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At Home Dad [アットホーム・ダッド]
A Change of Career for Jp Man [Rating: 9/10]
Hmm....how do I comment about this dorama. A story starts with successful TV art director - Yamamura San (Abe Hiroshi) who was asked to transfer to a smaller commercial company by his supervisor. He and his family also just bought a house whereby his neighbour is a at home dad. At first, seeing a "At Home Dad" job, Yamamura felt that's a job for a man without no pride. As story goes, the economic turns bad and Yamamura san has no choice but to leave. Eventually he is unemployed, nevertheless job offer just come in time for his wife. He became "At Home Dad" and need to hear desperate wife's gossip in Iwasaki San's cooking class while need to take care Rie - his own daughter. The most touching scene is that when Rie said that she didn't need a doll's house anymore for her birthday present, she just felt 'right' to be inside the doll's house during her birthday's celebration. The plot of this dorama is not boring at all, each episode offers a different type of topic. Lesson learnt: It's better to see the smiles of your family rather than living separated. Life should be compromised - option between taking a better oppurtunity overseas or living separated are in your hand. This dorama deserves a 9 for me, there are lot of family value that is depicted here and of course doing chores are not for ladies only. ;)
Atashinchi no Danshi [アタシんちの男子]
A Typical Gal's Dream [Rating: 7/10]
Chisato (Hirokita Maki) is a homeless girl as she choses this way for Debt's collectors have a difficult time to find her. Her father inherited her with a debt of 100 Million Yen where without her knowledge, to pay back the debt, her father agreed that Chisato has to work as singer in Debt collectors cell group. In the course of running away, here comes a millionaire - Ohkura-San who owns a Toy's company called "Miracle" riding on his helicopter. Ohkura paid in full 100 Million Yen to debt collector and in return of this, Chisato has to agree to marry Ohkura. At first Chisato was a bit doubt on signing that paper however she left no choice. Ohkura wants her to accompany him as he only left 1 month of his life. As story goes, it's true that Ohkura is really leaving the world in one month time. However it turned out not to be just 1 month to clear the debt, in fact Ohkura left some messages called "Mom's goals". As Ohkura never married, so he admitted 6 children to become his heir but no one success. All of them hate Ohkura. So the first Mom's goal is to make every kid stay in the house (Trick Heart Castle) and eat together in one table. The first kid is Fuu, followed by Takeru, Sho, Masaru, Satoru and Akira. Why I said this dorama is typical gal's dream? It's because this drama offers lot of dream and cheers by good looking guys with 6 packs body. In the end, moral of this dorama is gather with family is the most important rather than gold or inherited money.
A Shocking Ending [Rating: 10/10]
Boss is a very magnificent dorama, every episode is packaged with unexpected ending. Boss (Eriko Osawa) was asked by Nodate-san (Takeuchi Yutaka) to come back to Japan as a head of countermeasure unit. The current post that shefs holding now is as FBI agent in New York. At the age of 40 years old, shefs not married yet but she has a long time friend which they are gin the relationshiph for 5 years. Team member of countermeasure unit was Yamamura who has problem with ageing balding, Kimoto - the nerd girl who is good in voice and visual analyzing, Iwai - who has personality disorder, he likes guy, Hanagata and Katagiri - who I say they are the most normal compared with others. At first Eriko-san complained to Nodate about her subordinates who will be working with her, but Nodate has no choice as to explain her that only these people that each department doesnft want them anymore. The first case was about using people as a target bomb. The suspect is Negaki-san who works in the factory, he wants to take a revenge to people who makes his factory goes bankrupt. The negotiation done by Eriko was perfect and she did a correct profiling too. In the end, her team manages to identify the whereabouts of last victim and neutralized the bomb. Negaki-san becomes the key person in last episode as Eriko has to negotiate with him for neutralized the bomb installed by black moon members led by Takakura Ryouhei (Takashi Sorimachi). Nodate-san was one of the persons who were captured by black moon organization and from here the story became interesting. Become the police is to protect the public and not taking for granted the position. The last 2 episodes were the best and I really shock with the ending. Happy watching! You guys also will enjoy the act by Takeuchi Yutaka, hefs so cute there.
Dorama to Expedite More About Jp Politics [Rating: 9/10]
This drama plot is very interesting; starting with slow pace - continue with fast dramatic change. So far, I'm a follower of Japanese politics but at the surface only. Then I start to watch this drama and understand more the details of what parlimentarians and beuracratics are doing in the parliament house. Even about suit-pin that is attached at each parlimentarian's suit, they even don't cover up the price!! Takuya is very well suited with Fukatsu Eri with Abe Hiroshi - a veteran player who makes this drama more appealing.
Daisuki!! [だいすき!!]
Mental Disabled Mother Raising a Normal Child [Rating: 10/10]
The main storyline of this dorama is about mental disabled mother (Yuzu chan) who tried to raise a normal child - Himawari. The family of Yuzu is very supportive especially her mother and Ren - her brother. It's kind of contradictive whereby Yuzu as eldest in the family is a mental disable and Ren is a scholarship music student. The story starts with Sou-chan, mental disabled man who met Yuzu in Tanpopo - a training place for mental disabled people. They had a relationship. One day there was a child tried to pick up his ball and never really paid attention on the traffic, then there was a truck in high speed towards this child. Just for the sake of helping this child, Sou-chan ran and pushed the child aside. Unfortunately Sou-chan's life cannot be saved. It was so hard for Yuzu to accept this news and she seem like cannot really understand that Sou-chan had left this world forever. Doctor found out that Yuzu was one month pregnant and told her family. At first Yuzu's mother disagreed of an idea that Yuzu wanted to continue her pregnancy. The reason being was Yuzu already has a hard time in taking care of herself i.e. tying up her hair, cooking. However due to Yuzu's eagerness to learn and wants to have family, in the end her mother approved her pregnancy and she delivered a baby girl - named Himawari (sunflower). Sou-chan likes himawari and that's why her girl was named this way. The story evolves to how Yuzu raised her child, starting from breastfeeding, change the diaper and understand all about baby. There's a child care consultant - Katsukawa San who came to Fukuhara's house just to observe whether Yuzu is fit to become Himawari's mother. At first Katsukawa san was sceptical on Yuzu's ability in taking care her child. She was proposing to Yuzu's mother that Himawari was put into facility. But then Yuzu's mother rejected that and asked her to observe a little longer to understand Yuzu better. At the end when Yuzu's mother fell sick, it likes one soul missing from the house. There's no meal for breakfast or dinner, even there was a time Himawari was re-using her dirty sport clothes. At last, Yuzu realized that she needed somebody elses' help for her to increase her ability to do things herself. She said that she needed Kotone-chan, Anzai-san, Ren, Himawari, her mother, and Nomura-san. The ending was perfect and so touching. I was really touched by this dorama. One thing that I'm not sure, is it in Japan all people are so helpful like was depicted in this dorama?
Kiina ~ Fukano Hanzai Sosakan [キイナ]
Kiina is in action [Rating: 7/10]
First episode setting was shot in airport where Haruse Kiina just came back from her leave. Once she arrived, she made a call to her colleague - Sakura and had a conversation about guy. At 29 years old she is still single without a boyfriend, 6 months ago her bf Shinfichiro San stood her up without any reason. A short case occurred when in here she met the first time junior detective Yamazaki San (Hiraoka Yuuta). On that day, Yamazaki; a coward but determined keiji felt lucky because on first day he could get a case. This case is about fish laying on the soil where river / sea is not nearby was solved quickly by Kiina. The police commissioner and chief police Miyabi-kun agreed to put Yamazaki into Beppan team in which this section consists only 1 person which is Kiina. This section is to handle impossible cases only. Starting a case where a woman after had a heart transplant was having a nightmare almost everyday. She said that the owner of the heart was telling her that somebody killed her. Then poltergeist case, ghosts in the hospital, fabricated memories, voodoo dolls, and 305 persons missing in one housing complex are solved scientifically by Kiina. Interesting dorama especially when you see Kiina is in action, all the flashes of words, pictures are depicted. Lastly, this drama is based on fact, I guess Kiinafs explanation makes sense. ʔ!
Mop Girl [モップガール]
Tru Calling's Japan version [Rating: 8/10]
I would say that this dorama somehow the storyline tries to replicate Tru Calling, by means that Momoko-chan (Kitagawa Keiko) will travel back time to save the death by touching on death's belonging. The different is Tru will travel back time whenever the death said, "Help Me". Nevertheless, the enjoyment is still there. The story starts when Momoko - a clumsy girl who screwed up in hotel's guests wedding. When the wedding cake was about to be shown up, she slipped her foot and tumbled into the cake. The next day, hotel manager asked her to transfer to "clean up" department as a mop girl. Eventually she found out that the place that she needs to clean up is a crime scene. Together with Ohtomo-san, she saved lot of "unsupposedly dead" people. She always gives the same reason to Ohtomo-san that she got premonition from her dead grandmom, Ohtomo-san has no choice than to help her as Momoko-chan said that he will be cursed by her grandmom if he doesn't help her. The fun is also with shacho - Higashi@Shigeo-san, the way he acts here is amusing. There was a time that Momoko helped Sacho settled things up with Kazuyuki-san who also run a death caretaker company. They was best friends in the old time, but due to one girl who both of them likes during high school, they had a clash. The girl in fact loved shacho and ever requested him to be cremated when she passed away. The day when the girl died, Kazuyuki was appointed by her family as caretaker. Instead of cremated her, he held a burial ceremony because he followed what her family wished for. Due to this reason, both of them are not talking each other. And because of Momoko as well, in the end they are friends again. This drama is light, it's good to relieve your stress and laugh out loud. Keiko acted very good especially with her clumsiness and the ending on how she settled things right. Omoshiroi ne...
Prisoner [プリズナー]
Worst Dorama Ever [Rating: 4/10]
This dorama is really not interesting at all for me, I keep forcing myself to finish it since I don't like to not finish watching once I had started. The drama is all about the misfortune of the main actors - Keigo then it turns worse as the government is corrupt. Everything is about giving US dollar to these irresponsible people. I cannot imagine too that Japanese counseller onsite has no power at all. Really quality unexpected from Japanese drama.
Tokyo Tower ~Okan to Boku to, tokidoki, Oton [東京タワー2007]
Heartwarming Drama - Though Draggy [Rating: 6/10]
The drama starts with annoying Ma-Kun who wasted his mom's affection. He actually doesn't like to be called Ma-Kun, he felt that it's such an embarassing nickname to be called for grown-up kid like him. His mom - okan still felt that Ma-kun is always be her baby, always need to be protected. Ma-kun grows up in single parent environment, his mother opens a restaurant where okan entertains her guests with her voice. As he graduated from high school, Ma-Kun then pursued higher education in Tokyo, he took Art study where he met Manami and Narusawa (Hiraoka Yuuta). Ma-kun was so happy living in Tokyo, seeing Tokyo as a freedom. He started to living in extravaganza, forgetting how his okan works very hard in hometown for supporting his life, forgetting to call his okan, smoking, skipping class. When he graduated, he got difficulty in finding job, luckily Narusawa-kun helped him to become part-time illustrator. One day he was struck by a phone call by his auntie from hometown, he was informed that his okan has oesophagus cancer and she rejected doctor's advice to do operation. For Okan, voice is the most important thing for her, to talk to Ma-Kun through phone, to entertain her guests from her voice and many things. Ma-kun felt guilty and quickly went home just to meet her okan. In this chance, Ma-kun was eventually asked okan to come with him to Tokyo - stay with him. There are quite number of intricts after her moving to Tokyo until Okan left Ma-kun forever. The drama is bit draggy so I just give 6 as a score. However during your watching, you will be entertained by nice soundtrack. Happy watching!
Voice [ヴォイス]
One's Dead Proven with Scientific [Rating: 8/10]
Interested at the first glance to watch this dorama when I saw Eita and Toma Ikuta were playing together. Indeed this dorama is not bad at all, few times my eyes were teary when the story gets so touched. There's no link between each episode's storyline however the personnel relationship was built up from time to time. Kaji Daiki (Eita) was applying for heart surgery seminar however his name was registered in human pathology seminar. Then he met his known friend Ryosuke (Toma Ikuta). Besides 2 of them, there are 3 more who are also involved in this seminar, makes it up total 5. During his childhood, Daiki was a victim of derailed train. His supervisor - Sagawa sensei was a doctor on duty at that time. He tried to resuscite one mother, unfortunately the lady was out of breath, her hand which holded a bell dropped then left a bell sound. Daiki noticed that and with his innocent face he said to Sagawa sensei, "The mother wants to leave the world and she's trying to tell you by ringing the bell." The bell was then took by Daiki from the lady's hand and given to her infant. From that moment, Sagawa always remembered Daiki and eventually he's the one who arranges for Daiki to enter Human Pathology rather than Heart Surgery seminar. Each episode offers its own intrict and the plot is not simply made up. <I guess the story could happen in real life>. One's death always has a secret but the scientific explanation left the love one without question mark anymore.


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