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Top 100
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Drama Listing : M
Moto Kare
My Ex

Toji, a manager of a food section in a medium-sized department store, has to put up with a tough boss...
Motto Koi Seyo Otome
Let's Fall in Love--Again!

Not much has changed for Sachiko since the original Let's Fall in Love. Her life still revolves around...
Mottomo Toi Ginga

Detective Seiichiro has reached retirement age and retires. He's still haunted by an unsolved case from...
Mou dare mo aisanai
Mou gaman dekinai!
Can't stand it whatsoever

Sayaka Fukumoto works for an insurance company and wants to be a hard-working business woman. She has...
Mou Ichido Kimi ni, Propose

Miyamoto Haru works as a mechanic at an automobile repair shop. He married his wife Kanako, a librarian,...
Mou namida wa misenaiMou Yuukai Nante Shinai

Tarui Shotaro is an ordinary guy who dreamed of becoming a hero when he was a child, but now gets by...
Mouichido kisu
Give me another kiss / Melody of the heart

Two Souls, One Song, One Destiny Talented composer Ayumu is fed up of trying to please his father....
Mouri Motonari
Mori Motonari

The 36th NHK Taiga drama chronicles the life of Mori Motonari, a warlord of the early 1500s who stood...
Mousou Kanojo
My "Girlfriend"

Based on a novel gMoso Kanojyo (Japanese Title)h written by Keisuke Jinushi who calls himself a glonely-dating...
Tales of Agriculture

An adaption of the anime of the same name, the story follows a college student who discovers that he...
MOZU 2 ~ Maboroshi no Tsubasa ~
MOZU 2 ~ 幻の翼 ~
MOZU ~ Mozu no Sakebu Yoru ~
MOZU ~ 百舌の叫ぶ夜 ~

Kuraki Naotake is the top ace of the Public Safety Department. Osugi Ryota is a top-notch straight-talking...
Tsukumo Ryusuke is quirky, yet brilliant neuroscientist working for the National Research Institute of...
Mukashi no otoko
Ex-lover / To Love Again

Akari (Fujiwara Norika) works in a jewelry store where she is sometimes asked to attend parties as a...
Mukodono 2003
The Son-in-Law 2003

Fall, 2002: A good-looking guy is kissing a beautiful girl. On the movie screen is the most stylish and...
Son in law/My Husband

Nagase Tomoya is a famous pop star with two secrets: He's been keeping the existence of his serious relationship...
Muri na Renai

Shogo is a divorced man with one daughter. In his younger days, he was briefly in a band but it quickly...

Everyone in Japan knows the legend of Musashi, a warrior hero of the 17th century. Here his vibrant...