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Miura Haruma 三浦春馬 ( Haruma Miura )

NameMiura Haruma

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Filmography (16)
Onna Joshu Naotora [2017]
おんな城主 直虎
Ii Naochika
Watashi wo Hanasanaide [2016]
Doi Tomohiko
Satsujin Hensachi 70 [2014]
Miyahara Keisuke
Boku no Ita Jikan [2014]
Sawada Takuto
Last Cinderella [2013]
ラスト シンデレラ
Saeki Hiroto
Higashino Keigo Mysteries [2012]
Nakaoka Ryo (Story 8)
Hi wa Mata Noboru [2011]
Miyata Eiji
Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta [2011]
Kashiwagi Shuji
Bloody Monday Season 2 [2010]
Takagi Fujimaru (Falcon)
Samurai High School [2009]
Mochizuki Kotaro
Bloody Monday [2008]
Takagi Fujimaru
Gokusen Season 3 [2008]
ごくせん 3
Kazama Ren
Binbo Danshi [2008]
貧乏男子 (ボンビーメン)
Shiraishi Ryo
白石涼 (17)
14 sai no Haha [2006]
Kirino Satoshi
Unfair [2006]
Saito Yutaka
Fight [2005]

Users who voted for this artiste (69)
1. Sorata
Such a good actor despite his young age and bishonen looks, all his parts have been impressive so far: Koizora, Gokusen - The Movie, Crows Zero II, Gokusen 3(the only good thing in the whole dorama), Samurai Highschool and Binbou Danshi.
He only had like 8 minutes of screen time in Crows Zero II has the fierce Bitou Tatsuya but he was really awesome and intense, even without fighting one could tell that he was really strong, his conversation alone with Narumi(Kaneko Nobuaki) in Housen�Ls gym was one of my favorite parts from the movie.
Loved him in Bloody Monday seasons 1/2!! As an actor, he is not afraid to make incredibly ugly, weak, emotional-wreck sort of expressions, which sounds like an insult, but actually I mean this as the greatest compliment! He really gets down-and-dirty with his acting, which I wish more actors would, instead of just playing it safe. This ability to go wild with his acting makes Miura Haruma's performance unusually raw and powerful, I think, so props to him!
3. Kirari Ililah
Such a great actor. Probably did first see him in 14�΂̕�, but it wasn't directed very well that his talents were not noticed, not did they shine. Did see him in other series, but he really started you shine in Bloody. From there his talents grew. ���� (Koizora) was emotionally breath taking, and his last role in �l�̂������� (The Hours of My Life) was so amazing I can't wait to watch him in more! �O�Y����A�撣���āI
4. Nanaki
Awesome in Gokusen 3, Koizora (the movie) and Bloody Monday! He's so cool! And now after starting on Samurai High School I have gained even more respect for him since it shows that he can do a lot more than only "cooler" roles, since his role in that drama is about the total opposite from everything else I've seen him in (he's soooo hilarious in SHS!!). So I adore him!
5. Patazilla
A very new face, but I liked him right in the beginning. Kazama was my favourite character in Gokusen 3 and therefore I decided to watch Bloody Monday - and then I was really shocked how much he seemed to have grown up. And I really began to feel that he's not only nice to watch, but really talented so I'm excited about what is to come.
6. estabita
Huwaaaaaaaaa !!!!
Haruma, I love him sooo much. First time I saw him when he act in 14sai no haha and at that time I FALLIN' LOVE WITH HIM.
I really really love this boy and I hope that he will be success in his carrier.
Love ya Haruma *chuu*
7. chibichan
cute... i first wacth him in 14 sa no haha, and i love him. the next role in Binbo Danshi, Gokusen 3, and now Bloody monday, prove that he is a good actor. He's still young, so will wait for the next big thing he'll do. Love him !!!
8. Kouseibutsu
talking about miura all i can say is, he's very talented. watching his acting in gokusen 3 is totally different from his acting in binbo danshi and that's a thing i like. i don't see miura himself but the character he plays.
9. m3xoxrawks
OMG o.O i totally luv him in koizora...after the sad part i went to watch gokusen 3 to see miura goin again..!! he is sooo hot and talented..!! he kicked yamapi right to the bottom of mah list..hehe lol
10. docalion
The next big male superstar! Although, I think there is some homo-ness in some of his ways, he still attracts dozens of fan girls, including me!! Wushu! Can't help it, can't oppose his charm!
11. ester_grace
I really like his smile, so kakoi! his acting is good too. I saw him in gokusen 3, bloody monday, 14-sai no haha, etc but he made me a lil bit dissapointed in samurai high school.
12. Rebekah
I'm watching him in Samurai High School--what a versatile actor! I LOVE his depiction of a samurai! I was really blown away! And I can't take my eyes off of him!
13. raynawashere
OMG!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!! he is soooooo cute. i saw him in Gokusen 3 and totally fell in love it him!!! i am so watching more dramas with him in it!! :D
14. oonqy
first saw him in 14sai~
but like him thru koizora, tat hair suits him e best!
like him further thru Bloody Monday~ he had grown up so much ~
15. zizi16
Well,I gotta say that among all actors in"Gokusen 3",His was the best.
He is indeed Handsome,but,he still has a long way to go.
16. je-chan
,heh.. he's pretty cute.. and his smiles are awesome!!
He did a great job on portraying a lazy student in Gokusen 3.. hehe..
17. Anna P
I saw him in Gokusen3 and Bloody Monday. He's a really good actor and i hope i will see more of his dramas from now on. ^^
18. stardope
he's so cute......
esp in koizora movie....
and he's the reason i watched gokusen3....
19. nanaKM46
I love his shows where he is romantic [koizora] & totally man when he is fighting [gokusen]
20. Misuzu
<3 Haruma is cute and his acting is good too.Acted in 3 movies and dramas now.GO HARUMA
21. Frits
he did a good job in bloody monday...and very different role in gokusen 3 as a bad boy
22. NaomiMaeda
He did an impression after watching Bloody Monday. Hope that he'll keep on improving.
23. Rue_89
He's the best!!! Really cool and his acting is like real! Waaaaaa Love he!!! ><
24. nisamiaw
Now, he in Gokusen 3....
You guys got to watch it...
he is good. NO! GREAT!!
25. Sterjeny
He is a great young actor because of this the gets the lead role in Gokusen 3
26. Limes
Definitely one of the best and most versatile actors of his generation.
27. uchijin
Mmm, his acting continues to improve and amaze me. Gambatte~
28. azngelique
koizoraa. T__T HIRO.
i so so love this guy.. <33
29. norika07
loved his acting in koizora. way to go haru!!! :)
30. cassiopaeia
I just learned he also plays "Ren" in Gokusen 3!

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