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Hasegawa Kyoko 長谷川京子 ( Kyoko Hasegawa )

NameHasegawa Kyoko
Star SignLeo
Birthday22 July 1978

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Filmography (33)
Cecile no Mokuromi [2017]
Honjitsu wa, Ohigara mo Yoku [2017]
Kuon Kumi
Furenaba Ochin [2016]
Kamijou Natsu
Shizumanu Taiyou [2016]
Watashi Kekkon Dekinain Janakute, Shinain desu [2016]
私 結婚できないんじゃなくて、しないんです
Irie Chinami
入江千波 (38)
Rinshou Hanzai Gakusha Himura Hideo no Suiri [2016]
臨床犯罪学者 火村英生の推理
Moroboshi Sanae
Mother Game [2015]
Yano Satoko
Peter no Soretsu [2014]
Mano Kyoko
Zoku. Saigo Kara Nibanme no Koi Season 2 [2014]
続・最後から二番目の恋 2
Harada Kaoruko
Oh, My Dad!! [2013]
Hayasaka Mizuki
Haitatsu Saretai Watashitachi [2013]
Yae no Sakura [2013]
Yamamoto Ura (Yamamoto Clan)
Ranma 1/2 [2011]
Tendo Kasumi
BOSS Season 2 [2011]
Tadokoro Sachiko
Angel Bank ~ Tenshoku Dairinin [2010]
Ino Mamako
SCANDAL [2008]
Kawai Hitomi
Kodoku no kake [2007]
Karei naru Ichizoku [2007]
Oishii puropozu [2006]
Shiraishi Suzuko
白石鈴子 (28)
Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari 2006 [2006]
世にも奇妙な物語 15周年の特別編
(2nd segment)
Koumei Ga Tsuji [2006]
Hosokawa Gracia
Dragon Zakura [2005]
Ino Mamako�@
M no Higeki [2005]
Aihara Misa
相原美沙 (25)
Fuyu no Undoukai [2005]
Wonderful Life [2004]
伊佐山みずき (24)
Boku dake no Madonna [2003]
Kataoka Surumi
片岡するみ (26)
Itsumo futari de [2003]
Fujiwara Yoko
Kanojotachi no Kurisumasu [2002]
anti-Xmas girl
Tentai Kanzoku [2002]
Arisaka Nanae
Kowloon de Aimashou [2002]
Pretty Girls [2002]
Okabayashi Sachi
岡林 沙智
Star no Koi [2001]
Koizumi Tsubami
小泉つぼみ (23)
Big Money! [2001]
保坂  遥 (24)

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Users who voted for this artiste (126)
1. Sorata
I watched her in Wonderful Life, Dragon Zakura, Rain Fall, Star no Koi, Boku Dake no Madonna and Oishii Puropozuu. Boku Dake no Madonna and Oishii Puropozuu are two very cliche doramas, but Hasegawa made both of them very enjoyable. It�Ls a pity that her character in Dragon Zakura is so useless :(. I liked her personality a lot in Boku Dake no Madonna but the one where she�Ls more cute is Wonderful Life, her haircut made her even more gorgeous. Besides being very beatiful she�Ls full of energy, i�Lve become a fan :).
2. qwiksXnd
I've seen Star no Koi, Pretty Girls, and Itsumo Futari de, but it wasn't until I saw her Coke commercials that I realized that underneath her cute exterior, was an even sexier exterior... if that makes any sense. Download her commercials and you'll understand what I'm talking about. Trust me on this one. On a personal note, she seems a natural to play the "nice" girl, unfortunatley this means most of the characters she plays are rather boring. It's fun watching her though...
3. SushiMaki
She has that beautiful face that you can easily fall in love with, and she can be convincingly real on the screen unlike the other popular "just cute" Japanese actresses. However, I still have to see her versatility in some other challenging roles. If she continues to develop acting-wise, she will become a movie star, and then, good-bye, Japanese drama!
4. calico
I first noticed her in Tentai Kanzoku (which she was not credited for on JDorama) and she GLOW! Even though the lead was Koyuki, Kyoko-san's supporting role really stood out with her beauty, poise and acting skills. Hope to see her in more god J-dramas, even as she remains one of the gorgeous faces of Kose.
5. baggypantgpa
Jitsu wa, Hasegawa Kyoko wa totemo kirei desu! She has that instant attraction that makes her a great supporting actress in Star No Koi. When watching Star No Koi, there's this inner personality in you that wishes that you can be by her side. She's a true representation of the perfect girl =)
6. Angry Machines
Since the first time I've seen her in star no koi, she had a small role but she captured my heart more than noriko fujiwara. and I knew back then that this chick has a bright future in front of her, currently the hottest j-chick around! but liked her with her black hair.
7. Fight-oh
A very kool teacher in Dragon Zakura as Mamako Ino and says funny things almost all the time.. She is really beautiful and a great actress to watch on any show that she is in... Kyoko is super and is #3 on my list of favorites
8. gto_girlz83
i'm started to like during watching you're my only madonna..she's really beautiful n elegance with her curly hair.she should make her hair style like in that drama..she's also good in acting in Wonderful Life
9. xiong_here
She's so CUTE AND HOT at the same time. I love her smile and her acting in Boku Dake and Sutaa are just right! She's got a great acting atmosphere and her characters are loveable. I LOVE HER!
10. json1980
Keeps getting prettier and prettier. Started off as a complementary actress playing bit parts, but has really blossomed in 'Boku dake no Madonna'. WE NEED MORE VOTES FOR KYOKO!
11. UetoAyaFanboy
She's really awesome in Dragon Zakura and Boku Dake No Madonna. I like her when she's playing the English teacher, her shyness is cute and she's hot when she speaks English.
12. aki_07
I like her because I've liked her since her modelling days many years back before she was even well-known as an actress. Surprised to later see her on dorama.
13. heimu
Fantastic Actress~

You see her in likeable roles such as Wonderful Life and Boku dake no Madonna.

Looking forward to watch more of her doramas. ~
14. steve_j_elliott
I saw here when I played an extra in a new TV drama about WWII on Okinawa. It was alot of fun. Kyoko was very pretty even in an old nurse uniform
15. jtwong27
Beautiful and a good actress. I never thought she was that pretty in itsumo futari de.. but she looks really pretty now. Also talented as well.
16. seifer_messy
suhada bijin, lawa siot awek nih
best in: Boku dake no Madonna(naughty but damn sweet, u must watch this if u are fan of her)
17. robbo4
The picture of feminine beauty. Wearing that red evening dress in Oishii Puropozu, this is what women were made to look like!
18. dummyuser11
She's one actress who has made me lost for words. I have to admit, she's beautiful!!! Especially in Boku dake no madonna.
19. SquallAdv
She's so charming and beautiful in Boku Dake no Madonna... She has something special, her characters speaks for myself!
20. no_flare!
One of the most beautifule japanese actress. She looks so nice in Boku dake no madonna. one of my favorite actresses
21. c.wei
she is cute, fukada kyoko is also cute, but hasekyo is sweeeeetest, more when she was smile....charming....daesuig
22. Goldenoozaru
I first saw her on Dragon Zakura and just fell in love with her :)

She's a beautiful and talented actress.
23. queency
I think she's pretty... the prettiest in the girls in Japanese drama I have seen... She's a heartbreaker!
24. jfallonismine
She's a very attractive young actress, and a great talent I hope to see more of in upcoming dorama's.
25. jjpsychic2
I didn't like her at first, but her acting has surpassed my expectations especially in M no Higeki..
26. kin_2109
she's beautiful and this gives her some credit on acting..she's act great in you're my only madonna
27. makimura_RAn
I love her performance in Boku dake no madonna. She is very beautiful and her acting also good.
28. panga
She so pretty! I like her in "searching for my polestar" . I think she play the role very well!
29. crizzy
Gorgeous and great acting, especially in Boku Dake no Madonna, has a very 'versatile' image.
30. oberon
she was sexy in boku dake no madonna, but boring in dragon zakura. But she is really pretty

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