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Drama Listing : M
Maido in Akihabara
めいど in あきはばら
Maid in Akihabara

Maikosan wa meitantei!
Modern Geisha

A story of a geisha girl ("maiko") living in Kyoto. Miki Sakai acts geisha girl Kogiku who is involved...
Maison de Police

Makino Hiyori (Takahata Mitsuki), a rookie detective at Yanagimachi Kita Police Precinct, has her prayers...
Maison Ikkoku

Based on a hit manga by Rumiko Takahashi, this is a romantic comedy about the relationship of Kyoko Otonashi,...
Maji de Koukaishitemasu

Sakamoto Marin has been captivated by ships ever since she saw a luxury cruise liner when she was an...
Maji de Koukaishitemasu Season 2

Sakamoto Marin (Iitoyo Marie), who aspires to be a navigator, graduates from a marine science and technology...
Majisuka Gakuen

Two students, Atsuko Maeda and Onizuka Daruma, are transfered to the all-girls school Majisuka Gakuen....
Majisuka Gakuen Season 2

The story continues in the next school year after the events of the last season. The new members of Rappappa...
Majisuka Gakuen Season 3

The story takes place in Prison HOPE, year 20xx. With the reform of Juvenile Law, private juvenile prisons...
Majisuka Gakuen Season 4

Majisuka High is an all-girls school that is full of delinquents and is constructed of dysfunctional...
Majisuka Gakuen Season 5
Majo no jouken
Witch's requirement / Forbidden love

Michi, a 26 year old high school math teacher, tentatively accepts her boyfriend's proposal of marriage,...
Majo Saiban
The Witch Trial

Toru is a young part-timer who has no interest in social issues. He gets called in as a juror in the...

Fujishima Ryo (Seino Nana), who aims to be an Italian chef, gets cheated by a bad guy and ends up in...
Makanai-sou Season 2

Kazama Nozomi (Miyoshi Ayaka) has come to pick up the kitchen car which she purchased with all her money....
Makasete darling
Leave it to me, darling

After four years in the countryside, his company transfers Kagetora and his family back to Tokyo. In...
Makeinu no Tooboe
Makete, Katsu

Yoshida Shigeru was a proud, stubborn man who stuck to his own principles even when tossed into jail...
Mako Senpai no Iutori
As You Say Mako

Mako is a beautiful woman who is crazy about only one thing... horses and the races. One day, Okabe Yutaka...
Mama chari deka (keiji)
Housewife and detective

This comical suspense drama centers around Kaoru, a divorced female detective, and Hinako, a housewife...