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Toubousha [逃亡者]


Drama Details
Telecast:2004-07-18 to 2004-09-26
Season:Summer 2004

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TV Station:TBS
Duration:10 Episodes

Tetsuo Nagai is a probation officer. His job is to rehabilitate young offenders and get them on the straight and narrow. Married with one son, he lives a happy life. All that changes one day when his wife is murdered and his son is gravely injured in an attack. Nagai wrestles with the assailant, but he escapes. Nagai takes his son to the hospital run by his father-in-law, but his son is again attacked and left in a coma. Nagai is interrogated by police detectives and finds himself the chief suspect due to the emergence of a number of pieces of unfavorable evidence. Is someone setting him up? At the verge of giving up, he is struck by another option - he becomes a fugitive, striving to prove his innocence and find the real killer while his son hovers at deaths' door.

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. Toki no Fune 時の舟 [Matsu Takako 松たか子]LYRICS ]

Actor/Actress Cast (12)
Abe Hiroshi
Mineshima Ryuji
峰島隆司 (40)
Eguchi Yosuke
Nagai Tetsuo
永井徹生 (35)
Mizuno Miki
Ozaki Kaoru
尾崎カオル (28)
Kato Koji
Kunieda Masumi
国枝真澄 (32)
Nagasawa Masami
Onizuka Sari
鬼塚咲 (15)
Kurokawa Tomoka
Toudou Natsumi
藤堂ナツミ (15)
Suzuki Soutarou
Nagai Riku
永井陸 (7)
Katahira Nagisa
Onodera Chiaki
小野寺千秋 (42)
Toda Naho
Nagai Junko
永井淳子 (33)
Bessho Tetsuya
Gunji Naomi
郡司直巳 (37)
Harada Mieko
Igawa Takako
伊川貴子 (43)
Harada Yoshio
Kurusei Keisuke
来栖慶介 (58)

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Drama Reviews (6)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. The Fugitive- Japanese Version [Rating: 8/10]
I�@�������������f���@���������@�������������������@���������@�����������@�����@�������@�����������D�@It was so similar, even down to the guy with the synthetic arm. But if you can get past that, it's actually a well produced drama. I�@���������@�������������������@�������������@���������@���������@�����@���@�i���������������@�����������@���������@�������@�ia�������������@�������@���@�������f���@�������@�����@���������������������@�����������@�����@���������@�����@�����������@���������@��������. Some of the things in there wouldn't have worked in America but then again, it's a different country with different cultures. But overall, it succeeded in keeping me in suspense and the pace was fast throughtout.
Reviewed by Hiro Toyo on 5 March 2005
2. greatest show ever! [Rating: ?/10]
first of all eguchi yosuke and abe hiroshi rocks. they both had good chemistry. i know its so based on The Fugitive tv series or even the movie. but i liked the whole idea of mixed messages and confusing us with who the killer is. i like the soundtrack most of all. with the whole orchestra thing. its great. i think im gonna get this on dvd actually. plus i just ordered the soundtrack as well.
Reviewed by shozen on 11 November 2004
3. Entertaining! [Rating: 8/10]
I really sympathized with the leading actor's character, he did a convincing job for this bad luck happaned to good guy plot.

It was very entertaining, I might not recommand owning it...But yes!!! Watch it, it's worth the 9 hours investment!

**Avail for trade, 8-VCDs on 3 dvds, chinese sub***
Reviewed by lovejdorama on 7 March 2005
4. Suprise At Every Corner.... [Rating: 10/10]
I loved this one..it kept you puzzled until the very end...Abe Hirohi has the craziest look that mde him perfect for the role!! WOW, what a drama, dunno how it compares to the US's Fugitive, but I stil say this is one great drama...
Reviewed by Kirari Ililah on 18 November 2004
5. fugitive japan style [Rating: 10/10]
I enjoyed this one, couldn't stop watchin it. Good story, great soundtrack, fantastic cast (especially funnyman Kato Koji acting in a serious role) and a wicked ending. Just watch it.
Reviewed by Tad on 22 February 2006
6. think harder [Rating: 8/10]
the guy u think is the criminal, isn't really the real one..
Reviewed by juliana_phang on 23 December 2004

Comments From Users (32)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by RedSamurai [Rating: 7/10]
Toubousha is the kind of dramas that has it all to be 'the drama of the year': first-class leads (abe hiroshi, eiguchi yosuke), deep plot, great directing, etc. So it is deplorable to see it end up as a so-so drama after all.
As usual, hiroshi abe's performance is top notch and shows again his talent and versatility as the anti-hero cop Mineshima Ryuji. A little less engaging performance from eiguchi yosuke mainly due to the average scripting of the character he's playing (Nagai Tetsuo). And finally you have the (completely useless imho) uber-super-motivated Kanagawa police detective played by mizuno miki that was running through almost all of her scenes :)
AND you gotta wonder how such a gentle peaceful police forces maintains security in the country with this much tolerance towards suspects/criminals ;)
The plot is very interesting indeed, there are many characters involved and unexpected twists are very frequent (maybe too frequent) and will keep you wondering who's the bad guy until the end (and I mean the very end).
Long story shot, it's a drama that's not the best out there but not a complete waste of time either...
2. Comments by yourasthma [Rating: 8/10]
the familiarity of having a fugitive accused of killing his wife while on the run is forgiveable... it's one of those 'things' that one doesn't mind watching over and over again... solid acting from the three leads. abe hiroshi is intriguing as the rogue cop, eguchi yosuke convincing as the hero although i thought miki mizuno looked slightly out-of-place. but considering the fact that her role is supposed to be that of a young inexperienced cop, i guess it's fine. recommended.
the show loses points because of the exaggerated and sometimes predictable plot.
3. Comments by atheon [Rating: 8/10]
Oct 2004: This drama remines me alot of suna no ustuwa, in a different way, full with suspense, mystery, and there's almost a twist in every episode, u will never know whos the real killer is until the end. One thing, mizuki mizuno suddnely become soooo thin until i couldnt recognize her the first time i saw her is this drama, i like her chubby look more......looks more healthy. You will not dissapointed by the performances of the cast.
4. Comments by lovejdorama [Rating: 8/10]
1~10, 8 VCDs ( may be burned on 3-DVD)
Language: JAPANESE
Subtitle: Traditional CHINESE
PIC quality: VCD A-
Video Format: VCD 352x240 Resolution, MPEG 1, NTSC 4:3
w/some glitches here & there in Disc 1,2 & 4
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5. Comments by IniQx [Rating: 9/10]
Japanese thriller/suspense dramas never fail to surprise me. Yet another crime thriller that left me sitting on the edge of the seat. My only disappointment was the complicated ending. Somehow, it's not convincing enough. The twists & surprises in the plot were very, very, very well done.
6. Comments by xploring [Rating: ?/10]
The acting is not bad, and there are many surprising twists and turns not in the original movie... The thing that kept me watching was the plot, but they kept throwing in new things, this combined with the slow pace, meant that I stopped watching after 8 episodes.
7. Comments by pinkokoro [Rating: 9/10]
COMPLETE. Runaway, falsely accused for murdering his beloved wife. A very suspenseful drama. let's follow's the runaways's running for freedom and searching the true criminal. Eguchi yosuke+abe hiroshi=powerful combination. I love them both!
8. Comments by jade_frost [Rating: 8/10]
Yosuke Eguchi and Abe Hiroshi were awesome. Great chemistry. Unpredictable twists that kept me riveted (though I did wonder how long Yosuke Eguchi's character's lucky streak wld last). Plus a great soundtrack. Definitely worth a watch.
9. Comments by Amika [Rating: 8/10]
Finally watch this drama after it's sitting on my collection for more the 3 years now. Typical of a Japanese thriler drama, consisting so many twist and turn that you won't know who is the real killer till the last episode.
10. Comments by shozen [Rating: 10/10]
the best! my all time favorite now. ive never been this thrilled on a tv drama before. eguchi yosuke is cool and abe hiroshi. it made me want to wear a formal wear and just run around. sounds kind of silly...
11. Comments by siu dong [Rating: 8/10]
very interesting at the beginning... but it starts to drag after a few episodes. felt like the murderer-hunt was never gonna end. nevertheless a good show esp with all the good acting
12. Comments by maui [Rating: 9/10]
what a great series!full with surprise moment and the acting is superb.you will enjoy this series if you like a suspense story with a lot of twist moment like Unfair.Great series.
13. Comments by mizuno_takako [Rating: 10/10]
Best Show i ever watched.... caught u by surprise at every corner.... u can't guess the ending til u watch to the very last min......Everyone should watch this....
14. Comments by compaqmac321 [Rating: 10/10]
a bit like the fugitive at first, but its got better,
great acting, story is pretty damn good too, im looking forward to how it will end!
15. Comments by orenji [Rating: 8/10]
This drama kept me glued onto my tv and you won't know who the real killer is till the very end! Eguchi's performance was good! Abe and Mizuno too! =)
16. Comments by orange1806 [Rating: 10/10]
very exciting show with an incredible plot. u will never know who is the good and who the evil till the very end. excellent plot and acting!
17. Comments by Kirari Ililah [Rating: 10/10]
A twist at every climactic point of the story, Abe Hiroshi's GREAT, and I couldn't predict anything that would happen next...!!!
18. Comments by rainbowglasss [Rating: 7/10]
Runaway plot similar to Suna No Utsuwa. Only difference is you dunno who is the mastermind till the end.
19. Comments by kinki_txr [Rating: 8/10]
Superb acting. The plot is good as you will never know who is the real muderer until the very end.
20. Comments by yt [Rating: 9/10]
Very high paced, suspence... leaving you wanting more episode after episode...
21. Comments by Strega [Rating: 10/10]
The cast is wonderful....so as the plot and photographor. Good job!
22. Comments by glyq [Rating: 7/10]
disappointed... started off quiet gd... n den it jus got crap.
23. Comments by aik0 [Rating: 8/10]
Awesome acting. A great suspense drama till the last episode.
24. Comments by natni [Rating: 10/10]
great drama....suspense story.....shocking twist.....love it
25. Comments by v1olet [Rating: 8/10]
my first action dorama. unpredictable. enjoy watching it.
26. Comments by natzumi [Rating: 10/10]
Exciting. It keeps you on the edge of your seat.
27. Comments by emiko [Rating: ?/10]
haven't started watching this one yet...
28. Comments by Aunty Coco [Rating: 5/10]
Endless running & running...
29. Comments by Boogoo8 [Rating: 8/10]
Really worth while to watch!
30. Comments by Miss Marty [Rating: 9/10]
Keeps you glued. Great cast.

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Users who voted for this drama (6)
1. kaori-san
Really a great drama!! Everything was made to make you feel like "the runaway" ..... Also, there were many bouncing , so you can be surprise more than one time !!I loved the atmosphere and the suspens... Revenge, hatred, handling... And we have the best actor in this drama Abe Hiroshi-san so you can just be agreeably surprise and never be disappointed!!!
2. Milu
A very good drama to watch! It's almost like watching a movie and the truth can't be known unless to the very end. Worth to watch twice. Besides, the main theme is good for listening too.
3. Miss Marty
Based on the American 60's series, but totally adapted for modern Japan. Abe-chan is a HOT cop! Mizuno Miki looks great. Really well-done. Keeps you guessing. Lots of twists.
4. Strega
Some might say it is a copycat. But the actors have done a wonderful job here.
5. YoNnA
6. Tad