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Ishihara Satomi 石原さとみ ( Satomi Ishihara )

NameIshihara Satomi
Star SignCapricorn
Birthday24 December 1986
Blood TypeA

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Ishihara Satomi

Ishihara Satomi, dubbed by the nation as "Satomi-chan" because of her innocent and cute disposition, is a talented and rising star. Starting her career at a ve...

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 (石原さとみ)Ishihara Satomi in Glico 「牧場しぼり」 「おいしい顔連鎖篇」 CM 15s
(石原さとみ)Ishihara Satomi in Glico 「牧場しぼり」 「おいしい顔連鎖篇」 CM 15s


 石原さとみ おじょうさまクッキング
石原さとみ おじょうさまクッキング


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Filmography (24)
Jimi ni Sugoi! ~ Kouetsu Girl Kouno Etsuko [2016]
地味にスゴイ! ~ 校閲ガール・河野悦子
Kouno Etsuko
河野悦子 (28)
5 to 9 ~ Watashi ni Koi Shita Obousan~ [2015]
5→9 〜私に恋したお坊さん〜
Sakuraba Junko
桜庭潤子 (28)
Dear Sister [2014]
Fukazawa Misaki (27)
Shitsuren Chocolatier [2014]
Takahashi Saeko
Rich Man, Poor Woman [2012]
Sawaki Chihiro/Natsui Makoto
Bull Doctor [2011]
Reinoryokusha Odagiri Kyoko no Uso [2010]
霊能力者 小田霧響子の嘘
Odagiri Kyoko
Tobo Bengoshi [2010]
Shinzanmono [2010]
Asaoka Mio (special)
Hidarime Tantei EYE [2010]
Sayama Hitomi
Kochikame [2009]
(ep. 2)
Voice [2009]
Kuboaki Kanako
Walkin' Butterfly [2008]
Hayase Yukari (ep 1,10)
Puzzle [2008]
Ayukawa Misako
Hanayome to Papa [2007]
Uzaki Aiko (20)
Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi Season 2 [2007]
Yoshimura Yuri (Episode 1)
Hyoten 2006 [2006]
Tsujiguchi Yoko (18)
Ns' Aoi [2006]
Ns’ あおい 
Misora Aoi
美空あおい (23)
Akai Giwaku [2005]
H2~Kimi to itahibi [2005]
Koga Haruka
Yoshitsune [2005]
Water Boys Season 2 [2004]
Yazawa Shiori
矢沢栞 (18)
Teru Teru Kazoku [2003]
Kimi wa Petto [2003]
Shibusawa Rumi
澁澤ルミ (17)

Users who voted for this artiste (153)
1. Kotori
Great actress! I love her in Nurse Aoi! First I tnought she is just a normal actor... but I completely changed my opinion of her with Nurse Aoi. Her acting touched me, I cried so many times... Looking forwards to her acting! Out of 10 I will give her 11! *-*
2. Wynter
I became a fan after watching H2! She's become my favourite actress out there at the moment. It must be her uber cuteness. There's something innocent about her appearance, even when she's playing roles like her character in Kimi wa Petto. Great talent.
3. SquallAdv
A truly heart-melting smile! What a lovely and beautiful woman... She's also a great actress, her roles in Rich Man, Poor Woman alongside Oguri Shun and as the wild/charming Misaki in Dear Sister are just unforgettable... Yes, she has my vote! <3
4. Leepee
Can't help but wonder if her acting's any good, saw her in johnny's magazines and wasn't really a fan of her face, (or maybe it was because i was jealous she starred in H2 with Takayuki ><) so I'm still trying not to hate her... too much lol
5. akiha
i didn't like her in kimi wa petto, just because her character was very much of the spoiled princess type. her role in H2 completely changed my perception--she's so endearing and cute! good actress, very fresh and brings life to each scene.
6. pash
I never understood why in english they say "Cute as a button" and "Cute as pie"; whatever, Satomi-chan is cute as a button-shaped pie (or as a pie-shaped button, as you prefer). Kawaii! (and I adored her acting in "Puzzle", LOL)
7. Shuin
Have watched quite a few of her dorama Waterboys, H2, Nurse Aoi and Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi.
Her acting is improving especially in her latest's work Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi she has done really well =)
8. nitewind12
First saw her in Kimi Wa Petto. I was like "Whoa, why did you leave her for Sumire? She's 100x hotter!!!"
Then I looked for more hottness of Satomi which lead me to H2, a surprisingly good drama.
9. tinyamaki
With her mega kawaii smile she really win my attention... hahaha not only pretty actress but also a talented young actress too... love her in Hanayome to Papa and H2
10. intro_bay
as the leading lady in H2, i'd have to say that ishihara satomi played her role very well... and not to mention that she's one of the cutest actresses i've seen =P
11. unknownman
Beautiful as a flower, and a cute smile!...If your personality in H2 or in Yoshitsune is your real personality...you are definitely the girl that i dreamed of!!
12. mikomi
She's soo kawaiiiiii.... I love her in H2. She's a very promising actress. Gambatte ne ^^v And I just realized her birthday is on Christmas Day!!! Cool :D
13. uhno
Kawaii! Ne? Ishihara Satomi doesn't sing nor does she seem to get roles by flaunting her looks. She has true talent, and for that, she gets my vote.
14. koala_bry
i looooooooooooooove her smile!! i can watch her smile like..forever!!! wish i can meet her..and who knows..fall in love..?? GYABOOOOOOOO
15. ms maleficus
she's a good actress. and very good looking too. i love her smile. my friend goes high whenever he sees her smiling in waterboys 2. :)
16. Archangel8901
i 1st saw u in Water Boys n i was totaly mesmerized by u... n u r d 1 dat make me dwnld my 1st torrent 4 jpnese drama...U R MY GIRL!!
17. mudhalvan
very young, beautiful, talented, adorable and best of all can touch the viewers heart. great u go gal!!!!!!!! best of LUCK!!!!!!!!!
18. yijing
like her in H2. her ability to show happiness within her w/o smiling outright but rather simply through her eyes impresses me.
19. 5_lvis_20
i like her.....
so cute n beautiful..........
so blur in aoi nurse n H2.........
very cute cute cute................!!!!
20. shinkuji
I can see that she will be a good actress in the upcoming dramas; a very promising future to come her. Wish her best luck!
21. rifin2000
Vote vote for Satomi.. falling in love for the first sight.. hmmmm.... oh ma gud.. ur very cutessss... wish u were here...
22. yesterdaysnow
She was so good in H2... make me fall in love with her... she did well in ns' aoi too... i think she will surely so far!
23. azzwipe
This girl played very well in the H2 drama, which I loved by the way. Doesn't hurt that she's very pretty as well.
24. hidelirium
a voice so sexy and a smile very cute. To love or not to love, that's a question ? The answer is Ishihara Satomi.
25. shitomaru
i only watched her in N's Aoi. ow i wish ic ould watched her in H2. she's cute, super cute. good actress as well
26. ahguang
she can raelly act well...i especially like her "blur blur" kind of acting it's just damn cute...jiayou satomi!!
27. khairul malaysia
i collect all picture of this girl~~ for my web...

email: [email protected]
28. libra19291
She did well as nurse Aoi... did very well in H2 and waterboys2 .. all different characters.. good actresss!
29. akitsu
She was so funny in Hanayome to papa. To be able to vote for her I even erased my vote for Jun Matsumoto :D
30. kitakaze
Seen her in the past couple of episodes of Yoshitsune. Very pretty. Young too...I can't seem to help it.

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