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Drama Listing : T
Tokyo 23-ku Onna
Freelance writer Harada Ririko (Shimazaki Haruka) and former lecturer on folklore Shimano Hitoshi (Okayama...
TOKYO Airport
TOKYO Airport: Air Traffic Controller

The story takes place at the Tokyo International Airport, more commonly known as Haneda Airport. This...
Tokyo Alice

26-year-old Arisugawa Fuu works for a design production company. She is obsessed with shopping more than...
Tokyo Alien Brothers

Fuyunosuke (Inoo Kei) looks like a university student who lives in Tokyo. One day, an extraterrestrial...
Tokyo Bandwagon

In Tokyo's Shitamachi area, there is a second-hand bookstore called "Tokyo Bandwagon ~ Shitamachi's Extended...
Tokyo Blood Type House
Three men share a house. Goro (Inagaki Goro), the CEO of an IT company, has O-type blood. Jun (Kaname...
Tokyo daigaku monogatari
Tokyo university love story
Tokyo DOGS ~ Saiaku de Saiko no Partner
Tokyo DOGS ~ The Worst and Best Partners

Takakura So has one goal in life: to find Jinno, the man who murdered his father. This path leads him...
Tokyo Dokushin Danshi

Ishibashi Taro (Takahashi Issei) works for a major bank. He is an organisation man with a fine sense...
Tokyo Elevator Girl

Tsukesa leaves her home town to work in Tokyo. While there, she is on her own facing the fascination...
Tokyo Friends

Tokyo Friends is about four girls who travel to Tokyo to realize their dreams. They meet at a bar called...
Tokyo Love Cinema

The characters of "Tokyo Love Cinema" find love waiting for them in all corners of the world, as they...
Tokyo Love Story
Tokyo love story

When Kanchi first came to Tokyo to work, he was full of uncertainties. He was 'lost' in his work and...
Tokyo ni Olympics o Yonda Otoko
Tokyo Scarlet ~ Keishicho NS Gakari
東京スカーレット 〜 警視庁NS係
Tokyo Scarlet

The governor of Tokyo is aggravated by an article in an English language magazine that highlights the...
Tokyo Sentimental

The son of the second generation owner of a traditional Japanese confectionery shop eKururiyaf in Tokyofs...
Tokyo Tarareba Musume
Tokyo Tarareba Girls

30-year-old Kamata Rinko (Yoshitaka Yuriko) is single and a struggling scriptwriter. She has no boyfriend...
Tokyo Tower ~Okan to Boku to, tokidoki, Oton
Tokyo Tower ~Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad

The drama is based on the autobiographical book by Lily Franky. Nakagawa Masaya (Hayami Mokomichi)...
Tokyo Toy Box

Tenkawa Taiyo, the company president of game developer Studio G3, used to be a genius creator at Solidus...
Tokyo Vampire Hotel
In the 16th century, the dracula clan at the centre of the vampire legend is locked away deep under the...