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howtwosave's drama votes (9)
Haken no Hinkaku [ハケンの品格]
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e [花ざかりの君たちへ]
Last Friends [ラスト・フレンズ]
It made me want to watch the next ep. though afteryou watch it you notice its flaws like it could'vebeen really good if they ddidmore character development/back story/etc... i think they were too driven for ratings than good drama.and well itworked for me as far as entertainiment but quality is... I still recommend watching it cause it's fun to watch. well not fun cause it isn't happy, more like exciting.
Liar Game [ライアーゲーム]
LIFE [ライフ]
My Boss, My Hero [マイボスマイヒロ]
Nobuta wo Produce [野ブタ。をプロデュース]
Nodame Cantabile [のだめ カンタビ−レ]
Watashitachi no kyokasho [わたしたちの教科書]

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howtwosave's dramas (2)
Kaibutsu-kun [怪物くん]
Rating: 5/10
not that good. it's aimed at children blahblahblah. i can't imagine watching it till the end.
Kekkon Dekinai Otoko [結婚できない男]
Rating: 4/10
i don't understand why pople like this drama. it's really boring, it's like the drama version of azumanga daioh? i don't know ... it's just really annoying with michiru and that actress that sorta looks like tomochika (basically every charater is annoying except for abe hiroshi). I don't know why but everyone except for abe hiroshi's characcter are really annoying with people they casted. I don't think it's funny at all... it's just relaly slow and boring and i don't think there's a plot. i hate it when they do anything with dogs with like look it's a dog, ain't it cute. i'm like no... write some real dialogue or plot. There's just no point watching this rdama, there's so much funnier/faster=paced dramas (american and japanese) than this. if you have free time then watch this pointless drama... that's how it feels like to me.

howtwosave's drama reviews (5)
Gyne ~ Sanfujinka no Onna Tachi [ギネ ~ 産婦人科の女たち]
I only decided to watch it casue I watched a cm for this (ep6 or somewhere... you know that arc if you've seen the show ) with all the _ _ scenes (accidentally since the CM wasn't cropped out of another drama ep). I really like those scenes for some reason, like the ones in watashitachi no kyoukasho were interesting too. Maybe it's the intensity that grabs me. But anyways that arc was well done... I really enjoyed it since it was well-done instead of the typical crappy japanese drama way. I watched this, mother, kaibutsu at the same time and i could not finish watching the latter 2 without fastforwarding like crazy/skipping episodes PLUS they didn't make me want to contiinue watching. I liked it. it's a well-done medical show... obviously way better than code blue (lolzz). I learned lots about ~~.I don't mind the main character, I like conflict in my dramas ... it makes the drama interesting. The background music/camera work/etc were well done. it doesn't have the usual CHEAP or like MELOMELODRAMATIC or cliche or cheap/crappy feel that is present in J-dramas (even the popular ones...whY??). EX: 1 litter of tears, gokusen, proposal daisakusen, GTO, HYD, densha otoko, stand up, hotaru no hikari,etcetcf it's better than my girl, tokyo dogs, shoukoujo seira, liar game 2 (as much as i llove liar game I, samurai high school) = the same season Of course it doesn't hold up against JIN which is also a medical drama which also aired that season. Like I said, it's a well-done medical drama and just an interseting drama in general and it doesnt have that icky melodrama or cheap/cliche feel or at lesat that stuff is kept to a very minimum. I'm glad I watched it & I would especially recommend it to anyone else who like watching the _ _ scenes. (didn't write it cause it's spoilery but if you saw watashitachi no kyoukasho you know what i mean.) OH AND the ending song is NICE. It fits with the show .
Hotaru no Hikari [ホタルノヒカリ]
Ayase Haruka is not cute or funny in this. She ends up being REALLY annoying. It's just so hard to watch her attempts at being cute... If you want to see cute go watch kitakawa keiko in mop girl. but in all seriousness her acting is absolutely horrible. It's overacting and lame. The script or the writing i bad enough as it is but she makes it even worse with her overacting.... sorry to break it to you but overacting doesn't make it funnier. it makes it worse. The story/characters is just really banal and ordinary and it's just really boring. I have no idea why it's so popular. I've never seen fujiki naoto in a good drama... this being one of them. The drama is not funny or romantic etc etc. 2 dramas that aired in the same season that are million times better than this are: hanazakari no kimitachi e, LIFE . these have better camerawork, directing, lighting, background music, etc especially LIFE. But seriously the lighting and the camerawork and the directing everything is so abysmal, you know the usual cheap j-drama feel from the like the 90s even though it's 2011 now... and this came out in 2007.
Kamisama mou sukoshi dake [神様、もう少しだけ]
couldn't make past ep 1. [Rating: 5/10]
i don't know about this drama... it's like boring and slow. I dropped the drama the second that girl did the HANDSTANd. It was pretty hard to watch even to that point cause like I said it's slow and boring. I was like ho. I don't like that characters nor the actress|?
boring boring. [Rating: 5/10]
i had expectations because the writer who wrote this also wrote watashitachi no kyoukasho. also people hyping it up saying it's the best drama that it's up there with jin blahblahblah. and i say HELL no. And so even though the first ep was slow and boring and they barely talked (so much silence and lack of BGM) I thought just like WTNK it'll pick up etc. However it did not. It does get more MELODRAMATIC & the BGM did not incresa :(. the meloDRAMA's nowhere near the levels of 14 sai no haha (now this drama is so embarrassing) but umm... it's still cringy and embarrassing to watch. I don't like the lead actress that much. she always makes the same face, and she always whispers during you know those type of scenes... it's just boring. i fast/forwarded/ skipped after ep 5 and i felt like i should have done that earlier. ep 8 was about the stuff i wanted to know but still it wasn't much. If you really like SLOW MELODRAMATIC dramas with minimal/below minimal background music then do WATCH IT. the melodrama that was in hanayori dango or 14 sai It's nowhere near JIN fer sure. mother just tries to make the watcher cry instead of making a good drama with a good storyline/acting etc.. i would suggest watching watashitachi no kyoukasho INSTEAD to see how much talent the writer has. GOOD POINT: I like the theme song nakigao smile by hinaco.
Watashitachi no kyokasho [わたしたちの教科書]
twists and turns. [Rating: 9/10]
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED IT> really good drama... umm for the people that are saying are slow ignore 'em... they're crazy. i would say it's a little slow. like slow/boring to me was maou, arifureta kiseki, propose daisakusen, joou no kyoushitsu, bloody monday (good twists though), 1liter of tears, 14 sai, denshaotoko, kekkondekinai . the story's well done and I was also dying for more. It made me want to watch the next ep which most dramas don't do. acting's good so is the background music. I love the concerto and the symphony song they picked, very effective and i never got sick of 'em . imo, it's a lot better than proposeal daisakusen (it won best drama that season) which I can describe as one big frustration, weak story, weak character, etc. this DID win best scriptwriter and BEST ACTRESS.


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