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Shinohara Ryoko 篠原涼子 ( Ryoko Shinohara )

NameShinohara Ryoko
Star SignLeo
Birthday13 August 1973
Blood TypeB
B/W/H80 / 60 / 85

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Filmography (36)
Otona Joshi [2015]
Nakahara Aki
Last Cinderella [2013]
ラスト シンデレラ
Toyama Sakura
Higashino Keigo Mysteries [2012]
Murakami Aoki (Story 10)
Kogane no Buta [2010]
Tsuki no Koibito [2010]
Ninomiya Maemi
Haken no Hinkaku [2007]
Omae Haruko
Hanayome wa Yakudoshi! [2006]
Taketomi Akiko
竹富明子 (32)
Unfair [2006]
Yukihira Natsumi
雪平夏見 (34)
Anego [2005]
Noda Naoko
野田直子 (32)
Mother and Lover [2004]
杉浦 瞳 (30)
Hikari to Tomo ni [2004]
Azuma Sachiko
東 幸子 (31)
At Home Dad [2004]
Yamamura Miki
Yankee Bokou ni Kaeru [2003]
金井 志穂
Boku no Mahou Tsukai [2003]
町田 留美子 (29)
Mukodono 2003 [2003]
Ishihara Nishie
石原 西絵 (29)
HR [2002]
Awashima Ryoko
Renai Hensachi [2002]
Story 1 Tachibana Miho
橘美穂 (28)
Hatsu Taiken [2002]
Enomoto Yukari
榎本由加里 (27)
Reisei to Jounetsu no Aida [2001]
Saotome Typhoon [2001]
Mukodono! [2001]
Arai Satsuki
新井さつき (29)
Hojo Tokimune [2001]
Lady Sanuki
Kabachitare! [2000]
Miyagi Ryoko
宮城 京子 (25)
Kiken na kankei [1999]
Nanisama! [1998]
Ao no jidai [1998]
Kira kira hikaru [1998]
Sugi Saeko
Shinryounaikai Ryouko [1997]
Gift [1997]
Odoru Daisousasen [1997]
(Epi 2)
Rennai zenya ichidodake no koi Season 2 [1996]
Pure [1996]
Fujiki Asako
Ninshin desuyo Season 2 [1995]
Kagayaku toki no naka de [1995]
Houkago [1992]
Sugao no mama de [1992]

Users who voted for this artiste (87)
1. teru_teru_bouzu
I've seen her in a few dramas.. I guess I never really paid attention to her.. cause the ones I've seen she has never been the main character. Anyways.. I finally noticed her when i watch Anego.. Her acting was superb.. No wonder she won an award for that role as Naoko.. Anyways... Wish Ryoko san great success...^^
2. akira luver
for me she is the best actress ever..i luv her in any roles she played especially as yukihira in unfair...she just so good in the drama n also in haken...she also have chemistry with any actors she paired with...i like her the most with eita, masaya n jin..i hope to c her in more drama...i will always support her
3. yume
Her first roles showed her as the sidekick friend, bumbling and funny. As she grows into her own, Shinohara Ryoko has handled some of the most memorable roles of our favorite dramas. Her ability to bring out the humor in the most serious moments can be likened to Fukatsu Eri's talent.
4. pash
So far, the only thing with her I didn't like was "Unfair", but I don't think it's her fault. She's gorgeous and also a very good actress. My faves with her, "Tsuki no Koibito" and "Haken no Hinkaku" ("Oomae Haruko desu! Sore ga nani ka?" ^____^)
5. arashinokoto
although she acts mostly as supporting roles.. she's really great.. can act real well.. especially stellar performances in mukodono and renai hensachi.. her role in mukodono as satsuki is real memorable as her acting skills really showed in the series..
6. Kirari Ililah
I loved her in all the dramas I've seen of her. Anego, At Home Dad, Mother & Lover, Mukudono, and HR. She's so energetic and unpredictable, a great mix for an actress. She still is very young at heart, she will never grow old in talent!!!
7. crazytigerfrog21
I'm just crazy about this woman in anything she does. Funny as Satsuki in Mukodono, wise in anego, hard nosed in Unfair... for how much she has done and for how many of them are so good, it's a crime she's not in the top 10.
8. Shindou
A wonderful actress. She completely dominated in Anego and was quite enjoyable in Uchouten Hoteru. Looking forward to seeing more of her in At Home Dad, Odoru Daisousassen and Unfair!!
9. ilovetakuya
She's so cute~~ I just really like her personality. Loved her performance in Gift and anego. I'm watching Unfair right now and she's so attractive there too. SHe never disappoints me.
10. Kotori
I feel in love with her in Mukudono. I crown her to one of the best actress by her really good acting in Anego.. and she is even better in Mukudono 2003. I just love her!!! >____<
11. ffrostte
starts to notice her since Mukodono I. she's very charismatic. one just can't overlook her existence/acting very easily. look forward to watching more of her works!
12. Doramako
She's really cool. I liked her in every leading-role, but I absolutely adore her since "Unfair". She's kind of the japanese Version of Lara Croft... �O�O
13. ParaParaJMo
i can't believe she's the same shinohara ryoko that sang the japanese theme to the street fighter ii anime, itoshisa to setsunasa to kokoro tsuyosa to
14. chibiandor
I loved her in the drama "Anego" as she plays the desperate, loving seeking, Naoko!
^_^ Ryoko is turning out to become one of my favorite actresses!
15. cheese
After watching her in "Anego" ...started to notice her more.. and in her latest drama "Unfair", she is so cool.. hope to see more of her drama
16. Sajen16
She's Beautiful with a capital b and not a bad actress she'll never be one of the actresses I admire for their talent but she's not bad
17. zappie
versatile actress and beautiful.. love her in Anego, Mother & Lover, At Home Dad, Unfair... hope to see her more in lead roles.
18. jumigurl
i have seen a couple of her dramas and i loved them especially unfair. she was great in tha series and made it very believable.
19. orastaako
Several times won the TV Academy award, and for a reason. One of the most talented actors/actresses all time in the world.
20. cheery
Shinohara really did a great job in anego. She is really an amazing actress! Not to mention she is really sexy and hot!
21. atheon
Great acting in mukodono series. Like her in "cool" characters . Currently she is one of the top actress in Japan =)
22. passionpete2427
i've only seen to of her dramas: 1) Mukodono 2) Tsuki no Koibito.
I really loved her acting in Tsuki no Koibito:)
23. Taira-Panku
I love her! She's stylish and isn't afraid to play feminist roles! She has done so many diffrent characters!
24. kamisen_fanatic
she's a very good actress. i did not think she was pretty at first, but now i think she's got the x-factor.
25. yourasthma
she is unconventionally beautiful but often plays strong feminist characters. how can i not root for her??
26. joychin
She is a very pretty and talented actress ^^ .I wonder why not many voted for her... >_<
27. kumaxell
From Mukodono to Unfair, she is one versatile actress. I can't wait for her next drama.
28. daniela
She is so funny!!! I loved her in Anego, Haken no Hinkaku and Hanayome wa Yakudoshi!
29. sanacchi
30. fybabe
She's beautiful and she's got steel in her character. I like strong minded woman.

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