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Top 100
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Drama Listing : K
KurenaiKurisumasu Nante Dai KiraiKuro no Onna Kyoshi

Aoyagi Haruka comes to teach at the Kokubunkan High School, a school renowned for both academics and...
Kurofuku Monogatari
Black Suit Story

Akira prepares to take an entrance exam for medical school. He has already failed two times, but doesn't...
Kurohyo: Ryu ga Gotoku Shinsho
クロヒョウ 龍が如く新章

From the yakuza world of the video game series "Ryu ga Gotoku", the series is based on the characters...
Kuroi Junin no Onna
Ten Dark Women

Kaze Matsukichi (Funakoshi Eiichiro) is a TV producer with a beautiful wife Futaba. However, he also...
Kurokawa no techou
The Black Leather Notebook

Ginza is a night town filled with ambition and burning desirec How does a plain bank clerk embezzle...
Kurokawa no Techou (2017)
Black Leather Notebook

Haraguchi Motoko (Takei Emi) works as a temporary employee at a bank in the day and a hostess at a club...
Kurokawa no Techou 2017
黒革の手帖 2017

Haraguchi Motoko works as a temporary employee at the Setagaya Kita branch of Tohrin Bank. She is painfully...

The drama is based on the same-titled manga. Kurokouchi Keita is the black sheep of the police force....
The Black Swindler

Yamashita Tomohisa plays Kurosaki, a young man whose family was destroyed by swindlers. Despite that,...
Kuroshoin no Rokubei

In 1868, negotiations between the shogunate and the new government results in the decision to surrender...
Kurumi no Heya

The story takes place in Tokyo in 1980, before the Big Bubble. Mitamura Momoko is the second oldest...

Ishibashi Naoto is a journalist. Newly married, he investigates a private club, Xenos, where women are...
Kuu nero Futari sumu Futari
喰う寝るふたり 住むふたり
Live, Eat, and Sleep Futari

This darma shows a couple during 8 years of cohabitation. It skillfully looks at the male and female...
Kuu Neru Futari Sumu Futari
喰う寝るふたり 住むふたり
Live, Eat, and Sleep Futari

This darma shows a couple in 2010 during 8 years of cohabitation. It skillfully looks at the male and...
Kuzu no Honkai
Scum's Wish

Seventeen-year-old Mugi Awaya and Hanabi Yasuraoka appear to be the ideal couple. They are both pretty...

For the past 15 years, Misaki Fuyukawa has lived a quiet, reclusive life while keeping her secret well-hidden....
Kyoto Chiken no Onna

Veteran actress Yuko Natori will star in "Kyoto Chiken no Onna", a new TV Asahi network series. She plays...
Kyoto Chiken no Onna Season 2
京都地検の女 2