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Matsumoto Jun 松本潤 ( Jun Matsumoto )

NameMatsumoto Jun
JPop GroupArashi
Star SignVirgo
Birthday30 August 1983
Blood TypeA

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Matsumoto Jun

Matsumoto Jun, a member of the popular boyband Arashi, has been making waves in the acting circle of Japan. He started his career at the age of 13 and was gi...

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Users who voted for this artiste (747)
1. Cherry_Chan
Because he's powerful actor. He still has a way to come because we all know he can be one of the best. His role as Shin will always be a great one that can not be replaced. And his role as Domyouji is also wonderful, yet annoying. Could you imagine if he was really like Domyouji in real life? I would hate him. XD But I don't. He has become one of my second favorite asian Actor. XD. Most people like Matsu because of his looks. That's why the will watch anything he stars in. Honestly, I watched Gokusen becuase of his hair. His hair looked good. But his style in Hana Yori Dango was so different. Tacky, but that also got me thinking of little things to tweek my outfits. But his most inspiring role was that of Momo. I liked Momo. At first I though he was Sumire's younger brother. That's before I watched the show. Domo, His dancing was awesome in Kimi wa Petto. Being a former dancer myself. He reminded me why I trained so hard and to give up would be a disappointment. So because of his gracefulness as Gado Takeshi, I am inspired to go back to dancing. Although I think I was leave singing alone. I gave up on that along time ago. Matsu-Jun is a very multi-talented actor. Who is really gifted, bilingual, and probably in person has a wonderful exciting personality. So Matsumoto Jun will recieve a vote from me. He still doesn't top Oguri Shun though, ne? -wink- :)
2. crealism
Great actor. I love his portrayal of Doumyouji Tsukasa in Hana Yori Dango. He made it look like the role was custom-made for him. Out of the whole of Johnnys & Associates, he is the one that impresses me the most after Kimura Takuya. His natural acting talent was already evident in his first major lead role as Kindachi. He silenced critics as Sawada Shin in Gokusen and proved that even as a 'Johnny', he can be talented. I got a shock at how easily he became the adorable pet Momo in Kimi wa Petto. It was so out of character for him but he easily became the character. And after which he again, easily became Doumyouji Tsukasa in Hana Yori Dango. After watching him, I cannot believe how I could've ever thought that Jerry Yen was a great Doumyouji in the Taiwanese version of Meteor Garden..it's just silly! Many people who complained that Matsumoto Jun was too short and not violent enough to be Doumyouji were stunned and called him the 'REAL' Doumyouji after Hana Yori Dango aired. He totally sucked me into the drama and made me a super big MatsuJun and ARASHI fan just by using his acting chops. Definitely one of my favourite actors at the moment. And like many other girls, I have to say this.. 'I want a Momo!'
3. mucci
kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......just love him love him love him love him love him looooooooooooooooooooveeeeeeeeee hiiiiiiiiiiimmmm!!!!!!

I love him in Gokusen, love him in HYD, love him even more in kimiwa petto...(Momo-chan!!!), love him as arashi member...love him in every where he is.....

he's just soo gooddd.....soo cooll..soo kawaaiii...
i saw him first as sawada shin in gokusen, and he played it as a very cold young man!! cool but interesting.. ;) and then I saw him in HYD...he's just like totally different person..!!! and after that I saw him in kimiwa petto....arrgghhh....he's just so adorable and kawaiii...!!! all of those charachter he played were just soo different to each other but he still played it sooo nice and goodd!!!!

and also after that I saw him in his real life as an arashi member or as Matsumoto Jun itself...he's just totally took my breath away...he took my heart!! and I love him!!! ;)
4. xEternal
The most amazing actor ever. Jun can take on any role so easily that it's scary.

He's so hot! He's not bad at singing either, and I love the way he always looks good in any hairstyle. I am in love with his physical features - his lips are so perfect, and his eyebrows are SO amazing.

I wish Jun would stop smoking! It's such a bad habit and might make him look worse in a few years. D:

When I first saw him iin Hana Yori Dango I was like, "Who is this rich loser?" You could say I fell in love with his acting.

The times when I feel that Jun can be himself the most is with his band, Arashi. Have you seen the shows they've been on? He looks so adorable, and has several sides to him (sometimes he even goes Domyouji-mode!) I recommend everyone to search up some of their showings on youtube (try GPA and Shukudaikun)

I simply can't wait for the HYD movie to come out. Jun is gonna blow us all away <3
5. makino_br
He really grow on you, huh?
My sister watched first gokusen, and she used to scream her love for Matsumoto Jun around the house... I didn't understand her. Well i watched gokusen, and I was like "ow he is good".. But nothing more.. Then i watched Kimi wa petto and I was like "Wow.. he is really good actor.. and cute!" almost a gilrly fan crying " I want a Momo too ~~" .. I watched Tokyo tower and was like "Good lord!!! He also really sexy O_O" And now as my favorite character ever... As Domyoji Tsukasa.. he is just incredible. All Domyoji fans in the world are graceful for this good Job, i don't see other actor as Domyouji now. He really growed in me. Some friends of mine, doubt about him doing Domyouji, as they said that he was not handsome enough... Now after watched All HYD, there are girly screamming Matsujun fans XD just like me.
6. -=anna=-
The first time i've watched Gokusen,,Jun Matsomoto (aka Shin) already got my attention..it's like he inspires me a lot...though it's just a movie series, everytime i watch this movie it enlightens my day... its like my day wouldn't be so complete without watching this series especially without seeing Shin... He looks nice and sweet,,,every time i look at him i always think that he played his best part.. i just cant say much but i do love this guy...!!!! if ever you read this Matsumo Jun i would love you to contact me at [email protected],,,, sounds weird i know coz you would never had a chance to read this,,,but if ever you have time ...i want to know you much better :) if only i can vote for a hundred times for you ....i will!!! I LOVE EVERTHING ABOUT you!
7. strawberrynkiwi
At first in Gokusen, I thought he was kinda weird looking. After finishing it, TOTALLY differnt story. I was already 80% crazy fangirl. i LOVE him~ Being a obsessed fangirl, I looked him all his dramas/movies. This leads to Kimi Wa Petto, I was blowen away & so surprise at the acting skill he had (since he didn't talk much in Gokusen) Then obviously watching HYD (my favorite actor as my favorite character), like kill me now xP haha
MatsuJun definitely isn't the prettiest japanese boy out there, but he has the GREATEST, like literially the greatest chemistry with the camera and he takes his acting very seriously~ He just shines and I hope he keeps shinning =D
8. shiruchsn
I thought Jun was just a pretty face and never had confidence about his acting skills because he�Ls a Johnnie. Although Johnnies are talented, I never paid attention on Jun. But when I saw him as Doumyouji Tsukasa in Hanadan, I was very surprised with his acting skills. He�Ls really a good actor and made an impressive job in Hanadan. Then, I saw him in Kimi wa Petto and he did it well too. But to me, his best perfomance is in Hanadan, where he looked exactly the same as Doumyouji (my favorite character ever!), and acted the same as him. Plus, Jun is very good looking, and now I�Lm his fan! Hope you keep improving, Jun.
9. Patazilla
Big fat bonus for being kind of my first dorama-crush (if you don't count my much slighter crush on Hanazawa Rui for the first few episodes of Hana Yori Dango). Well, Hana Yori Dango was my first dorama and though I can probably see some of it's lacks by now, I still love it wholeheartedly and I still love Domyouji wholeheartedly as well. I also loved Jun in Kimi wa Petto and Gokusen. Sadly, newer doramas weren't able to convince me as much, but I still like this actor and am interested in whatever comes along. He's a lovable, though sometimes a tinsy bit creepy, guy, who often makes me smile with his dorkish ways. <3
10. tare
Okay, guilty... I'm a MatsuJun fan. He's a great actor -- I'm dying right now waiting for the next release of HYD -- and although he's not as "classically handsome" as other actors, you can't help but notice him. (He has the best facial expressions ever as Domyouji Tsukasa in HYD!) His versatility in his acting roles is astounding, as well; in Gokusen he plays a cool quiet Sawada Shin, but in Kimi wa Petto he seems like a totally different person. Someone else mentioned an "x-factor", and I totally agree. He's definitely my favorite artiste and the actor that drew me into J-dramas in the first place. Go Jun!!
11. doon
I'm voting for MatsuJun because when I watch a drama with him in it - he captivates me like no other actor has even come close to doing. I also admire him for taking a risk with "Kimi wa Petto." I don't think any other young idols would consider playing a dog! Most seem to take roles that ONLY show off the desired "cool" effect. KWP has both cool and jovial mixed into one. If rumors hold true his next project, "Boku wa Imoto ni Koi o Suru" has potential to be another non-traditional role - it's at least a non-traditional topic. Go Jun - keep pushing the limits!
12. marielle_143_matsujun


I will love him the way he is, I don�t care if we are from the different world but I still love him�.

Ngaun lang poh akoh tinamaan ng ganito grabe!!!!

13. oshio_minahmi
steki!! i first like him in gokusen which i actually bought to watch shun oguri.. but i fell for him instead ^^ so kakkoi .. i love two of his scene in gokusen. the first one is when he was called by kyoto sensei after fighting with minami.. and the 2nd one is at yankumi's house.. when yankumi got angry and scold the son of her colleague (can't recall her name), and he said "yankumi!"..waah so kakkoi.. also watch him in kimi wa petto.. i wish i can have him as my pet too.. ^^..he's great in everything he does - singing, acting, dancing ~ RoCk On MATSUJUN!!
14. Ashmarina
MATSUJUN... this pretty-looking boy has surely proven he's so much more than just another lucky artists blessed with handsome face. I thought if Sawada Shin's role wasn�ft so real in Gokusen, Matsujun's charm wouldn't had helped him that much for being The Hottest Male Artist in Japan (.. or may I say so, since I lived quite far from Japan :>).
And now, after seeing him... I just can't get enough for this adorable guy... I wish in the future I can see more of him doing great works either as an actor or a singer with his band Arashi.
15. Viirastus
First saw him in the film "Boku wa imouto ni koi wo suru" and didn't think much of this film nor his acting. This time I hadn't seen any j-doramas yet. But then I saw him in Hana Yori Dango and he caught my attention, after that I watched Gokusen and Kimi wa Petto and I think these roles suit him even better. And now I'm thinking of him as a really talented actor and I think I've never seen him playing similar characters. And of course, he's really good looking also. MatsuJun wa totemo kakkoii desu ne. : )
16. jm_im
The reason why I have voted him not because i'm just a typical fan but I think that MatsoJun "did" have all the guts to stay or to be himself at all times..

Although I didn't have the chance to meet him in person and I know that there are thousands or well I can say millions of fans that goes crazy over him, I would say with confidence that I really like him and wanted to see him..

Ihope someday, somehow.. If I get the chance to meet him, I want him to be with someone named Mao Inoue.. m_ _m
17. leehy0ri
he's so KACAK+ we're in the same age :P. like him since GOKUSEN..very excellent performance...then i watch him in Hana Yori Dango, kimi wa petto, kindaichi..such a multi-talented artiste..i hope to see him playing a more 'manly' and 'cool dude' role i.e in HYD or gokusen..cant wait to see more of his appearance..fighto, oh!
p/s: i really really admires his hairstyle in GOKUSEN..made me fall in love with him~(but somehow he is too skinny laaa...encik jun..build up your muscle, dude!)
18. shanghai_honey
Matsumoto Jun did a good job playing the silent yet sexy Sawada in Gokusen. I didn't think he looked the part of Domouji in Hana Yori Dango, however, he pulled it off making his own version of Domouji, who could be dark, violent and cruel one moment, yet innocent, cute and irrationally silly the next moment. Good job Jun! But still, his most impressive role so far has been as Momo in Kimi Wa Petto. My goodness, what an adorable lil pet! Jun totally nailed the part of Momo. ^_^
19. athida
First saw him in Kimi wa Petto and didn't think much of it. Just thought he was adorable at times. Then I noticed him a LOT more in Hana Yori Dango! He played the role of Domyouji Tsukasa very well and I can't think of anyone else who could play that role better! His performance is simply amazing! And I love him as Sawada Shin in Gokusen too!!! XD His acting talent shines through with each new character he plays. Love him so much as a person, as an actor, as an entertainer!!!
20. Antique Pop
Certainly not the best singer in Arashi, but I think MatsuJun is a great dancer. And definitely one of my favorite actors. His role in Kimi wa Petto made an impact on me; I am convinced that no other actor could play the part of Momo as well as Jun did. He was also good in Gokusen, but after watching Hana Yori Dango, I saw how much his acting has improved through the years. He makes such an adorable, and lovable Domyouji. I'm waiting for more dramas from this guy!
21. dheng19
I am IN LOVE with HIM! yay! He has this bad boy look that really suits his roles. He is a great actor as he is serious to his acting career, not to mention his singing career. ^___^ I like him in Gokusen but I love him in HYD ^___^ I think he and Inoue Mao-chan are great together. I had some difficulty in watching Kimi wa Petto because he was an underdog there. Oh well, he really is cute! I am looking forward to the HYD Final movie. :)
22. mieki
i <3 his singing and his acting! i first saw him in Arashi where i came to like his fellow singing partner Ninomiya Kazunari. i <3 the drama hes in called Hana Yori Dango. it's really really good, i <3 it so much! he did a really good job acting as doumyouji! i just recently watched gokusen and kimi wa petto! both were really great!! he acts so well~~~ i <3 how he played momo in kimi wa petto! and sawada shin in gokusen!! <333
23. jdorama_fanatic
i firSt seen him in gokusen 1 and he is really good in acting. im from the philippines so i dont have more infos about him but i know something with the help of the internet...he's my fave japanese actor since he did a great job in gokusen 1 as well as in hana yori dango. he also have the looks that the girls are looking for. he has the charm...all in all, i really love the way he acts and he's my crush!!!!
24. V(~^____^~)S
this guy ROX MY SOX! he is so amazing. He may not be the most talented, or the most experienced, or even the best looking, but he has this charm that juss attracts people. He's got this really *I think* 'unique' face that grabs people's attention.
he still has a ways to go as an actor, but he definately has the talent and potential, and I'll be cheering for him every step of the way.
25. jdoliser
just like oguri shun, he is one of the best (they are the best together) in the entertainment industry. however jun has the upside, with that his talents extends to singing. however they are both wondefully skilled actors with extrodinary ability to portray diverse characters. they present so much depth and emotion, bringing out the best of them and it just proves everything. touching
26. Puszedli
I'm a crazy Matsujun fan. I simply love him when I see him :P He is gorgeous. First I saw him in Hana yori dango and than Kimi wa petto and Gokusen. I like him in HYD, I tgought he is very very talented. After Gokusen I became fully his fan. He is very handsome has a pleasant voice too. And he can sing also. Because of him I begin to like Arashi. I can't wait HYD2 and Kimi wa petto2.
27. sandreen
I think he's a very good actor. He's quite versatile in acting, since he can be a silent and cool-looking character, a happy overconfident guy but still lovable, or he can also play a dorky character. But he still looks cool, in his own way. XD Plus, he can sing and dance! :)
In short, he very talented. :D And I also think he's a good person, since he cares about Arashi a lot. :)
28. eftermiddag
I saw him in HYD first, he played Tsukasa (can't spell domuj..ok i will practice i promise!!) and then I saw him in Gokusen, as shin, with a completley different personality. and I thought it was really cool that he could just switch personality like that, and i think that that really show us what a good actor he is. not the best but a good one. and YES I think he's hot too.
29. shin_sawada2006
hmmm.. the first time i saw him in gokusen too... i keep on asking myself why does a lot of people are crazy on this guy... as i continue watching the jdorama fever (gokusen) i found out that it's his smile and the style of his hair that makes people go crazy over this guy... in addition to that, his role as pazaway and aztig on the tv series add spices on his charm....
30. aryena
Hmm. watched kimi wa petto, hana yori dango, gokusen and some others of his shows.

have to say he stands out as a good actor with a cute face.

havent really listened to arashi's songs..

but. as of acting. i think he really deserves the vote for the hard work that he puts into portraying each of the different personalities of the characters in various shows.

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