kataomoi
White love story
Telecast:1995-01-11 to 1995-03-22
Season:Winter 1995

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:11 Episodes

A tale of one-sided love. Kurumi works in a travel agency; she falls in love with Kohei after an accidental meeting on a train. Kohei is a skiing ace; he is still in love with Noriko, a classmate from college. Noriko is trapped by her hopeless love for a married man. Kurumi follows Kohei and his friends on a skiing trip to snowy Hokkaido. What can unravel this tangled web of one-sided love?
Fuji Creative

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HELLO - Masaharu Fukuyama - English subbed (CC)


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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. Hello [Fukuyama Masaharu 福山雅治]LYRICS ]

Actor/Actress Cast (11)
Nagase Tomoya
Motoki Masahiro
Fukatsu Eri
Sugimoto Tetta
Arimori Narimi
Fubuki Jun
Oura Ryuichi
Inoue Harumi
Nishio Mari
Miyazawa Miho
Haruta Junichi

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Drama Reviews (3)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Introduce me to the world of Jdrama [Rating: 9/10]
when i watched this i wasnt a fan of J dramas since i was too young to really understand Japanese or the chinese subtitles that came with it but wehn i watched i jsut fell in love with the whole story!!! it is a good and sweet love story adn the male lead is simply gorgeous!! lol!!! .... higly recommend it to anyone even though it seems to be an old drama but still ... a classic is worth watching!
Reviewed by Jaded butterfly on 10 June 2004
2. Not bad [Rating: 6/10]
this was the first j-dorama i ever saw. i was in college and in between classes i would go to my friend's house to study, but we would watch this instead. i didn't particulary like this show, but because of this, i became aware of j-drama. so thanks!!
Reviewed by crysta03 on 19 January 2006
3. Great storyline [Rating: 10/10]
Good performance and Eri Fukatsu is so Kawaii in this dorama. Gotta watch this, too bad not so many people know this drama, it's really good...
Reviewed by for3vergirl on 8 July 2002

Comments From Users (4)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by jade_frost [Rating: 9/10]
Absolutely saikou. And truly charming. Eri Fukatsu is wonderful in the role of Kurumi.
2. Comments by Kozure Ookami [Rating: 6/10]
First Jdrama I ever watched. Got hooked from this and Eri Fukatsu as Usagi
3. Comments by Eve [Rating: 10/10]
Just one of the most delightful love stories ever.
4. Comments by caitlincoffee [Rating: 8/10]
Tomoya was SOOO young!!
5. Comments by jasmine [Rating: ?/10]
6. Comments by for3vergirl [Rating: 9/10]
7. Comments by dwagn [Rating: 10/10]
8. Comments by wukung [Rating: ?/10]
9. Comments by KouSeiya315 [Rating: ?/10]
10. Comments by RakutenTeki [Rating: ?/10]
11. Comments by astroboycraze [Rating: 9/10]
12. Comments by lilly_pad [Rating: 8/10]
13. Comments by maeda [Rating: 10/10]
14. Comments by ffrostte [Rating: ?/10]
15. Comments by glay0428 [Rating: ?/10]
16. Comments by KeNiA101 [Rating: ?/10]
17. Comments by Japanesedoramadvd [Rating: ?/10]
18. Comments by teng_chelsea [Rating: ?/10]
19. Comments by azarname [Rating: ?/10]
20. Comments by neiyumiko [Rating: ?/10]
21. Comments by siaomaw [Rating: 9/10]
22. Comments by sadacori [Rating: 8/10]
23. Comments by zdorama [Rating: ?/10]
24. Comments by sushigyaru [Rating: ?/10]
25. Comments by pash [Rating: 10/10]
26. Comments by xaxa [Rating: 7/10]

Users who voted for this drama (2)
1. for3vergirl
Gotta love Motoki Masahiro and Eri Fukatsu in here. They are such a cute couple. One-sided love that ended so perfect, I love good ending story and I hate that girl who always messed up people's life, I forgot her name, but she played those kind of roles most of the time, both in Tokyo Love Story and here.
2. Eve
One of the most charming love stories ever.