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Top 100
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Drama Listing : K
Koko ga Uwasa no El Palacio
Welcome to the El-Palacio

Aman who loses his memory in a traffic accident and wakes up surrounded by the women of the El Palacio...
Kokoro -- The Strength of the Heart

Kokoro, an international flight attendant, lives with her mother and grandmother who operate a traditional...
Kokoro ga Pokitto ne
Crazy for Me

Set in Tokyo, the story follows Haruta Kojima, a 40-year-old man who hits the rock bottom as he fell...
Kokoro no Kizu o Iyasu to iu Koto

An Kazutaka (Emoto Tasuku) is a young, bashful psychiatrist whose jazz piano skills are as good as a...
Kokoro no Kudakeru Oto~Unmei no Onna
心の砕ける音 〜運命の女
Kokosei Restaurant
Kokou no Mesu
A Lone Scalpel

Toma Tetsuhiko (Takizawa Hideaki), a surgeon who studied in the US, takes up a position at a private...
Kokuhatsu ~ Kokusen Bengonin
Konda Teru no Gouhou Recipe
Konda Teru (Ryusei Ryo) is a third-year high school student and gang member of the Shimofuriniku-gumi....
Kongai Renai
Extra Marital Love / Love Outside Marriage

The wife Mitsuru (actress: Hiromi Nagasaku) and the husband Takuya (actor: Masato Sakai) is a three-year...
Kongai Renai ni Nita Mono
Five 35-year-old women with different backgrounds and personalities – a minor celebrity (Kuriyama...
Konkatsu Deka

35-year-old Hanada Yoneko is a detective of Ryogoku Police Precinct who is looking for a marriage partner....
Konkatsu Rikatsu
Seeking Marriage, Seeking Divorce

Nanami, a 39-year-old woman with no interest in marrying, decides to find a man to satisfy her mother....
Marriage Hunting!

Amamiya Kuniyuki is the unemployed son of a Tonkatsu restaurant owner. He finds a job that requires a...
Konna koi no hanashi
A story of love

"A Story of Love" is a heartwarming drama focusing on the transformation of a cold businessman into a...
Konna watashi ni dare ga shita
Who did such a me?

Two commedians' (Michitaka Tsutsui and Shinji Takeda) success story. They are students willing to be...
Konnichiwa, Kaasan

A family drama about a son in his 50s and his mother in her 70s in the old part of Tokyo, who happen...
Konno-san to Asobo
Letfs Play with Konno-san

The story follows the daily - and strange - happenings of the sailor-suit-wearing high school student,...
Kono ai ni ikite
The heart is a lonely hunter

This story focuses on a married couple and their search for happiness as a family. Akemi becomes pregnant,...
Kono Koe wo Kimi ni
My Voice For You

46-year-old eccentric Honami Takashi is an associate professor who teaches maths at university. He is...