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Drama Listing : G
Gibo to Musume no Blues
Stepmother and Daughter's Blues

Iwaki Akiko (Ayase Haruka) is a career woman who gets married to Miyamoto Ryoichi (Takenouchi Yutaka),...

A woman goes to a house to meet her boyfriend with whom she had planned to skip the country, along with...
Gimu to engi
Love and lie

What happens after five or six years of marriage, when the fires of passion die down? Yoshihiko, a veterinarian,...
Gin Nikan

Matsukichi's father was a samurai and was killed by someone seeking vengeance. Matsukichi himself was...
Gin to Kin

Morimoto Tetsuo (Ikematsu Sosuke) is a good-for-nothing who cannot get ahead in and has been venting...
Ginrou kaiki file
Files of silver wolf
Gintama ~ Mitsuba-hen
Okita’s (Yoshizawa Ryo) older sister Mitsuba (Kitano Kii) visits the quarters of the Shinsengumi...
Gintama 2 ~ Yo ni mo Kimyouna Gintama-chan
Kagura (Hashimoto Kanna) has entered a sleepless loop. While she keeps calling that she cannot sleep,...
Ginza No KoiGiragira

Based on a hit manga, this adaptation depicts the life of a married man Nanase Kohei after he returned...
Giri / Haji
Duty / Shame

A Japanese man is stabbed to death in a posh London apartment. Right after that, several gangsters are...
Girls in the wind

A teenage girl who had never doubted that her family was the happiest in the world until discovering...
Gisou Furin

Hama Shoko (Anne) is a temporary employee in her 30s. She is single, lives with her parents (Izawa Hiroshi,...
Gisou no Fuufu
Fake Marriage

Just what is a gtrue partner?h This is a love story that depicts a whole new way of being a married...
GIVER ~ Fukushuu no Zouyosha
GIVER ~ 復讐の贈与者

Giba (Yoshizawa Ryo) is a young man who lacks emotions. He takes revenge on other people dispassionately...
Glass no Ie

Tamaki Rei was just a middle school student when both her parents died in an airplane disaster in France...
GM Odore Doctor

A brilliant general medicine doctor dreams only of becoming a famous dancer. He returns to Japan to make...
Go, Happy, Go
ハッピー 愛と感動の物語

Marriage and motherhood have kept Takaoka from the small screen for a while, but she is back in this...
Go, Happy, Go Season 2
ハッピー 愛と感動の物語 2
Thank You for the Meal

Meiji 44th year. Meiko is the daughter of Daigo, who owns a western restaurant in Tokyo. She loves to...