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Drama Listing : G

Makita Takahiro works in the Public Relations (PR) Department of Nagawara Seiyaku, a major pharmaceutical...
Godhand Teru

The story revolves around a young man named Mahigashi Teru. When he was young, his father, a brilliant...
Goen Hunter

37-year-old Hasumi Rika is the customer centre supervisor at a medium-sized mail order company. Her father...
Gogatsu no Kaze
Going My Home
ゴーイング マイ ホーム

Tsuboi Ryota is a salaryman often criticized for being physically big, but with a gsmallh heart, and...
Gokuaku Ganbo
Villiany Ganbo

When Kanzaki Kaoru was young, her mother operated an Okonomiyaki restaurant. However, in just a day,...
Gokudo Meshi

Former salaryman Ozu (Konno Hiroki), habitual thief Hachinohe (Tokui Yu), swindler Sakai (Yanagisawa...

Newly graduated Kumiko Yamaguchi wants to make her mark on the Japanese educational system as a teacher....
Gokusen Season 2
Gokusen 2

Who can forget the high school teacher, Kumiko Yamaguchi, a dull looking high school teacher who comes...
Gokusen Season 3
ごくせん 3

Sawatari Goro now works at Akado High School as a vice principal. Although the head director of the school...
Yuri Saotome is a charismatic beautician who runs a major sports gym and aesthetic salon. Her older brother...
Golden Bowl

Focus, concentration, proper posture and good release are the hallmarks of a good bowler. Welcome to...
Gomen ne Seishun!
I'm Sorry Youth! / Saving My Stupid Youth

In Mishima city, Shizuoka, a student of the Buddhist boy's school (Mishima high school) is accused of...
Gomen, Aishiteru
I'm Sorry, I Love You

Okazaki Ritsu (Nagase Tomoya) was abandoned by his mother when he was a child and lived on the margins...
Gonzo - Densetsu no Keiji
The Legendary Detective

Kuroki was once an ace detective, but after being traumatized from a case, he became unable to work and...
Good Combination
Good Buddies
Good Doctor

Shindo Minato (Yamazaki Kento) was born with autism spectrum disorder and savant syndrome. Despite his...
Good Job

A drama based on a popular comic book illustrating the "super" clerical women working at a construction...
Good Life ~Arigato, Papa. Sayonara~
Good Life ~Thank You, Papa. Goodbye~

The basis for the drama is the novel gKashikogih by author Cho Chang-in, which has sold 2 million copies...
Good Luck !!

Having achieved his life-long dream of being a pilot, Hajime is first officer on an international jetliner...