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Fujiki Naohito 藤木直人 ( Naohito Fujiki )

NameFujiki Naohito
Star SignCancer
Birthday19 July 1972
Blood TypeA

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Fujiki Naohito

The younger brother of a twin, Fujiki Naohito entered showbiz as Hanazawa Rui in the movie adaptation of Hana Yori Dango. His acting career took a backseat when...

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Filmography (47)
Haha ni Naru [2017]
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Uso no Sensou [2017]
Nishina Takashi
The Last Cop [2016]
Matsuura Satoshi
松浦聡 (45)
Watashi Kekkon Dekinain Janakute, Shinain desu [2016]
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37.5°C no Namida [2015]
柳主税 (40)
Kokoro ga Pokitto ne [2015]
Otake Shin
大竹心 (38)
Nobunaga Kyousoukyoku [2014]
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Mori Mitsuko wo Ikita Onna [2014]
Okamoto Yoshihiko
Doctor-X Season 2 ~ Gekai Daimon Michiko [2013]
ドクターX 2 ~ 外科医・大門未知子
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Last Cinderella [2013]
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PRICELESS ~あるわけねぇだろ,んなもん!~
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Oda Nobunaga
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高校教師 2003
Koga Ikumi
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Nurse no oshigoto Season 4 [2002]
Takasugi Kentaro
Hatsu Taiken [2002]
Hirota Takumi
広田拓海 (27)
Antique [2001]
Ono Yusuke
小野裕介 (28)
Love Revolution [2001]
Suga Eiichiro
Nurse no oshigoto Season 3 [2000]
Takasugi Kentaro
Asuka [1999]
Hayata Shunsaku aka Professor (Asuka's childhood friend)
P.S. Genki desu, Shunpei [1999]
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佐々岡譲 (26)
Nanisama! [1998]
Happy mania [1998]
GTO [1998]
Saejima Ryuji
冴島 龍二
Don't worry! [1998]
Meitantei hokenshitsu no obasan [1997]

Users who voted for this artiste (256)
1. kantflixion
He looks almost too good to be a convincing actor - but he's been using that to his advantage by choosing characters who are afflicted with perfectionist streaks. (He reminds me of Raito-Kun from the Deathnote Manga).
He's the kind of actor who becomes his character psychologically. In every role he takes on, he emits this sense of cool confidence, tinged with just the right amount of vulnerability - he was like that in the Game, and he made Kou Kou Kyoushi a classy psychological/personal story, rather than the silly/overdone high school/teacher student romance it might have been. Great dramatic actor, great comedic one as well.
2. junny
Fujiki Naohito is such a wonderfully charismatic actor. I've enjoyed most of his dramas and his roles inevitably leave a deep impression - be it reporter (Suga Eiichiro), department boss (Takano Seiichi) or patissier (Ono Yusuke), he can play them all. No role is too big or small for him and I respect his dedication to his craft. Doesn't hurt that he's so very handsome! He's got such expressive eyes and can emote so well, which is something so lacking in younger actors these days.

Fujiki's a great singer too! That he writes and composes his own songs has my utmost admiration.
3. elyse
Fell instantly for Nao by seeing his profile picture here on jdorama! Turned out, he's an awesome person, on screen & off screen. I like how his real life seems to go very well, that's a rare quality in celebrities. He's a good actor, although he still has a certain signature style (that's totally Nao's) in all of his different roles, like the way he walks: a bit swinging (cute :3). Love him in Kou Kou Kyoushi 2003 & g@me! In most other dramas, he's too thin that his cheek is sunken. Eat more, Nao!
4. Lady Zhuge
I'm pretty sure it's his eyes. They're mesmerizing and I can get lost just staring into their depths...mmm...aHeM. So I digress, but you see what I mean? Naohito is a decent actor as well, as I've seen him pull off a variety of roles and honestly I would give anything he's in a try. Plus he sings well too, writes most of his own songs, is very intelligent, and is an all-around good and personable guy. He sets the bar for all other guys. His wife is so lucky!
5. Oba-chan
Cool aura, Mature, And always choose an intelligence character. But he can play other character too like Shinnosuke in gal cir and ryuji in GTO. The most impressive character from him are Azumi Shunsuke (Itoshi kimi E), Suga Eiichiro (Love Revolution), and Koga Ikumi (Kou kou kyoushi 2003). Especially "the Egoist" Koga Izumi, maybe sensei like that was terrible, but sensei are human too, he's done his job really well in that drama.
6. Feng
One of the greatest actors I've ever admired! His performance in Ichi Ritoru no Namida was phenomenal--playing a doctor--and when he played Saejima in GTO, I got a kick out of him being a pervert, probably even more so than Onizuka~! He had his touching moments in GTO! However, I don't know how to label his acting in Antique--perhaps static? But that was what the role called for. Love his acting so much <3~
7. haisai
As time goes by, I like him more and more ^^" He is sooo cute when he laughs, and those big eyes. He generally plays tormented characters, rough, not very my type of character, let's say. But still I like most of his doramas. His sweetest character role I've seen was in Itoshii kimi e (and Gal Circle, but that was a rather dorky one). And oh well, I still gotta see Hotaru no Hikari.
8. Yayoi
I first saw Naohito's acting in Antique (which VCD set I bought because of Kippei :p) and started to like him because he's so cute and sexy in it! He's also a great and versatile actor who can really act a variety of roles, which is really a major plus. :) And oh yeah! Naohito has got a pair of really mesmerizing eyes and a charming smile! XD
9. lalaland
Gosh, I just had to vote for this guy when I found out that he acted in GTO as the friend cop, whom I HAD NO IDEA was Naohita until I checked his dramography. Naohita certainly has great potential as a versatile actor, although he is often casted as a cool, collected hottie.
10. Miss Marty
Sorry to sound superficial, but he's really cute! And newly married. Alas! He's got it all. Really smart guy from a top university, plus a model, actor, singer, guitar player.... he just does it all ! (Is he good at sports?) Yet he seems humble.
11. CdMe
I've seen him so many times (gyarusa, Ichi Ritoru no Namida, Slow Dance, GTO, Nanisama, Hana Yori Dango (old one)) and he's the perfect superior, nice, intelligent, good looking guy. Finally in gyarusa he proved his ability to act funyn too.
12. yukari_no_hoshi
His acting just touches my heart, even if his character is absolutely hateful at the beginning, I would end up loving him by the end. He always portray his characters so well that he manages to make me smile and cry at the same time!
13. mickymic
This is my No 2!!!... I think he is the most handsome that i ever come across..
I notice him in some very old show.. cannot remember the title already.
He can singing very well too.. and has a few singles and albums already!
14. arashilove
I first noticed him in "Antique" in a mysterious character. I was shocked after seeing him in GTO. The characters he played are so different! He is a versatile actor. His role in "Kou Kou Kyoushi 2003" was simply perfect.
15. Jeanxi
Although I've seen him in several dramas, he has never appealed to me that much until I saw Hotaru no Hikari. So kakkoi!! If his real personality were like Takano in the drama, then I would totally want to marry him ^__^
16. shoujo22
I like Fujiki Naohito because he's very quite and not really in the public eye much. The fact that he's such an great actor just adds to his appeal. I've liked all of his dramas so far, so I can't help liking the guy.
17. ScrappedShinigami
First came to my attention in 1 Litre of Tears, I just loved his character, I have watched many dramas/ movies with him in since and he never fails to make me swoon :P plus I like his portrayls of his characters =D
18. dummyuser11
He is one man who can easily capture any women's heart with his mesmerizing eyes. He was great in Kou kou kyoushi. What else can i say about this multi talented artiste who can not only act but sing and compose...
19. AngelXing
He is one man who can easily capture any women's heart with his mesmerizing eyes. He was great in Kou kou kyoushi. What else can i say about this multi talented artiste who can not only act but sing and compose...
20. Nezumi-chan
Oh, wow. First time I'm voting for purely...er...purile...reasons! (Though, now that I've gone over to the dark side, it'll probably happen more often.... >_>) ....He's effing HOT. @_________@
21. madsky
FUJIKI! He's so handsome. And he's talented too! He was great in Kou Kou Kyoushi 2003. This vote is in no way biased because I think he is one of the best looking Japanese men ever... >_>
22. c_linxi
Fall for him in Love Revolution... great looks, charming and gentle looking, and great acting on top of that!! Wonder where have I been before... will go hunting for his other movies!!!
23. Mint
He is the very embodiment of the word 'charming'. In Itoshi Kimi e, he substantiates his chivalrous looks with a stirring and vulnerable portrayal of a man who's about to go blind.
24. MissMonika
If you look up the definition of "gorgeous," his picture would be there. He's absolutely handsome. Also an incredible actor. In every role he makes you love him. Wow, I'm in awe.
25. Scarlett
Like him so much in Itoshi Kimie. A very touching series. Hope to see such of this series in his career more with hopefully with Miho Kanno again. Great chemistry...........
26. Doramako
He's got such a beautiful voice... apart from his great look! Every single of his dorama I watched were awesomely entertaining. There's definitely something special about him.
27. Rainee
His charms are mysterious and he has the most gorgeous smiles ever. Even at mid thirties, he manage to sweep me off the grd with his mesmerizing ways. A real good singer too!
28. chokakoi
My number 2 J-actor. He just look like someone who is going to make a good husband. Lol... Just imagin waking up every morning to see someone like that beside you... ^^
29. cokecheers
I first got to know him in Love Revolution and was immediately attracted to his dashing look and excellant talent!! He is really a extremly talented actor and singer!!
30. EstherM
He gets my vote because he�Ls one of the hardworking guys. Not all his dramas are good, he plays sometimes bland characters, but he has a certain softness that I like.

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