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Top 100
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Drama Listing : D
Denchi ga kireru made
Till the battery runs out

A new hospital teacher at a crossroads in her life discovers the real meaning and value of the human...
Denei Shoujo ~ Video Girl AI 2018
電影少女 ~ VIDEO GIRL AI 2018

Moteuchi Sho is an ordinary high school student. His parents have divorced and he has to stay alone in...
Densetsu no kyoshi
Legendary Teacher / Teacher of Legends

A man who appears to have no particular passion for anything ironically proves effective with troubled...
Densetsu no Madam
Madame Mari

Legend has it that if a bride wears a dress made by Madam Mari on her wedding day, she will find true...
Densha Otoko
Train Man

Adapted from the best selling book "Train Man," this is the true life story of a geeky young man's romance...
Denshichi Torimonocho

Denshichi of Kuromoncho is a subordinate of a police constable. He punishes widespread evil in the backstreets...
Deru Toko Demasho!

A comedy drama about handsome young lawyer Nonaka and his young paralegal assistant Shizuka. A wealthy...
Designer Baby
Designer Baby

Hayamizu Yuri is a police detective and she is into her 8th month of pregnancy. One day, she is called...
Making it up to you / La dessin d'amour

Two years ago, Satoshi saw a promising young painter. However, after the suicide of his fiercest rival,...
Detarame Hero

Kenta, a hopeless man who is unemployed, hates to do anything troublesome, and asks girls for money....
Diamond Girl

With her brilliant looks and dazzling figure, Reika Nanjo is like a finely polished diamond. And to her,...
Dias Police ~ Ihou Keisatsu
ディアスポリス ~ 異邦警察

There are approximately 150,000 illegal immigrants in Tokyo. A large number of them cannot qualify for...
Dillon ` Unmei no Inu
ディロン〜運命の犬 (うんめい の いぬ)
Therapy Dog Dillon

This is a story of a middle-aged housewife whose life is changed by meeting a dog. Mari Satonaka is a...
Esaki Motomu is a gifted chef, but he lacks the necessary social skills. His uncompromising ways when...
Dirty Mama!

Takako is a police detective and a single mother of a child who will soon turn 1 year old. She is described...
Division 1
Division 1
Dobutsu no Oisha-san
Animal Doctor

This drama is about real pets, meaning the four-legged kind, and a young man who is studying to be a...
The doctor

Kazuma Asou, who helps out in his friend's clinic, is a doctor enjoying a peaceful life on rural Ishigaki...
Doctor Car
ドクターカー ~ 絶体絶命を救え

Unlike an ambulance, a doctor car is an emergency vehicle that doctors ride to scenes where patients...