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Sorimachi Takashi 反町隆史 ( Takashi Sorimachi )

NameSorimachi Takashi
Star SignSagittarius
Birthday19 December 1973
Blood TypeAB
B/W/H93 / 72 / 91

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Sorimachi Takashi

Making his J-drama debut in 1994, Takashi is well known for his role as the "anti-Kinpachi Sensei", in Great Teacher Onizuka ('98). More recently, roles include...

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Filmography (33)
Aibou Season 15 [2016]
相棒 15
Kaburagi Wataru
Aibou Season 14 [2015]
相棒 14
Kaburagi Wataru
Genkai Shuraku Kabushikigaisha [2015]
Oouchi Masato
大内正登 (42)
Asunaro San San Nana Byoushi [2014]
Saito Yuichi
Asunaro San San Nana Byoushi [2014]
Saito Yuichi
Fukuie Keibuho no Aisatsu [2014]
Todo Masaya (ep. 1)
Higashino Keigo Mysteries [2012]
Nakagawa Nobuhiko (Story 5)
Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata ~Ending Planner~ [2012]
Good Life ~Arigato, Papa. Sayonara~ [2011]
Sawamoto Daichi
GOLD [2010]
Hasumi Joji
BOSS [2009]
Takakura Ryuhei (ep. 10-11)
Lotto 6 de San-oku Ni-senman En Ateta Otoko [2008]
Tachibana Satoru
Dream Again [2007]
Ogi Shunsuke/Asahina Takaya
Zou no Hanako [2007]
sengoku Jieitai [2006]
Hotman Season 2 [2004]
Furiya Enzo
降矢円造 (30)
Wonderful Life [2004]
桐島明 (32)
Ruten no Ouhi - Saigo no Koutei [2003]
Sakurai Tetsushi
Hotman [2003]
Furiya Enzo (29)
Double score [2002]
ダブル スコア
Tachibana Shinnosuke
Toshiie to Matsu [2002]
Love complex [2000]
Cheap Love [1999]
Over Time [1999]
Kaede Soichiro
楓 宗一郎 (25)
GTO [1998]
Onizuka Eikichi
鬼塚 英吉
Eve ~santa claus dreaming~ [1997]
Beach boys [1997]
Sakurai Hiromi
Virgin Road [1997]
Yoshimi Kaoru (24)
Tsubasa wo kudasai! [1996]
Ryoma ni omakase [1996]
Miseinen [1995]
Sashow taeko saigo no jiken [1995]
Uchi ni oideyo [1995]

Users who voted for this artiste (442)
1. Sorata
Very good actor, i watched him in Wonderful Life, GTO, Cheap Love, Beach Boys, Hotman, Hotman 2, Lotto 6 de San-oku Ni-senman En Ateta Otoko, Virgin Road, BOSS, Sengoku Jietai and Over Time.
I can easily tell how good he really is beacuse he really shined more than anyone else in all these doramas and he really improved over the years.
But he�Lll allways be known as Onizuka Eikichii, i�Lm a big fan of the Onizuka character(read the 3 mangas and watched the 2 animes about him) and imo he�Ls a very difficult character to impersonate but Sorimachi did a great job in his own way: the facial expressions, the antiqs, the way of talking, everything was "Onizuka like" in Sorimachi�Ls unique way, it�Ls like watching a new version of Onizuka with a few changes.
2. johuth
Because I love his acting ability he is great at what he does he is one of the best actors in Jdrama. it seems like he is good playing one type of role. You know the bad boy role like in Cheap Love and in GTO. Sorimachi Takashi good actor very good actor that is why I proudly give him one of 6 votes. I just watched him in full time killer that was a great movie and he was realy good in it. he played an assasian and he was kind of quiet and kept to himself. it was a different role for him a lot more serious but he was realy good in the movie. I like his acting better then Andy Lau. In this movie he is realy a very very good actor.
3. minochi99
De....aru ka? Who can forget those words and how Takashi said it in Toshiie to Matsu. A more bad-ass Nobunaga I've yet to have seen. He was perfect for that role and for GTO. A very underrated actor who I think is improving as time goes. In his older dramas, he can be over the top a little bit. But that habit is getting less I think. Gotta give it to the guy. He sure has good taste in his choice of a wife. Lucky dude. Oh yeah, the guy has got some decent vocal cords too. Poison and Forever are pretty good songs.
4. Saiki
His acting in Hotman was splendidly touching and believable as a father, brother and son. he should get bigger roles, even on bigger screen!
Yeah he's married already but look whom he snatched (or who snatched him hehehe) Matsushima Nanako! - Watching GTO knowing they fell in love there is even more thrilling.
5. eosforo
Number 1 to me... daaah, see GTO and tell me ( remember always the year it was made! )... then go watch Beach Boys and tell me again! He�Ls just that and that�Ls enough! Cool, nice, funny, man, even in virgin road that I didn�Lt like that much, he�Ls still nice a lot, his faces, gestures, it�Ls always nice.
6. Patazilla
I sadly just saw him in GTO so far, but totally fell in love... XD His smile's just too gorgeous. I'm now looking forward to see more of his works to get an even better expression! :3 His acting is such fun to watch, his mimics are ingenious and he just acts that naturally... really one of the top artists!
7. hawkz714
first time i saw him in GTO...and then in Virgin Road..and then i always looking fwd to see his dorama..alll of the dorama he acted in are realllly GrEAttt!!! he did really great job in all his dorama ...the best i've seen him is in GTO n Virgin Road n Hotman!!!!Hope to see him in other great dorama!!!
8. wsim
GTO..... nuff said. Did an awesome job and I couldn't have seen anyone else fit in the role of Onizuka. Has charisma and lots of it and his personality is naturally good for the darker roles...... This dude is cool, I haven't seen that many of his works but I've heard that he is a good actor.
9. martina_SMO
He's always beautiful, he's a good actor and has a wonderful voice. I loved him in GTO, Hot Man, Cheap love and Rokusennin no inochi no visa :D

Please visit the new Fansite about him!!

and the fanlisting
10. kami_kaze
He's the reason why i stay loyal to jdorama, the perfect model for me to grow up to be, the best actor in my heart. I first watch him in Beach Boys and made a deep impression on me. GTO, OVERTIME made me even love him. Although i'm a guy but i must admit, he's handsome and cool !! He's the MAN !!
11. Jeanxi
Even though not what I would consider good-looking, Sorimachi is very charismatic and always attracts attention no matter what role he plays. Admittedly, I like him in funny roles better than serious roles since it seems to suit him better. Absolutely simmering in Beach Boys!
12. Asja
He made me delete my vote for Kimutaku and vote for him... That's enough already. Actually, I didn't like him, when first saw him on the role of Onizuka, whom I loved (anime character), but now I'm reconsidering my opinion... Want to watch more doramas with him!
13. gto_girlz83
knew him when started watching GTO at TV..GTO such a very famous drama once a while in Malaysia n gave me some impact which i'm currently using my username n my email address using the GTO title..Takashi did acting really great when he's mad n cool during Hotman
14. Ryo_San
Yo, he is a mad good actor. I love his role in GTO sooo good. I wish i had a personality like that sometimes lol. He is just a very good actor and a mad cool guy. Oh and not to mention a very lucky man being married to the beautiful Nanako Matsushima =P
15. Feng
He is a very expressive actor. Although I've only seen GTO, it's more than enough to see how well he can perform! I love how he can act both silly and serious and is able to use body language, as well, to make his roles more energetic <3
16. Organized Chaos
I came to know Sorimachi Takashi through his most popular role. Eikichi, the Great Teacher Onizuka. Sorimachi was perfect in the role and without him I don't think the show would been as great. Plus, hes married to Matsushima Nanako. :)
17. amaranth
GTO was the first drama I ever watched. I guess it served as a stepping stone for many people who graduated from anime to drama! Anyway, I remember watching each episode waiting for Sorimachi's "yoroshikuuuu"... Cult, zettai!
18. K.T.Tran
He played Onizuka masterfully and when he played in full time killer, that was cool. His songs Poison (GTO theme song) and Forever (Beach Boys theme song) are really nice. Haven't gotten tired of listening to these two songs.
19. MiSsY^cRaCkErZ
i like him in GTO, BEACH BOYS n CHEAP LOVE. he's so cool.. he has a good body.. *^^*.. i also like his voice.. especially when he sing "forever".. it's soundtrack of beach boys.. i really like that song.. so cool!!!
20. -Takashi-
He is such a good actor. I like him in GTO alot. I like him just because hes so good at what he does. He should do more in famous doramas. I mean he is perfect for his job. And we have the same name!!!! TAKASHI!!!
21. Vosem8
�M���� �|���q�y�}�p�� �u�s�� �����|�� �r �C�S�O, �������� ���~ �����s���p�| �u���u �r �{�����u �t�����p�}, �~�� �x�p ������ �����|�� �� �|���q�|�� �u�s�� �q���|�����u �r���u�s��. �P���������}�� �y �s���|��������.
22. daiizback
to me he's the all time hero...his gags, style, smile, r being mimic by many newbie actors...onizuka played by him moved the hearts of all ppl around the world....sorimachi gambatte, omae wa saiko desu...!!!
23. Battle48
In GTO he is excellent, but the plot is accountable for a great part of it ;
his acting is sometime too much overdone (even for the GTO role , as foolish as it is supposed to be)

but he is damn funny.
24. eugenia_b
I've got no idea who he is..But I've got a wall clock with his pic-my friend brought it from Japan and gave it to me for some reason:S So I'm gonna vote for him just coz I see him every day on my wall:)
25. marzoqi
when I saw him first in GTO I didn't like him (because he resembles nothing to the anime character ) but it was not like that he is to good for the role and GTO was my first drama so he is a part of it
26. Techie
If one does not vote for this great actor, one is either dead or not able to view the screen the right way.

Just two words.... from his part as Nobunaga in Toshiie & Matsu

27. Mylene
very hansome man, very talented actor, very interesting singer - still need more reasons? ^_^
loved him in Beach Boys... and he was really great Oda Nobunaga in "Toshiie to Matsu"!
28. PepeLePiu
He's at his best when he is serious: His speeches are awesome. His use of logic to guide decision and grimness are awesome, yet he is the funniest and coolest person as well!!
29. daydgurl
He is so funny in GTO!!!! I really think that he and Nanako really match. I was happy when i found out that they were marry. Wish he can make more dramas with his wife.
30. lady_arwen
he good in acting and singing.i like his smile so sweeettt,nanako was verylucky for marry him. i like him since i watch GTO and Double score!!! he is verrryyy cuteee!!

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