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Konishi Manami 小西真奈美 ( Manami Konishi )

NameKonishi Manami
Star SignScorpio
Birthday27 October 1978
Blood TypeAB

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Konishi Manami

Although mostly not appearing as the leading lady, she always shines in many roles that she portrays. Most of her fans will recognize her touching performance i...

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Filmography (29)
Bonkura Season 2 [2015]
Shi no Zouki [2015]
Amamiya Yukari
N no Tameni [2014]
Noguchi Naoko
Kuu nero Futari sumu Futari [2014]
喰う寝るふたり 住むふたり
Kuu Neru Futari Sumu Futari [2014]
喰う寝るふたり 住むふたり
Mottomo Toi Ginga [2013]
Satome Kaoru
Stepfather Step [2012]
Nadao Reiko
Team Batista Season 3 [2011]
Marks no Yama [2010]
BOSS [2009]
Nishiyama Nanami (ep. 8)
Shoni Kyumei [2008]
Aoyama Sora
Pandora [2008]
Iida Sayoko (28)
Ashita no Kita Yoshio [2008]
Washizu Mizuho
Kirakira Kenshui [2007]
Oda Usako
Ruri no shima [2005]
島袋さなえ (24)
Churasan Season 3 [2004]
Nishinomiya Haruka
Orange Days [2004]
Takagi Maho
高木真帆 (25)
Fire Boys [2004]
ファイアーボーイズ 〜め組の大吾〜
Ochiai Shizuka
大吾の元担任・落合静香 (26)
Boku dake no Madonna [2003]
Shimada Rie
島田理恵 (28)
Hotman [2003]
Furiya Shima (24)
Churasan Season 2 [2003]
Nishinomiya Haruka
Tentai Kanzoku [2002]
Ida Yuri
井田 有里 (25)
Seikei Bijin [2002]
Fujishima Isaki
藤島 一咲 (23)
Hito ni Yasashiku [2002]
人にやさしく / 3ピース
Mizusaki Hanako
水崎花子 (23)
Antique [2001]
(guest star)
Shin Hoshi no kinka [2001]
Churasan [2001]
Nishinomiya Haruka
Shiroi kage [2001]
Fukaku Mogure [2000]

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Users who voted for this artiste (68)
1. Techie
I agree with previous voters. She is highly underrated, and previewing her web site for just a moment you realize how much hard work this actress truly puts into her career.

She went against all odds, entered acting classes, has a resume as long as both her legs and is still not fully on top.

I'll give it the fact that she really does play "good girl" better than "bad" or "odd" however, she surely is my bet for the future.

Keep it up Manami... (and please help us japanese-lingo strugglers out by translating your website) onegaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
2. donna8157
She is often overlooked, but her characters are always very memorable and she portrays each character very convincingly. I first saw her in "Searchin' for my Polestar" and my first impression of her wasn't all that grand. But then I saw her in "Orange Days" and "Hotman" and the versatility of her characters surprised me. She was able to pull off her acting for each one with seemingly great ease. I hope to see her more often in newer dramas.
3. shiro-chan
i gotta agree those eyes r a killer... very beautiful.. i also saw in orange days... she did great i thought u was gonna b like a mean ex or sumthing... but she was great... her character role was nice and it goes right for her

4. jhikari
I see in her profile she played in many dramas. Her kind character must take her many places. I first saw her in Hotman and thought she was the perfect person to play that role. Too bad she wasnt in the 2nd Series.
5. Braehum
Her eyes are amazing, I mean really beautiful and just llike pools of ink. She is such a good actress and though she hasn't really got a lot of lead roles I really like the ones she's in.
6. baggypantgpa
Totemo kirei desu. She has a radiant beauty that radiates whenever she's onscreen. Her youthful looks draw you into the drama but her outstanding acting is what makes you stay.
7. abubakaz
she's both radiantly beautiful and wonderfully talented. She played an emotionally cold teacher in Ruri No Shima so beautifully. I really hope she'll get her big break soon.
8. xiong_here
Uber cute and I like her cute ears! She's nice and tall and her performance is just as good. She doesn't really play any strong parts but her supporting roles are great.
9. Saiki
Only saw her in Hotman so far but I can tell her character is my type ^^
I wonder how she fares as a "bad girl" though...
Manami-chan wa watashi no konomi desu!
10. dita_fh
i like her she's soooooooooo georgeous in orange days........love her performance in fire boys.........please make her main actress in dorama she deserves it
11. nippon_fan7
she is so pretty that my face melts when i see her on the tube. I look for her name on the tv listing when ever im in japan. Konitan mecha kawaii desu!!!
12. cass_dust
Think she has got great potential, but it seems that she is not that popular in Japan... well, �F����.. please vote for her! :)
13. kitakaze
Pretty, delicate looking actress. Beautiful eyes. She seems like she has more acting ability, but I really need to see her in a leading role.
14. json1980
Very pretty and sweet looking. She needs more press so she can move up the ranks and become the leading actress she deserves to be!
15. xhidex33
one of my favorites!! She should come out more often! She was great in Ruri, Boku dake, Hotman, Tentai, and Orange!! Support her!
16. Azzurrihitman
She is not bad in her acting, but always outshone by the more prominent actresses...give her a chance for a leading role!!:)
17. mZmRiZe366
its too bad she is not getting more leading roles than some other actresses...she is quite versatile in the roles ive seen
18. gaijinmark
Became of fan of hers watching "Hotman" but I think she did her best work in "Tentai Kanzoku" and "Pandora".
19. shikka
great actor.....very preety too...especially her eyes.
but not much lead roles she played till now...
20. zhirong
Been keeping track of her since Dive Deep 2001. She is so sweet looking. Looking forward to seeing more of her.
21. Choberibado
She's simply the best, acting like beauty.

Just watch a drama with her and you'l get it.

22. McCloud
23. japgirl
She plays a very cute role in Hotman...the wise, understanding sister...so cute ^u^
24. AerialAsian
hehehe she was pretty good in fire boys. And when i say pretty, i mean both ways.
25. miriya52
she's very kawaii! saw her in tentai kanzoku, ruri no shima, and orange days
26. ayabshue
she's pretty and a good actress too,,i wonder why she's kinda underrated??
27. zhixiong
She has beautiful small eyes, not many girls can pull this off easily.
28. ruisu
I thought she was great in Orange Days. And check out those cute ears!
29. qilver
I have seen her in a few dramas, very talented and beautiful actress!
30. shitomaru
her beauty, it's elegant, very classy. her eyes, oh my God........

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