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Hachi-One Diver [ハチワンダイバー]


Drama Details
Title:Hachi-One Diver
Telecast:2008-05-03 to 2008-07-19
Season:Spring 2008

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:11 Episodes

Sugata Kentaro used to be one of the most hopeful trainees to be a professional Shogi (Japanese chess) player, but fails at the final test. Now he has become a "Shinkenshi," a gambler who plays Shogi for money, and boasts his 182 wins in a row. But he is devastated when he is beaten completely by a young woman known as "Ukeshi" who takes any challenges and never loses. As Shogi means everything to him, Sugata decides to train himself harder to become the strongest player.

Based on a popular comic, this comedy drama is about a young man's exciting journey to reorganize his life through a series of tough challenges in Shogi guided by a mysterious girl.
Fuji Creative

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. Make My Day [Aragaki Yui 新垣結衣]

Actor/Actress Cast (20)
Mizobata Junpei
Sugata Kentaro
Naka Riisa
Nakashizu Soyo
Kohinata Fumiyo
Suzuki Hobbito
Yasuda Misako
Muguruma Rika
Date Mikio
Kakuta Goro
Tomizawa Takeshi
Hidaka Yasuo
Kinoshita Yukina
Tsukishima Misaki
Watanabe Tetsu
Tsukishima Fumio
Kyo Nobuo
Mamushi (ep. 2)
David Ito
Katsura (ep. 2)
Osugi Ren
Jinno Shintaro (ep. 2-3, 6)
Gekidan Hitori
Mojiyama (ep. 3-5)
Ikeda Tetsuhiro
Iruka Ichiro (ep. 3, 6)
Kyomoto Masaki
Kirino (ep. 5-7)
Oomasa Aya
Sugata Ayumi (ep. 6)
Hakamada Yoshihiko
Kasuga Kyosuke (ep. 8)
Oshinari Shugo
Kasuga Tomoya (ep. 8)
Ishibashi Renji
Kirishima Seijuro (ep. 10)
Toda Naho
Kirishima Nagi (ep. 10)
Morimoto Leo
the TV drama director (ep. 11)

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Fuji TV

Drama Reviews (3)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. review for Hachi-one Diver [Rating: 8/10]
This drama can be considered a very nice drama. At the very beginning of drama, I did not find it very much interesting so after first two episodes I was just about to decide to stop watching this drama. It was mostly because I did not understand Shogi game at all and I found the main actor being creepy and acting weird sometimes (although he has a very cute appearance, i must admit)
However as the story proceeds, I found it more and more interesting and I couldn't even get my eyes off the screen. I found the movie attracted me more as the the main actor became more matured and his growing love for the supporting actress. Also I found a lot of funny (also cute :D ) situations during 11 episodes.

You may find it boring or hard to understand at some points. However I do recommend you to see this drama, it is very worth to give it a try!
Reviewed by reno_erin1705 on 1 April 2009
2. should I even finish the series...? [Rating: 4/10]
The first few episodes seemed interesting until I got tired of the main characters fake crying and screaming. It seemed like that is all he does in the drama. It's really getting annoying.

Naka Riisa the supporting actress is also boring in this drama. She has limited lines even though she plays a dual character. The story is interesting enough even though I don't know much about shogi what keeps me watching is the rest of the supporting cast like the two thugs who gives the drama a little bit of comedy and the old "true sword master" in hiding who obsesses about Riisa's breasts. The rest of the players are ridiculous as well.
Reviewed by sinned12 on 29 March 2009
3. Nice first episode [Rating: ?/10]
I like this drama so far. The protagonist is charming and likable. Nice simple storyline, but I wonder how much they'll squeeze out of it.

One of the more interesting spring dramas.
Reviewed by whatever0024 on 15 May 2008

Comments From Users (20)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by jPs34n [Rating: 8/10]
I loved this comedy/ shogi drama. The main actor Junpei Mizobata acted well and also his facial expression was very funny. You don�ft need to understand shogi to watch this show. Also, Gekidan Hitori was in this drama, the episode that he was in is hilarious. I recommend this drama for people who like comedy, competition, and maids.
2. Comments by Cerebus [Rating: 7/10]
The most vibrantly directed TV show I've ever seen. Good mixture between comedy and drama. Episode 3 is one of the funniest things I've even seen, it was just so gloriously non-PC. Naka Riisa was superb in her twin roles, especially when she transformed between the two. The story did drag towards the end, however.
3. Comments by aoi_dolphine [Rating: 6/10]
Junpei's first drama as a lead. He looks natural in his role not like first time acting. However what the producer can do wtih shouji theme drama... but to add in visual effects to each episodes. The effects kills the plot itself and I would prefer not having too much of 'diving into the water' section...
4. Comments by Nermal [Rating: 5/10]
Gave it a try... at first it looked like it would be decent... it just ended up being a deception as expected. If you like Shogi.. you may enjoy this.
5. Comments by aoiharu [Rating: 8/10]
i'm not into the actual shogi playing... but the process of their games were kinda funny... though some were draggy.
6. Comments by norani [Rating: ?/10]
81 Diver --- Jumpei Mizobata --- About Japanese Board Games ---- like go --- and mahjong .
7. Comments by EstherM [Rating: 5/10]
Watched this only because of Shogi ... the format would work as an anime but as a live action it kinda sucks.
8. Comments by Arikado [Rating: 8/10]
a story about a chess player striving it best to win the game by using his analyzing skill of Diving.
9. Comments by chibichan [Rating: 6/10]
hentai, weird dorama, quite overrated in every episode. One thing i really enjoy just the theme song
10. Comments by marspeach [Rating: 2/10]
Gave up after two eps. Stupid fanservice for guys only. Nothing for me.
11. Comments by GameChili [Rating: 6/10]
Gosh... Junpei was the only reason I had the energy to watch this ><
12. Comments by russia [Rating: 6/10]
interesting intro to shogi for noobs like me. i want maid service!
13. Comments by maguro666 [Rating: 3/10]
cannot understand the chess game at all... and a bit boring
14. Comments by loveaomori [Rating: 1/10]
Stupid. Me too for having watched it until the end.
15. Comments by wanderingfish7 [Rating: 6/10]
ok to watch, sometimes very funny.
16. Comments by hisashi [Rating: 7/10]
Interesting characters.......
17. Comments by joykimlee [Rating: 7/10]
Repititive drama.
18. Comments by chibiladychoi [Rating: ?/10]
19. Comments by hibiscus920 [Rating: ?/10]
20. Comments by lynn [Rating: ?/10]
Data DVD
21. Comments by adasaja_07 [Rating: 1/10]
22. Comments by g_hunter1 [Rating: ?/10]
23. Comments by M [Rating: ?/10]
24. Comments by Doramako [Rating: ?/10]
25. Comments by yipsm [Rating: ?/10]
26. Comments by lonewolf82 [Rating: 7/10]
27. Comments by whatever0024 [Rating: ?/10]
28. Comments by Riee109 [Rating: 4/10]
29. Comments by DarX-S0ul [Rating: 7/10]
30. Comments by junebee [Rating: ?/10]