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Love Shuffle [ラブシャッフル]



Drama Details
Title:Love Shuffle
Telecast:2009-01-16 to 2009-03-20
Season:Winter 2009

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TV Station:TBS
Duration:10 Episodes

Usami Kei is a salaryman who has risen in status due to his engagement with Mei, the wealthy daughter of his company's president. Shortly after she breaks off the engagement, a power failure leaves him stuck in the elevator of his apartment building. Trapped with him are three others living on the same floor - Airu, a trilingual interpreter; Ojiro, a model photographer; and Masato, a psychiatrist. While waiting, their conversation hits upon their love lives and the question of whether there is truly only one fated partner for everyone. As a result, they decide to try "shuffling" their relationships with each other.

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (2)
1. Fantasy [Earth, Wind & Fire]
2. Eternal Flame [The Bangles]

Actor/Actress Cast (15)
Tamaki Hiroshi
Usami Kei
Aizawa Airu
Matsuda Shota
Sera Ojiro
Tanihara Shosuke
Kikuta Masato
Kanjiya Shihori
Kagawa Mei
Kojima Hijiri
Kamijyo Reiko
Yoshitaka Yuriko
Hayakawa Kairi
Naito Daigo
Oishi Yukichi
Nomura Yuto
Kagawa Kosuke (ep. 1, 3-4, 6)
Miki Ryosuke
Hayakawa Takeshi (ep. 3, 7)
Gamo Junichi
Game Center Clerk (ep. 3)
Daito Shunsuke
Takigawa Yoji (ep. 4)
Omi Toshinori
Kamijyo Hiroya (ep. 6)
Hakamada Yoshihiko
Kamei Goro (ep. 7-10)
Umemiya Masako
Kamei Mie (ep. 9)

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Drama Reviews (14)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. L Shuffle! [Rating: 10/10]
The frame of the story is that eight people, four women and four men, date each other for a week to find out what they want out of their love lives. As is usual for a Japanese drama; it ends up being about more than just love. It discusses our motivations to live and love, what we really look for in a relationship. Sometimes you just need to give people a chance, and find out who they really are. In the beginning you may think you have it all figured out, but the ending will suprise you. Half the fun is trying to predict who will be with whom.

This is also a drama about finding friends, and then letting them help in the course of their lives. No one is left untouched by the shuffle.

Tanihara Shosuke plays the psychologist Kikuta Masato. He is in a way the main character and motivator in the shuffle. As the oldest member of the team he pulls the strings, and helps the others deal with the hurdles in their lives.

I do have to note that Daigo, the singer of BREAKERZ has his only longer-than-one-episode role in this drama as the shy, but wealthy Oishi Yukichi. If you thought his singing voice was unique, his speach voice will surprise you. It does take a bit of getting used to, but he is as cute in his role as he is while singing. His character first seems really boring, but he turns out to be more devious than expected.

I'm not going to go through all eight characters. They're all unique and interesting. I'm going to leave it up to the viewers to get to know them. Let me just tell you, that they all have a secret, and all will be revealed by the end.

For the women out there, I do also have to note that this has more male nudity in it than usual.

And for everyone, this also has more sexual themes than is usual for Japanese dramas. Also, I warn you, you will never think about the word "Panda" in the same way.

For more reviews go to: isabelle-reviews.blogspot.com
Reviewed by Isabelle on 14 August 2012
2. New Concept, Very Interesting [Rating: 9/10]
Like with all dramas that are recommended to me specifically, I go in hoping I really enjoy it. And I really enjoyed Love Shuffle.

I�fm already a huge fan of Karina�fs, and to a smaller degree of Tamaki Hiroshi�fs, so the casting was really easy getting into. The chemistry between the four main characters is what makes the show hold for me. I fell in love with Ojiro, I got carried away with Kiku-rin, I wanted to be Ai-Ai, and I wanted to bully Usa-kun. Among the outer circle, I have to admit that Kojima Hijiri�fs character, Reiko, is my favourite, with Kairi being the most endearing.

The storyline is very interesting, but the plot is very normal. When you get over the initial shock of the �gLove Shuffle�h concept, the drama falls back on character development. I find the success of the drama, for me, comes from this fallback.

To be sure, there was one nagging element that really bothered me throughout this drama, and that was Shihori-chan�fs character, Mei. Why couldn�ft someone have killed her off?! I have never experienced such a fake, stupid, manipulative, oblvious character in my life. She�fs the reason I rated the drama a 8/10 and not a 9/10 or 10/10.

Other than her, I found the show good. I�fve seen it three times already, so I think it�fs safe to say that I highly recommend it. ^_^
Reviewed by Wynter on 20 June 2009
3. <3 [Rating: 9/10]
I have so much love for this drama. I started it without high expectations...specifically, my first impression being how skinny and sickly Tamaki Hiroshi was looking. 8I

To my pleasant surprise, things really picked up from the 2nd episode and I was hooked. It was one of the most engaging dramas I've seen in a long time with witty dialogue and flawless writing that I absolutely love.

This drama might not be for everyone considering the unconventional subject matter of switching partners, but if you can get passed that you're guaranteed a good time. I would even go as far as saying it has some of the cutest, most romantic moments in J-drama history!
Reviewed by strawberryfzz on 25 August 2009
4. There are better out there, but its not that bad. [Rating: 6/10]
I think I'm very picky with my dramas and prolly am too harsh in my comments. Anyways, I found this drama kinda long at times. The character dynamics were interesting, there are some interesting mysteries and who doesn't love PANDA! The drama definately had good moments, funny moments, things that you will remember for a long time ( watch out for a kiss scene with shota and hiroshi!!!). Perhaps i'm just old fashion and were at odds with the entire concept of love shuffle.
Reviewed by yuki_yoru on 10 September 2010
5. One of the best romance/comedy jdorama [Rating: 10/10]
It has been so long since i've been this hooked up with a romance/comedy drama. It is really not the usual j-drama that's why it is really refreshing. I really like the plot. And how it ended (though i really want more... hope there is SP.... kekeke).
I think among the jdorama i've watched with a romance genre, my all time favorites would be Love shuffle and Proposal daisakusen.

Love love O-chan and Kairi <3<3<3

Yay panda! I will really miss it!
Reviewed by mel105 on 22 March 2010
6. nice & refreshing [Rating: 9/10]
was originally put off by the idea of shuffling lovers week by week and couldn't understand how the storyline would flow, therefore didn't expect much from it. turned out that it's a really nice drama with a few pleasant surprises. very different to the typical jdorama. would def recommend this to anyone. absolutely love the background music - light and refreshing.
Reviewed by leftleg on 12 April 2009
7. Panda~ [Rating: 10/10]
I love this drama. I like all the characters. Tamaki Hiroshi and DAIGO are the best "Tara-chans" and Matsuda Shota "Yay panda".

This ending was the best, I was so happy when I was watching it but I would like more scenes with Usa-tan and Ai-Ai.
Reviewed by Ayanosekai on 20 June 2012
8. Such a good drama [Rating: 9/10]
Just finished this. Very enjoyable, certainly one of the best I've seen. Yuriko Yoshitaka was outstanding - very little actual dialogue, but so much emotion and acting ability. She was the star for me. Yay panda !
Reviewed by lordnigelkeavy on 28 December 2009
9. Yay Panda!!! [Rating: 10/10]
Good dramas are few and a far between! Overall this one is good but it has many odd moments! I like the use of "Joe" and "Panda" thats cute! The couples in the end made sense! Well acted!
Reviewed by Lorry0607 on 3 January 2010
10. The Best Comedy Love Drama in 2009... [Rating: 10/10]
Light but ot an unpredicted story, Funny but sometimes had a tense on it, with Perfect actor/actrees..all of those can only been found on this Love Shuffle..Great...
Reviewed by bakardiri on 28 May 2009
11. EXCELLENT [Rating: 10/10]
I didnt regret watching it! I started it quite late so within a day I cleared 9 eps and I juz watched the last eps and it was magnificent!
Reviewed by Jereriviel on 21 March 2009
12. Love Shuffle [Rating: 10/10]
so good! not typical japanese comedy, it is rather silly, but still so romantic, and relationships between main characters are great.
Reviewed by baloos on 29 March 2009
13. Luv shuffle [Rating: 9/10]
Matsuda shota and yoshitaka yuriko..weird but cute couple..
Reviewed by ester_grace on 14 December 2010
14. not bad [Rating: 6/10]
Love Shuffle
Reviewed by jed_ka on 5 April 2009

Comments From Users (106)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by ssie [Rating: 9/10]
I'll give this a 9 because it probably is the best for this season. The chemistry between Kei and Ai Ai is very pronounced that even without reading the cast, the audience knew too well that they'd end up together - they just give off that kind of aura. The supporting casts are just as awesome, and the love stories between unlikely characters made me feel all teen-ish again ^^,

My only problem with this series is Mei's character, which is that of a spoiled, selfish brat princess who hides herself in pretentious innocence. Seriously, what did Kei love about her in the first place? I keep getting annoyed by her indecisive nature that even the other characters keep getting affected.

Putting aside, I really enjoyed the series and think that it's really worth the tears I cried over Ojiro and the pretty girl (forgot her name ^^,) The ending is great, i just really hoped that Mei had acquired a fatal illness or something for her not to ruin the perfectness of the character-pairing. Thumbs up for Love Shuffle! Yay, Panda!
2. Comments by Jeanxi [Rating: 7/10]
Interesting premise and a great cast. The drama as a whole is pretty entertaining, though it does have its unbearably cheesy moments. The main reason why this drama doesn't get a higher score from me is due to its sometimes slow and/or completely illogical plot development. For example, I never really understood who was the one Mei really liked or if she actually liked both men at the same time. Even though some of the love story plot lines were really crappy, I absolutely adored the pairing of O-chan and Kairi. I thought Kikuri's story was the saddest, and the scene where O-chan talks to Kikuri in the last episode was truly the most touching moment in the drama (I cried ~>.<~). Also, I love the puppy that Kei adopts towards the end!! It's definitely too cute to look like a puppy that was abandoned though. The panda jokes are also great, especially "frying pan da" and "Japan da!" ^o^ Too bad the ending was rather disappointing...
3. Comments by Sorata [Rating: 8/10]
First of all and most important this dorama has amazing writing, the dialogues are really great and the plot well constructed, lots of plot twists and good characters.
The cast was really good, my favorite characters were Ojiro(Matsuda Shota), Kairi(Yoshitaka Yuriko) and Airu(Karina). I really loved the end between Ojiro and Kairi, really sweet and romantic. Airu was such a great female character, i would choose her on a heartbeat just based on her awesome personality, her ending was really sweet too with the slap and shoving Kei(Tamaki Hiroshi) with authority against the car lolol.
All the times between the four in the hall of their houses was really cool and it was there that the best dialogues were used, i allways laugh with those Panda "puns"(Lupin da, Japan da, etc).
I�Lm not a big fan of happy endings but this one i really liked, it�Ls like everyone lived happy ever after...
4. Comments by Cerebus [Rating: 9/10]
After an iffy first episode Love Shuffle grew into one of the best doramas I've seen. Nojima Shinji must be the best writer currently working in Japanese drama. It has excellent plotting, pacing, characterisation and dialogue. The show grows into much more something complex and compelling once it goes beyond the initial idea of the Love Shuffle and delves deeper into the lives of the protagonists. Yoshitaka Yuriko proves she is one of the best young actresses around without saying a word, and there is a real chemistry between Tamaki Hiroshi and Karina. The real surprise is Matsuda Shota who I never rated before, who shows given the right material he's a pretty decent actor. His photo-shot confessional scenes where superb.
5. Comments by nishishi [Rating: 9/10]
Almost perfect... honestly i was not in the mood for "romantic" genre when i first started watching Love Shuffle. But the show is really enjoyable! the casting is amazing and all the characters r really interesting (and Love Shuffle really did a great job buildin' up the characters as the show goes on). The plot is really well done.. i loved the fact that there were so many funny scenes in this show (The Pandas jokes always succeeded in making me laugh). The ending is amazing! Although one love couple is pretty obvious since the beginning i was surprised by the other ones. Well... i dont give this a 10 just because some scenes were a lil boring (just a few)... if i could i would give it a 9.9 iut of 10
6. Comments by eyasblue [Rating: 9/10]
When I first read the story line, I thought it was going to be obscene and stupid. It was alright. I like how Kairi can act without talking. It was a cute and funny trendy drama. Everything from the four professionals having late night tea in the hallway to the "Panda!" jokes had me laughing. The relationship between the characters felt real, not played out. Mei's character was so annoying. I liked the darkness Kairi brought into the story, and the side stories that played along. A drama that had me hooked. Some things threw me off at the end, so it wasn't too predictable. A decent OST, good dialogue, and one I can watch again.
7. Comments by KAZdoramma [Rating: 6/10]
well no actually cus i rate this doram 6.5 but just cudnt give it a 7.....anyways yeah its a good watch, it got low rating but dont be put off by it cus if ur looking for a funny comedy this it a good pick! Tamaki Hiroshi is funny and Karina is cute as always. Another actor i was suprised with was Yoshitaka Yuriko. She was cute and a delight to watch. The only downside of this was as the game LOVE SHUFFLE takes its toll on the characters as they swap their boyfriends and girlfriends, I found Kanjiya Shihori increasingly irritating!! but nonetheless, not a bad dorama overall!
8. Comments by mushroomsoup [Rating: 10/10]
Love Shuffle is overwhelming. I especially liked the cast, maybe the exception of Kanjiya Shihori because I don't really fancy her acting. I think Yoshitaka Yuriko did a terrific job in this, she's really convincing!

Not one episode made me feel bored, there were light hearted moments and intense moments in which sometimes gives off a deep message IMO. The chemistry between Tamaki Hiroshi and Karina is awesome! This drama is really one of the best I've ever watch and it doesn't deserve the low ratings it got.

The Yay Panda puns are epic.
9. Comments by Patazilla [Rating: 9/10]
I liked this drama because it's quite different from others and very special in some ways. I first expected it to be completely different from what I found it to be but it did only take 2 episodes to get me interested despite this. Now I really long for some other dramas with the actors, they were all quite gorgeous, even though I certainly favoured Tamaki Hiroshi, Matsuda Shota and Karina, being a fan of them. But the other characters were just as interesting even though it took me some time to like some of them...
10. Comments by rhninjaxe [Rating: 9/10]
I love this show a lot, so i decided to give it a 10 at first. The plot does not seem to be possible in the real world, and we understand that.
But i love it how they always come out to the lobby and crowd with each other.
I thought one of the plot is going to totally ruin my impression, but in the end, it turn out as a even better effect. I just would want to see them out having more fun together at the end, instead of starring them in individual couple.
So i will at last give it a 9 for that.
11. Comments by Susan [Rating: 10/10]
Yay, Panda! This was the best drama of the winter 2009 season for sure. Nothing else matched it in the blend of comedy, intense romance, story and characters. I loved the cast and the couples, (though I think one couple in particular was forced together at the end) and rooted for them all. I especially enjoyed Tamaki Hiroshi and Karina, who pulled off a vibe that said "we're very comfortable as friends, but we're destined to be intensely intimate." Love... SHUFFLE! =D
12. Comments by EstherM [Rating: 8/10]
Love Shuffle is a not so innocent love story, an unpure romantic comedy if you like. A few scences are quite daring (for a J-drama not real life) and dialogue is witty and even post-modern at times. This drama is about eight trendy, good looking highly successful urbanites (aaah I hate them). The sets are too hip and impersonal for my taste and certain actors are really badly styled but it�Ls overall well scripted and that�Ls what matters. Cheesy music though!
13. Comments by iluvhyde [Rating: 9/10]
LOVE this drama! Its the type of drama that refuse to tell you what it is going to do... How can Love shuffle? That's basically the catch of this show. This is also one which I think will appeal better to adults.

Shota looks awesome in this, and I totally love his pairing with "Kairi". I rated this as "9" because I think Ep1 is pretty slow and boring. And if I wasn't persistent enough, I would have missed a great show.
14. Comments by x_XJules [Rating: 8/10]
I actually liked this show; I didn't expect that I would and pretty much just chose it because subs were taking too long for Ohitorisama. Anyway, this show is about a group of people who decide to switch partners (basically a form of swinging). The series stays fairly surprising and interesting and it also has the aspect of adorable humor. A lot of the jokes involve some knowledge about Japanese culture, fyi.
15. Comments by nienna [Rating: 9/10]
I was persuaded by all the good comments given by the viewers here. When I looked at the ratings, it wasn't quite persuasive but i was like, 'what the heck!' and i did NOT regret it at all~~ it is a really good series (once you get past the lovers being shuffled about part) and it actually opened my eyes that there are actually a lot of different people out there with different motives. A MUST WATCH!
16. Comments by ABINTRA [Rating: 8/10]
Excellent drama, very entertaining to watch! I thought the first half especially was amazing, then my interest tapered off a bit in the second half when the couples became obvious and the suspense lessened, but still good throughout. Definitely a unique idea for a drama, with lots of funny moments, some thought-provoking stuff about relationships, and a memorable cast of characters. Yay panda?
17. Comments by Amber [Rating: 9/10]
WONDERFUL! Finally a dorama that has everything I kove doramas for! Reoccuring pun (da)s, hooking and adorable characters, godd chemistry, interesting storyline! I have been searching for a dorama in the stlye that I love (Hana Kimi, Hana Dan), all the newer ones are either very serious or too calculated. This one is great! Would have enjoyed a little more love story...
18. Comments by aoi_dolphine [Rating: 8/10]
Tho I didn't expect too much of this show other than changing partners thoughout the drama. However I think the drama really protray each of the individuals choices and how they find the right partners in the end. It has an ending which I like to have it ended that way. The cast looks like having fun especially with the little NG scene at the end of each episode.
19. Comments by zenith777 [Rating: 10/10]
This is funny dorama to exchange lovers.... the most fantastic thing that MAtsuda Shota and Tamaki Hiroshi kissed (Man and Man) and also there is a man with BiSexual character very2 funny....with Yuriko who play like a crazy girl that can see unseen things.... However this dorama make me laugh a lot very2 good story otsukaresama deshita..... ^^
20. Comments by Swedish_Japan_Lover [Rating: 10/10]
I have some small complaints but they're not enough to not giving this drama a ten. It stands out, contains an unpredictable cast yet very talented, didn't seem too dramatic, didn't get boring, made you want more, and a very entertaining story as well!
(Although since I'm great my guess about the ending was right! moaha)
21. Comments by g_hunter1 [Rating: 9/10]
I can't tell how many times this drama has put a smirk on my face. It was well done. At first I thought it the plot was going to be lame but soon changed after the first episode. I really liked how the characters were developed through out the story. It was a bonus that it included one of my favorite EWF tracks, Fantasy.
22. Comments by strawberryfzz [Rating: 9/10]
At first I abandoned this after the first episode, but began watching it again on a whim and boooy am I glad I did! It really picks up after the first few episodes and I was totally hooked. Thanks to this awesome (and hilarious!) show I lost a whole night's sleep marathoning it. Highly recommended! O & K forever <3
23. Comments by aiscess [Rating: 8/10]
One of those series that I almost not seen but good thing I was able to. First thing first, my rating for the first round would be 7 because the series really became interesting on the second round. And because I�fm satisfied with the way they end up with their own partners, all in all, my rating is 8.5.
24. Comments by PaperCaged [Rating: 9/10]
I was reluctant to watch it at first because it just sounded silly. Even during the first few episodes, I thought to myself, "this can't end well." However, I really enjoyed this show! It's not the typical romantic love story; it's full of interesting characters, ideas, and puns.
25. Comments by outlaws0025 [Rating: 8/10]
Refreshing, original dorama with many hilarious scenes. The actors are all well picked and they work great together. Romance isn't exactly my kinda genre, but the shuffle thing kept it very interested and the comedy scenes and the small jokes made it very funny.
26. Comments by Ezalor [Rating: 7/10]
Very refreshing dorama with an unusual idea. Focusing on the general style and production, it's a bit "back to the roots" and lets you remember the 90s Doramas. Good acting and gets never boring. But it is not that special that you would remember it for long.
27. Comments by bmwracer [Rating: 8/10]
Actually a 7.5/10... Pretty enjoyable drama and good performances from the four main characters, but the four main supporting characters were lacking and the final pairings were predictable... Also, the music choices were overused to the point of irritation.
28. Comments by C-yber Rhapzody [Rating: 10/10]
Tamaki Hiroshi - Usami Kei ^
Nose Karina - Aizawa Airu ^
Matsuda Shota - Sera Ojiro ^
Tanihara Shosuke - Kikuta Masato ^
Kojima Hijiri - Kamijyo Reiko ^
Yoshitaka Yuriko - Hayakawa Kairi ^
Naito Daigo - Oishi Yukichi ^
Kanjiya Shihori - Kagawa Mei
29. Comments by WhiteHawk [Rating: 9/10]
Great character development and comedic moments helps this drama keep from being another prime-time soap opera about beautiful people with money. I can see why it's so popular.

I would've given it an 8.5 had it been on the meter, so I rounded up. ;)
30. Comments by flamethunder85 [Rating: 7/10]
Got bored in the beginning and thought that the idea of love shuffle is kinda ridiculous, but somehow managed to finish the entire episodes, and I'm glad I did. I like the interaction between the suicide girl and Shota-kun. Mysterious yet sweet.

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Users who voted for this drama (38)
1. Gork
This drama is so underrated! it's one of the most refreshing jdramas ive ever seen! such a great, cute, witty storyline and plus the ending is super satisfying!!! not to mention matsuda shota and tamaki hiroshi are in it, how can you go wrong?? ^_^
2. michaela
the story is different, fresh and funny. you will enjoy all of the characters. well for me i like matsuda shota and yuriko's character, weird but interesting.
3. Jereriviel
FANTASTIC!! 1 of the best drama this season! and I recommend all to watch.. Plot is refreshing and interesting and ending was a twist!!
4. ssie
waah! the best series for this season!! must watch as a prelude for this year's (hopefully) amazing dramas!
5. Amber
WONDERFUL!!! Finally again a very doramaresque one, that was enjoyable and hooking! LOVE IT! PANDA!!!!!!
6. ren1999
This is my favorite current drama. I recommend it. The story is interesting.
7. Spackle1213
Great dorama. Loved every minue of every episode. This is a "must watch"!
8. tama_naj
i love it!!interesting drama...tamaki hiroshi hontou kakkoi desu!
9. strawberryfzz
So stylish and all the actors are great, plus attractive.
10. rafinharomano
Yay Panda!! Excelent drama. Very funny! I just loved it!
11. Nanaki
It deserves to be among the favorites :) Great drama.
12. marspeach
Hooks you from the start- recommended to everyone.
13. isbes83
excellent cast and exciting story line!
14. nanaenam
love this!!
super entertaining
15. bakardiri
it has Kanjiya Shihori in it..
16. ikitteru
light, funny, sweet
17. chibichan
yay Panda !!!
18. desert-raven
Fun series.
19. Pantheria
20. harusamesarada
Loved it
21. compaqmac321
22. Susan
23. nickylynn
24. thesundaywriter
25. mushroomsoup
26. Koyuki
27. rhninjaxe
28. ChapstickMurMur
29. hmm
30. bto_1999

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