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Hirosue Ryoko 広末涼子 ( Ryoko Hirosue )

NameHirosue Ryoko
Star SignCancer
Birthday18 July 1980
Blood TypeO
B/W/H78 / 56 / 85

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Hirosue Ryoko

The sweet hereafter JPOP idol is a natural belle in the art of alluring sexy innocence. Debuting to the world of show business through a Clearasil commercial,...

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 広末涼子 Ryoko Hirosue- The Oscars 81st Annual Academy Awards The Best Foreign Film - Departures
広末涼子 Ryoko Hirosue- The Oscars 81st Annual Academy Awards The Best Foreign Film - Departures


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Filmography (36)
Kami no Shita wo Motsu Otoko [2016]
Naomi to Kanako [2016]
Oda Naomi
Seijo [2014]
Maria Sawa
Hakugin Jack [2014]
Fujisaki Eru
Starman ~ Kono Hoshi no Koi [2013]
スターマン ・ この星の恋
Uno Sawako
Higashino Keigo Mysteries [2012]
Iida Tomomi (Story 9)
Miporin no Ekubo [2010]
Ryoma Den [2010]
Hirai Kao
MR. BRAIN [2009]
(ep. 1)
Triangle [2009]
Yasuko to Kenji [2008]
Tsubaki Erika
Galileo [2007]
Yayoi (epi 3)
rongu - uedeingu roudo! [2007]
Toukyou tawaa (Special) [2006]
東京タワー (Special)
Narita Masami
Ai to Shi wo Mitsumete [2006]
Miko (Michiko)
Slow Dance [2005]
Koike Mino
小池実乃 (24)
Ushinawareta Yakusoku [2003]
Moto Kare [2003]
Otousan [2002]
Shindo Makoto
三女・進藤まこと (23)
Ai Nante Irane Yo, Natsu [2002]
Takazono Ako
鷹園 亜子 (21)
Dekichatta Kekkon [2001]
Kotani Chiyo
小谷チヨ (20)
Oyaji~ [2000]
Kanzaki Suzu
Summer snow [2000]
Katase Yuki
Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari - 10th Anniversary [2000]
Lipstick [1999]
早川 藍
Seikimatsu no uta [1998]
Sekai de ichiban papa ga suki [1998]
Seija no koushin [1998]
Beach boys [1997]
Izumi Makoto (17)
Boku ga boku de aru tame ni [1997]
Konna watashi ni dare ga shita [1996]
Shota no sushi [1996]
Long vacation [1996]
Takako Saito
Maho no kimochi / Mokuyou no kaidan 97 [1996]
Sashow taeko saigo no jiken [1995]
Heart ni S [1995]

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Ryoko Hirosue Photo Collection

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Users who voted for this artiste (360)
1. Lucian Dureau
Undoubtedly this is the Queen of the doramas, the second Golden Girl, occupied the place of her predecessor, Takako Matsu, who could never prove her true value as an actress as she did as a singer. Her debut not was in Long Vacation, but this was the first important show where she appeared. However, since then she has had roles where she has performed characters who were the personification of the innocence and tenderness, like in Summer Snow or in Dekichatta Kekkon.
Further to tv doramas, she has a brilliant career in movies as well, appearing in international productions like Wasabi, with Jean Reno, or in successful japanese productions like Villon's Wife, Goemon or Departures, movie which won an Academy Award in 2009 for the Best Foreign Language Film.
2. Toaru
How could you not love her? If any DORAMA-lovers out there haven't watched "Beach Boys", "Summer Snow" or "Otousan" yet I'd highly reccomend them.. To see Ryoko smile in those films is just... Too hard to describe with words.. I'm just happy that's all :) watashiwa uchi kara tooooooiiii desu.. But, with Ryoko's smile I feel home :) She's a great actress: honest smile, cries extremely well :(, too bad she's not that good at singing :P well.. she can't be too perfect??? :) anyways.. GREAT ACTRESS
3. Freigest
Yeah, Hirosue Ryoko is way too cute to be true. The movie called Wasabi was my first encounter with Hirosue Ryoko. After Wasabi I watched the serie called "Dekichatta kekkon" and it was very good serie with great storyline and characteristic casts. The serie gave me new understanding on Hirosue's talented acting skills and her cute appearance. Summer Snow is also very good serie with touching story and heroic ending. I just love her as a talented and a beautiful actress. She is great! :)
4. zenith777
Very Talented woman, Best Actress with many award and Nomination, Her voice in singing has been result in the Ryoko Hirosue Perfect Album Collection, Very natural face and act in Dorama and Movie proven by being contracted in some west movies (Wasabi, etc) Dedicated her life as Actress so she took single mother roles in actual life. No wonders many awards and votes for her because she is very talented in many fileds and sectors of life.
5. donna8157
Truly a very talented actress. The audience has practically seen her grow up and mature through her many JDramas: "Beach Boys", "Shota no Sushi" to "Dekichatta Kekkon", "Seija no Koushin", "Moto Kare", "Oyaji", and "Summer Snow". There's no doubt why Hirosue Ryoko is so popular. She exudes charisma and likeability in each of her dramas and is able to portray her characters to the fullest extent.
6. KAZdoramma
Really good at acting, very sweet and for me just perfect!!!!!! She provided brilliant acting in the tv series TRIANGLE in which she played the role of Sachi. Furthermore, she provided an emotional performance in Summer Snow where she was just SOOOOOO ADORABLE!!!! also acted amazingly well in Ai to Shi Wo Mitsumete where she played a girl with a terminal illness!!! A winning actress!!
7. shinkuji
i have watched pretty much all her dramas starting from Summer Snow and onward, and her movies: Wasabi, Himitsu and Collage of our life; i was speechless. Collage of Our life was sad tho... All i can say to her is that keep up the good work, acting and the wonderful personality of being cute and outgoing. Her true nature characteristics is priceless..
8. daiizback
when i first lay eyes on her in beach boys (that time i was 15 now iam 23) i could not dream anyone else...Ryoko had and will be the greatest actress eva before my eyes...her cute ways when she smile and cry would make me fainted a day whole....aaaaaah kanojo wa steki...totemo steki no hito desu....Ryoko-chan omae no koto dai suki desu...
9. bakafool
Damn I love her!!!! Those big eyes are so adorable. Anyways, when it comes to acting she's pretty good. She can play a bitchy girl role like in Long Vacation, normal teen role like in Beach Boys and oh so sweet roles like in Summer Snow. Her beauty is certainly unique, and she seems to get prettier as she grows older.
10. ayabshue
the most beautiful japanese actress for me! she's not only pretty but a great actress too!my favorite dorama of hers is summer snow and she really made a good job in playing her role as yuki! super kawaii! i could turn into a lesbian if i meet her in person!too bad she's already married!
11. hib1ki
Very cute, i like this girl. And what's more that she's a fantastic actress, all her movies are all highly recommend. But one she lack of, singing, tough i like seeing her singging (very kawaii) I'm admitting that many other singer are better. :-D Gomen ne Ryoko-chan
12. Baka Senpai
A cutie, she friggin drew my attention first time I watched her in summer snow...she made me feel that a short-hair girl can be > long-hair girl, granted if she was THAT cute. I wanna watch shotgun marriage and My Ex. Someone sub it already...gees!
13. Tu_triky
One of my favorite Japanese actress...talented with good looks to boot....gosh this woman is hella dope! With a beauty that cannot be characterized as typically Japanese she truly stands out. I think it's her mesmerizing eyes. They're so pretty!
14. compaqmac321
ah, i love this actress, she's so dope, i've seen the majority of her shows, she can play any roll, she's so convincing on screen, whether its comedy drama, a biker gang girl, a ditsy college drop out or woman with a terminal illness she's great!
15. -Takashi-
She was my favorite actor/actress in Summer Snow. I liked her because she was so mellow and kind...it just got to me haha. I also liked her very shy way about things. Reminded me of real life and if you didnt know, i like that in a dorama.
16. kiimura+akuya
i like her acts in <<���J��>>... though some people may say <<���J��>> isn't a very good drama, but in my own opinion, i think it was excellent.. simple story line twisted with a little love story which ended up all perfectly fine..
17. Ren
She is a wonderful actress with natural beauty that captured my complete attention. Well the first ever japanese drama that i have seen has her in it . the show was summer snow and from then on i guess i have become a big fan.
18. Game-RH
Has such natural beauty and cuteness. Everything about her is so natural and her acting is also great. A type of actress that will get your attention the very first time you see her.She also has a great smile and cute voice.
19. Danji
Having played in Summer Snow, Shota no Sushi, and Long Vacation (which was my first experience of Ryoko), I truly began to see Ryoko as an actress to watch out for, and one whom I now will collect the shows of.
20. aiscess
A very good actress...she can be sweet & adorable can also be irritating & sometimes bad...all in all...she's very versatile when in comes to portraying different roles & she does it really good.
21. iedot
she is so kawaii!!! her cute smile is killing me! hehe LOL. she is a great actress. i've seen her in dekichatta kekkon & summer snow with two different roles and she have made a very good job!! thumbs up!!
22. obmik
My favorite dorama actress... every role i've seen her play has been exceptional (especially Yuki in Summer Snow). And who can resist her looks? she's cute and has one of the nicest smiles i've ever seen.
23. darc_blade
beyond her unbelievably great looks, she has already held a number of roles from the arrogant girl in Long Vacation... to irresistible cuteness in Summer Snow..... not to mention a little french in Wasabi.
24. stupidguy_101
You just got to love her! If you have watched Summer Snow before, you too will share the same feelings i have for her! Hope she will continue to impress us in the future and good luck with her family!
25. IchibanB
Totally adorable in Summer Snow! Cute and sweet, with a extremely lovable shyish voice. This is the kind of girl guys would love to date, well at least this guy! :) (based on Summer Snow character)
26. chesed
Incredibly cute, I think she's a decent actress. Although she was great in Summer Snow, I think one of her best performances was in one of her first: Beach Boys. Weird, yeah, but I'm sticking to it.
27. Takekaze
Don't worry, I'm not going to make an hourlong explanation why I vote for her. Let me just say, I've been a fan ever since her first days in the business. Good to see her back after the baby break.
28. flyingangel
The first time I saw her picture, I thought she was so cute and lovely, and then after I watched some of her famous tv, I changed opinions of her, she is a good actess with a lot of acting skills.
29. iluvhyde
I love her since Beach Boys. She has proven not only her looks could melt any human (m & f)... her acts in Summer Snow is so applaud-able!! This show will be much less successful without her.
30. Girl
Awesome girl! I can say that from what she does : acting and what she is : beauty! I think her husband must be really LUCKY! hehe! Just take care of her well, okay?! Or I'll KILL YA!! hahaha!

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