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Drama Listing : M
Manatsu no Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas in Summer

Yutaka plays a former professional boxer who becomes a collector for a loan shark. He grew up in an orphanage...
Manga Mitai ni Ikanai

Tozuka Osamu (Kakuta Akihiro) is a divorced, struggling middle-aged manga artist with no hope of getting...
Manhattan Love Story
マンハッタン ラブストーリー
Manhatten Love Story

Points to Watch This is a story of the complex relationship between a coffee shop owner played by Masahiro...
Manmakoto ~Asanosuke Saiteichou~
まんまこと ~麻之助裁定帳~

A Cho-nanushi is the appointed administrator of a particular block within the Edo area, and the position...

Manten was raised on a small southern island of Japan and grew up surrounded by the tranquil mountains...
The Devil

This drama is a remake of the popular suspense drama The Devil that was aired in Korea last year. Ohno...

Mare is an elementary school student. She lives with her family in the city, but right before her father...

Sora (Atsuko Asano), the third of four sisters, inherits from her father Sakamoto Medical Practice in...
Marks no Yama

A murder happens in a residential area in Tokyo. Assistant Inspector Goda Yuichiro takes on the investigation....
Marriageable Age

When a high-level salary man living in Tokyo becomes responsible for his parents' house, he decides he...
MARS ~ Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru
MARS ~ ただ, 君を愛してる

The story revolves around Kira and Rei, two high school students. Kira is an extremely introverted artist,...
Maruho no Onna
Woman of Maruho

With the insurance payout up to millions in yen, there is no end to the people who try to get their hands...
Marumaru Tsuma

Hikari will perform household chores to perfection for the sake of her husband, Kubota Masazumi. Her...
Marumo no Okite
The Tradition of Malmo

Takaki Mamoru finds himself one day becoming the guardian of his friendfs twin children. The two kids...
Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau

Within the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau, a.k.a., "Marusa," there is a section called the Third Co-ordination...
Massage Tantei Joe

Yabukihara Joe (Nakamaru Yuichi) starts working as a masseur with the encouragement of Eko-baba (Baisho...

The son and heir to a liquor store with a passion for making whiskey travels alone to Scotland to learn...
Nurses of the Palace

Screenwriter Yumiko Inoue and producer Hiroki Ueda join forces to spin a wholly new type of nurse story...
Massugu na Otoko
Straight Man

Matsushima Kenichiro hates dishonesty, and therefore is known to be an incredibly straight guy. He is...
Masuyama Chounouryokushi Jimusho

When people with supernatural powers pass the Japan ESP Associationfs certification test, they are called...