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Drama Listing : Y
Yube wa Otanoshimi deshita ne
Satsuki Takumi (Okayama Amane), is a geek who plays the role of Powder, a female character in the online...
Yuganda Hamon

Sawamura Masahiko (Matsuda Ryuhei) is a reporter with a local newspaper, Shin Kanagawa Nippo. One day,...
Yukemuri Sniper
Steam Sniper / The Sniper in the Vapor

Gen is a retired assassin who now quietly works at the hot spring inn Tsubakiya in a remote area of Japan....
Yume de Aimashou
Yume mirukoro o sugitemo
When the time of dreaming is over

The young men and women are students at an ordinary college with little hope for jobs after graduation....
Yume no California
California Dreamin'

Shu is a senior at a low-ranked university. Kotomi is a struggling model. Keiko has a desk job at a small...
Yume wo Ataeru
To Give a Dream

13 years ago, the Abe family moved to a district surrounded by nature in the outskirts. They were a family...
Yume wo Kanaeru Zo

Hoshino Asuka is dumped by her boyfriend, who is a colleague at the same workplace, on her 25th birthday....
Yumemiru Budou
Yureru omoi
Wave in mind

The wife of a lawyer and her twice-divorced sister-in-law scheme to break up her brother's marriage in...
Yuri da no Kan da no

University student Shinohara Yuri (Baba Fumika) is troubled by a stalker and decides to move because...
Yutori Desu ga Nani ka
We're Millennials. Got a problem?

It is said that ever since a reform was made to Japan's educational system in 2002, aptitude levels have...
Yuukan kurabu
Leisure Club / Yukan Club

The story is a comedy revolving around six wealthy and popular high school students who solve mysteries...

A drama about friendship that spans ages. Based on a true story, "Yuuki ~ Sekai de Hachibanme no Tatakai...
Yuusha Yoshihiko to Maou no Shiro

The story is set in an ancient time, when the whole country was covered in thick forests. A mysterious...
Yuusha Yoshihiko to Michibikareshi Shichinin

Several hundred years after Yoshihiko (Yamada Takayuki) defeated the dark spirit Deathtark in a fierce...
Yuzurenai yoru
I want to do something tonight / What cannot be shared

Michiko has been married to Shunpei for 14 years. Shunpei is a chef at "Meigetsu", a Japanese restaurant...