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Drama Listing : T
Tokyo Wankei
Destiny of Love

"Please tell me who I really am." This e-mail message was sent by Mika Kimoto, an editor working at...
Tokyo Zenryoku Shojo

Positive and daring in character and always living her life to the fullest, Saeki Urara is a 19 year...
Tomodachi no koibito
Friend's lover / Le petit amie de mon amie

Having just graduated from art school, three young people discover that their paths are no longer the...
Tomoko to tomoko
Tomoko and tomoko

Tomoko and Tomoko became step-sisters 23 years ago through the marriage of their respective mother and...
Kohei Moriyama quit his job as a doctor 8 years ago and now works at the city hall. Since becoming a...
Tonari no Kazoku wa Aoku Mieru
Residential Complex

Scuba diving instructor Igarashi Nana (Fukada Kyoko) is married to Daiki (Matsuyama Kenichi) who works...
Tonari no Onna

Tamukai Yuki works as an illustrator and leads a carefree life. She is happily married to a doctor, Tamukai...
Tonari no Shibafu
Neighbor's Lawn

This drama is a recreation of the original (of the same name), that aired in 1976. The story is about...

In the year Showa 37 (1962), in Bingo City of Hiroshima prefecture, Yasu delights in the birth of his...

Based on Naoki Award winner Kiyoshi Sigematsu's best seller, the reunited team of 'Crying Out Love, in...
Top Caster
Top Knife ~ Tensai Nougekai no Jouken
トップナイフ ~ 天才脳外科医の条件

Miyama Yoko (Amami Yuki) leads Toto Hospital’s Neurosurgery Department which brings together surgical...
Top League

Matsuoka Naoki (Tamayama Tetsuji) is a journalist who has worked for the business desk of Daiwa Shimbun,...
Top Sales

This is a story about a woman who changes her career and eventually becomes a president of a car sales...
Toritsu Mizusho! ~ Reiwa
It is a new era, Reiwa. A high school located in Kabukicho in Tokyo's Shinjuku ward. Known as Toritsu...
Toshi Densetsu no Onna

Detective Otonashi Tsukiko, who belongs to the First Investigative Division's Tannai team led by Tannai...
Toshi Densetsu no Onna Season 2
都市伝説の女 2

Otonashi Tsukiko has returned from New York, it seems. The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) had set...
Toshiie to Matsu
Toshiie and Matsu / Love Shines Through

During the turbulent Warring States Era, one man's life and career intertwined with the three great generals...
Toshishita No Otoko
Younger Man

Inamori Izumi plays Yamaguchi Chikako, a 30 years old ordinary office lady who is longing for marriage...
Toto Nee-chan
Fatherly Sister

The eldest daughter of the Kohashis, Tsuneko was 11 years old when her father Takezo (Nishijima Hidetoshi)...