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Moriyama Mirai 森山未來 ( Mirai Moriyama )

NameMoriyama Mirai
Star SignLeo
Birthday20 August 1984
Blood TypeAB
B/W/H85 / 63 / 87

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Filmography (12)
Mi o Tsukushi Ryouricho [2017]
Komatsu Hara
Enka ~Gold Rush~ [2015]
Kumagai Toru
熊谷透 (31)
Moteki [2010]
Fujimoto Yukiyo
Keiji no Genba Season 2 ~ Limit [2009]
刑事の現場 2 ~ リミット
Kato Keigo
ROOKIES [2008]
Harimoto Takumi (ep. 1-2)
Keiji no Genba [2008]
Kato Keigo
Yakusha Damashii [2006]
Boku Tachi no Senso [2006]
Ojima Kenta / Ishiba Goichi
Kiken na Aneki [2005]
Minagawa Yutaro
Last Christmas [2004]
Hayama Tappei
葉山達平 (23)
Itoshi Kimie [2004]
Tomokawa Mitsuo
友川満雄 (17)
Water Boys [2003]
Tatematsu Norio

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Mirai Moriyama fan site [mirai * mirai]

Users who voted for this artiste (17)
1. enen_shun
Moriyama Mirai is a fabulous actor who puts in his heart and efforts in his drama/movie characters . I first knew him through magazines .. when he acted the movie ~"Sekai no chuushin de, ai wo sakebu" .. as the guy "Sakutaro" who loved the female lead character "Aki" whole-heartedly .. it was after then i knew he acted in Water Boys 1 drama .. and his hilarious way of acting amazed me , cuz i couldn't relate "Sakutaro" and his character in Water Boys ~ and that made me believed that he has a face and ability to act all kinds of characters ~ and not-to-mention .. this guy learnt dancing since young .. Jazz Dance when he was 5, Tap Dance when he was 6, classical ballet when he was 8 .. in addition - Hip Hop & Flamenco dance ... etc .. an indeed talented and hardworking young actor !
2. pedang_patah
definitely bcuz of his kawaii face,his stylish hairdo.i dunno why..but i just like his hair style,outfit[usually he wore shorts & shirts],his happy-go-lucky and funny attitude in da 'water boys' drama.i just find him very interesting.he's very kawaii!!!and not to forget,he's a good actor too.
3. Padme
He seems to have that happy-go-lucky type of character that anyone could love, and he sure shows it well on screen. His brilliant performance on WATERBOYS makes him one of my favorite new actors this 2005.
4. Balmung
He is a seriously talented actor. He can dance and play a lot of roles. He won an award for his part in Crying Out Love In The Center Of The World. Hope we hear more from him.
5. sweetnote
He is a very talented actor and dancer.
Not only his acting in dramas, his performances on stages (musicals or plays) are so impressive.
6. m3lz
i loved him in WATER BOYS! he was so good!..i have to find more dramas to watch with him in it!
7. KamakazeBettie
moriyama mirai is sooo kawaii!!!!! he is an excellent actor... i want to see him in more!!!
8. ayi_tomokawa
he is very easygoing in water boys.. love him.. he is so cute........kawaii NE .........^^
9. mysticalgal84
i will never forget when i saw him in waterboys... i love his cheeky smile!!!!!!
10. Hinano
He was great in waterboys and I loved his role in Last X'mas. ^_^
11. delta_young
unique and cute look... nice acting^^
12. chiyo
very kawaii..
13. ShuKuChi-
14. yolande
15. crystalespers
16. vitch
17. bihearts