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Nishikido Ryo 錦戸亮 ( Ryo Nishikido )

NameNishikido Ryo
JPop GroupNewS, Kanjani8
Star SignScorpio
Birthday03 November 1984
Blood TypeO

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Filmography (15)
Totto Terebi [2016]
Sakamoto Kyu
Samurai Sensei [2015]
Takechi Hanpaita
Gomen ne Seishun! [2014]
Hara Heisuke
原平助 (31)
Yorozu Uranaidokoro Onmyoya e Yokoso [2013]
Abeno Shomei
Papadol! [2012]
Nishikido Ryo
Zenkai Girl [2011]
Yamada Sota
Inu o Kau to Iu Koto [2011]
Hongo Yuji
Joker Yurusarezaru Sosakan [2010]
ジョーカー 許されざる捜査官
Kudo Kenji
Orthros no Inu [2009]
Aoi Ryosuke
Ryusei no Kizuna [2008]
Ariake Taisuke
Last Friends [2008]
Oikawa Sosuke
Attention Please [2006]
アテンションン プリース
Nakahara Shota
中原翔太 (25)
Ichi Ritoru no Namida [2005]
Asou Haruto
麻生遥斗 (15)
Ganbatte Ikimasshoi [2005]
Sekino Hiroyuki
Teru Teru Kazoku [2003]

Users who voted for this artiste (232)
1. Di@na
He is my favourite meber in NEWS..and he proved that he's a
great actor in 1 litre of tears, Attention Please and Ganbatte
Ikimasshoi!!!! I LOVE him because he is:






mysterious !!!!!!!

mesmerizing (eyes) !!!




OH and HE CAN ACT!!!!

Ok ok..Ryo-chan was since "NEWS" debut (2003) my favorite member..so
probably I cannot be really fair when it comes to his acting skills BUT I
watched all his dramas and he extremely improved. I have even more
respect towards him because he decided to play such a HARD role like in
"LAST FRIENDS".. its not easy to play a guy who hurts his girlfriend in
such a horrible way. The most Johnny's boys always play the lovely or
cool character in dramas..but you have to be very brave to take a
negative role as a brutal bad guy because Ryo-chan could lose a lot of his
japanese female fans because of the role he is playing in LAST FRIENDS.
I think Ryo-chan does a great job, I did not expected him to be THAT
good, so I cannot agree with people who says that he is not a talented actor.

..well thats what I think about Ryo-chan! I hope to see him in
more Doramas in the future ^____^
2. cold_jade
For this fellow as well, I love him in every aspect he does. Singing, Acting etc.
And how his personalities can "change", from a loner, to a bully, to a joker, to a baby etc.
From young, Ryo had been a really good performer. from the cute little boy, to now the cool and loner type. (Okay fine, he only looked cool, he is quite... Annoying at times...)
And in [1 Litre of Tears], while others have a real role for them to perform, he made Asou-Kun really realistic.
I really like every performance with him.
3. ameagari48
nagareru kisetsu no mannaka de...futo hi no nagasa o kanjimasu....i fell hard for nishikido ryo when i heard him sing in one litre. his performance in there was outstanding..then i had to know everything about him..i got into news and kanjani8 and watched all his dramas..he is truly talented-a great actor, singer, and person and not to mention the hottest guy ever// i hope all the best for him in the future and lets see a kiss scene ne/ give the boy some love onegai
4. sinjun
This, rather handsome, young man has a certain charm about him regardless of the fact that he comes off a little more as the quiet type. He has a great passion for his work, and one can see it whenever he sings or whenever he acts. He proved himself as an entertainer with great potential in "Ichi Ritoru no Namida" and I anxiously await his next project. I have a lot of respect for Ryo-chan.
5. Finndlin
He's both a very convincing actor and singer (and also quite a charming man, which doesn't ruin the package). I've mostly seen him in dramatic roles, but he was outstanding and convincing. I know that if he's cast in a drama it'll be enough to persuade me to watch it, because he is just so skilled. So far his best performance was "ichi ritoru no namida". Amazing.
6. twinkletoez
he is arguably one of the HOTTEST MEN ALIVE, but he is also a genuinely a good actor. while he was fun in ganbatte ikimasshoi, and adorably awkward in his costume in attention please, he really proved himself as a serious actor in 1 litre of tears. there are not many people who could have pulled the character off so caring and sweet. plus, im a sucker for crying guys!!
7. iluvhyde
I came to love Ryo's performance after 1 Litre of Tears.
Initially, he came to me as a rather uninteresting guy, with that brooding look on his face. But I genuinely find him more captivating as each episode passed. He has such amazing ability to bring out Asou-kun/cute Buu (in Ganbatte), I was really impressed. I would love to see more of him in movies/dramas.
8. Gosik
He is talented, amazing actor and singer. He got me into J-doramas and NEWS. He really puts his heart into his characters. Soul of the devil with angelic smile. He gets everything perfect idol needs - appearance, talent and kinda dark aura around. If he acts more, I'm sure he will be better than Kimura and Fukuyama put together (he's hotter already).
9. calico
I have to admit I didn't expect much from a member of an "idol group", but he surprised me. A very expressive actor, gives depth to his characters and has screen presence. He is also undeniably very good-looking and charismatic. He may be the one to watch in the future; standing head and shoulders above the crowd of other current idols.
10. kyunspark
This guy do not afraid to take 'interesting' roles... Fell in love with his psycho boyfriend acting in Last Friend... And Taisuke in Ryuusei no Kizuna just blew me away. Perhaps it is because he have to lead a double life in the entertainment world also?? A cool-bully character in NewS and dorky-bully victim character in Kanjani8....
11. CenturyLover
This guy just makes me love him so much >_< Amazing singer, great actor, his evil tongue, those beautiful eyes... I just cant help loving him... Hes really great in Ganbatte Ikimasshoi, 1 rittoru no Namida and Attention Please! I hope to see him acting in future too, and see if he gets different characters too^^
12. minilight1080
I really like Ryo......and his songs and his evil tongue.makes me laugh..LMAO...his acting is really good in 1 litre of tears and Ganbatte Ikimasshoi. 1 litre of tears is the first drama i see of him in and omg..he can act..he has actually pretty good crying skills i think ...keep singing, and acting.
13. dalila_ai
I thought he gave a great performance in Gambatte Ikimashoi but it was in 1 litre of tears where he convinced me of his talent as an actor. It's so moving and touching I can't help but vote for him. He's a fantastic performer and entertainer. I hope he'll do lots and lots of dramas in the future.
14. ayumihamasakisan
Cool, propel him to actual 25th. But he was SUPER convincing as Asou-kun. I'm amazed at how well he was able to develop Asou-kun's character into his own, well beyond the script. I saw the Kimutaku comment, and it just may be true that he can become the second Kimutaku.
15. mushu
he cut me breathe off when i saw him in one litre of tears ... it was so natural for him to cry, he didn't have to force himself, i cried with him everytime ... i hope that in attention please, the next episodes will give him the opportunity to show his acting skills
16. luv4evaluv
ryo-chan is a good actor...well hes getting there..onli few drama hes on...and he made it great already ^^ love him in 1 liter of tears...n i'll sure love him in ATTENTION PLEASE~~!! ....sing great..i like his voice...love his bad mouth haha...just plain kakkoi ^^
17. ssie
actually, he's not THAT good in acting, he's not as good as Pi or Masu in singing for that matter. i just have to vote for him because, well, he totally had me in 1 liter. i wish i was there too! if only i could convince him that i was the one for him. bwahaha LOL
18. mitha-chan
after seen him in ichi ritoru..
how COOL he is..
but, i love his friend too.. (yamappi <3)
hope he will be the next kaneshiro..
xoxo..anatawa daisuki desuuu ryou-kun..
19. ckthanhi
His character in 1 Litre of Tears and Last Friends is totally different, but he did the great job on both, that makes me really surprising. You can love him in 1 Litre of Tears and turn into hating him in Last Friends, that's amazing, right???
20. mikaela_angel07
he's so talented and really handsome.. :) a 100% HUNK~! <3 i really like his acting as Aso Haruto on 1 Liter no Namida... right now im watching his small role on the 2003 drama "Karuta Queen" he looks so young and so kawaii there... :)
21. Antique Pop
I've watched him in both Ganbatte Ikimasshoi and Ichi Rittoru no Namida, and considering the fact that he actually doesn't like acting ;O he's pretty good at it. PLUS he's absolutely gorgeous! I really loved him as Asou-kun :)
22. AngelXing
Absolutely love him...He did a great job in Gambatte Ikkimashoi and also...love his mesmerizing dark eyes and how when he smile his whole entire face just lights up. Of course not forgetting his vocal strengths....love him!!!
23. tAz
he's my new love, after takuya. he just has this really charming smile, and cute personality. there's smtg special abt him. after watching ganbatte ikimasshoi. 1 litre of tears and attention please, i still want more of him!
24. Acedia
Ryo-san, your performance in 1 Litre has touched me so much. Erika-san and you have inspired me to become a better person! You're already a wonderful actor, and I look forward to seeing more of you in other dramas. :D
25. tenshi01
I love ryo-tan! He is such an amazing actor, not to mention a great singer. I love staring at his dark beautiful eyes. I hope to see him in more dramas in the future so I can continue to stare at his beautiful face ^^
26. saya317
He got me hooked through NEWS, and I've only seen him in GI, which was surpisingly convincing. Now, I'm dying to witness his talents again in One liter of Tears. He's got such promising talents! MY NUMBER 1!
27. yetters
I liked his acting in Ichi Ritoru No Namida. Subtle, yet very compelling. I think he's a good dramatic actor. I hope to see him in other j-doramas, maybe in a lighter fun role next? He's got great eyes.
28. Kitsuchi
Funny guy. I hope he'll make some more dark and serious dramas next time. It would be cool. I think it would fit him. Though, seeing him being all funny isn't bad at all. It's Ryo we're talking about.
29. Cherry_Chan
I loved his characterd Asou. I thought he would be this stuck up snobbish person at first, but Ryo is a really talented acted. I honestly forgot that he belongs to NewS and Kanjani8 as I watched this.
30. Keru-chan
I only saw him in One Litre of Tears/ Ichi Rittoru no Namida and I was really impressed by hin acting. Maybe it's also because I love Asou for being so much gentle. But Ryou totally convinced me!

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