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Drama Listing : T
Teen Court ~10-dai no Saiban~

A 2nd-year high school student named Nyakouji Misato serves as a prosecutor in teen court. Although the...
Teinen Joshi

53-year-old Miyama Asako (Minami Kaho) is in charge of a department at a large trading company. She is...

Sakaki Ryo is a young man in the outskirts of Tokyo and has experienced a series of setbacks in life...
Temisu no Kyuukei

Hirakawa Serina is an administrative officer at the Public Prosecutorfs Office. Her father, Shozo, who...

The story takes place during the reign of the Ryukyu Kingdom (19th Century). Mazuru is a young woman...

It began with a seemingly chance encounter with a salary man. Then, one by one, the mysterious woman...
Ten Tenhodori no Kaidanji
Igawa Hiroyuki (Furukawa Yuki) is well-versed in mahjong and makes a killing from novice opponents at...
Ten to Sen
Points and Lines

Based on Matsumoto Seichofs classic mystery novel of the same name, the story centers on a senior detective...
Tenbatsu ya Kurenai Yami no Shimatsu Jou
天罰屋 れ 闇 始末帖
The Avengers

The 48th NHK Taiga drama is Tenchijin, based on Hisaka Masashi's novel of the same name. The story...
Tenchu ~Yami no Shioki Nin~
天誅 〜闇の仕置人〜

There are too many unforgivable people in this world, and Sana vows to defeat them in the name of God. Sana...
Tengoku e no Kaidan
Stairway To Heaven

A past he wants to take back. A past that will never go away. Twenty-seven years ago Keiichi Kashiwagi...
Tengoku ni ichiban chikai otoko
The man closest to heaven / Heaven cannot wait

Due to his lack of drive, Shiro has failed the university entrance exams three times and just can't seem...
Tengoku ni ichiban chikai otoko Season 2
天国に一番近い男 - 教師編
Heaven Cannot Wait 2: the Teacher

A new season with completely new characters. Kazuya Okinoshima(Masahiro Matsuoka) is a school teacher...
Tengoku no kiss
Heaven's kiss / Tokyo ghost story

Okina Megumi plays a visual rock fan with a necklace that gives her special powers which she is not aware...

The story is on a 17-year-old girl, Tenka who was born and raised in Sendai, Miyagi prefecture. Her family...
Tenki-yoho no koibito
Weather Forecaster's Lover

Yano Katsuhiko (Sato Kohichi), a weather forecaster who is divorced and is introduced by his friend,...
Tenma san ga Yuku

Tenma can communicate with ghosts but is a coward and only reluctantly tries to help them move on.
Tenno no Ryoriban
The Emperor's Cook

A TBS 60th anniversary commemorative project, gThe Emperorfs Cookh depicts the life of Tokuzo Akiyama,...
Tensai Yanagisawa Kyoju no Seikatsu
Life from the Eyes of a Professor

This drama is based on a story that ran for 14 years in the Kodansha published weekly manga Morning....