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Shiawase ni Naritai [幸せになりたい]

Drama Details
Title:Shiawase ni Naritai
I want to be happy!
Season:Spring 2005

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TV Station:TBS

Everyday Hikari (Kyoko Fukada) has to take care of her sick mother and two younger brothers. They are informed that their missing father has died, and later find out he left them a huge 10 million yen debt. They are a very poor family. They have no money left, no food, and no rice either. To pay off the debt Hikari goes looking for a job. With the help of a friend, she gets a cleaning job at a the UBS TV company.

On the other side, there's Masako Nagai (Matsushita Yuki), a UBS TV Producer, who's struggling to raise the ratings of a serial drama show. Her bosses constantly yell and order her around, and her assistant is extremely unreliable too.

Hikari's happiness is paying off her father's debt. While Masako's happiness is to raise her show's ratings

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Actor/Actress Cast (7)
Fukada Kyoko
Asada Hikari
Tanihara Shosuke
Hasegawa Junichi
Ihara Tsuyoshi
Sakuma Yuuya
Tsurumi Shingo
Mejima Akira
Matsushita Yuki
Nagai Masako
Oshinari Shugo
Nakajima Youni
Ito Kazue
Hoshino Sanae

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Drama Reviews (3)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Won Over by Dimness [Rating: 7/10]
I have gone over to the dark side. I enjoyed a Fukada Kyoko comedy.

I've only seen a few comedies by Fukada Kyoko, but it seems that in every one, she stands on her mark, and makes a dimwitted statement with the same expression and same inflection for every line. Sometimes she doesn't even enunciate properly (which is acting 101), but I must admit that for the one character that she can play, she plays it well.

Fukada plays Asada Hikari, a sweet airhead from a dirt-poor family who is simply trying to pay off the massive amounts of debt hanging over her head. Matsushita Yuki plays Nagai Masako, a massively competent primetime television dorama producer who has only one flaw in her work: she's female, and all of the men above her resent it. Through a series of inexplicable events, Asada winds up as an assistant producer to Nagai as they work on a TV dorama that must be a success.

Let's start with the cons. Fukada cannot act. The ending is weak. Most of the supporting cast are cartoon characters such as the loan sharks with hearts of gold; the sexual harassing weak boss; the executive who blames everyone but himself; the selfish mother who doesn't see the sacrifices her kids are making for her sake; etc. It hammers away at all of the standard themes of women-in-the-workplace dramas such as follow your dreams, a woman over 30 who has trouble getting married, sexual harassment, it's tough in the real world, and all the rest.

Now the pros. The look into the making of a dorama is very interesting, and the background characters on the set aren't cartoon characters. The bumbling Hasegawa (Tanihara) actually has a character growth arc. Shinoda Takuma who plays the elder of Asada's two young brothers is a real acting find -- the boy's fantastic. And Matsushita puts in a fine performance caught in the middle of something close to real-to-life on the TV studio side and something close to cartoonish when dealing with Asada's problems.

And the pros outweigh the cons -- barely, but the do.

If you're a Fukada fan, this show doesn't feature her as much as, say, The Millionare Detective did, but there's still plenty of Fukada for fans to ogle. But even if cute and dim doesn't float your boat, the dorama-behind-the-dorama plot should be enough to attract most fans of the medium.

Worth a try.
Reviewed by Old-Ant on 23 September 2005
2. Big Sis gets her first job [Rating: 8/10]
Take a rags-to-riches story, give it the right dose of comedy, add a pinch of drama without melo, mix in a well-seasoned cast, set the timer to a good pace, and you've got yourself this unpretentious dish that'll charm you with every bite.
Reviewed by shari on 22 July 2007
3. hmm [Rating: 7/10]
this movie is quite good but the endding it looks like is getting for next set (like 2nd chapter)i like this movie but just the end feel lost something on it
Reviewed by Alienwork on 9 October 2005

Comments From Users (26)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by aiscess [Rating: 8/10]
A sneak peak of what�fs happening behind the camera. That caught my attention, so I decided to give this series a try. But then, when they�fre about to start filming, conflicts starts pouring in on Kyoko�fs character. So, instead of us seeing the whole drama process, which I was really excited about, it was cut off since that was not really the main plot. And what�fs worse, when they�fre about to start making a drama again, it all ends there. Oh, how I was wish there�fll be another series that will really focus on this kind of workplace.
2. Comments by IniQx [Rating: 5/10]
A rather bland drama with no surprises. A typical act-cute role by Fukada Kyoko, not much of acting skills performed by her. A nice look into Japan's TV production system, and how as usual, woman over the age of 30, unmarried, suffers as they become chess of male bosses who're obviously more useless. Unless you're a Fudaka Kyoko fan, this drama can be missed.
3. Comments by oldasianguy [Rating: 9/10]
I have to admit that I'm a Kyoko Fukada fan, so this series was easy for me to watch and enjoy...So she's somewhat of an airhead, she's easy on the eyes and fun to watch on the screen...Her acting wasn't that bad dispite a weak plot to begin with....
4. Comments by Coolsmurf [Rating: 8/10]
Regardless of anything, i have been impressed with the drama as i am drawn to how television production is all about. Kyoko Fukada acting for once i have to say, its not exaggerated. For once, its a pure acting role from her i personally feel.
5. Comments by aku [Rating: 8/10]
i like the story when Hikari strugle with her life n found interest in television, demo just not satiefied with the ending, its like unfinished story
6. Comments by Mega-L [Rating: 7/10]
many parts were boring, the main girl was cute and sweet by she got annoying towards the end, I liked the two debt collecter characters the best.
7. Comments by kinkitsuyo [Rating: 7/10]
Isn't this supposed to be Summer dorama?
anyway, I like this dorama very much because it is about TV production.... Kyoko is good too!
8. Comments by Rare [Rating: 8/10]
Really funny serie, downloaded it coz I love Shugo, but I also think Kyoko is a really funny actress, all and all - really funny!!
9. Comments by Sun_Shang_Xiang [Rating: 8/10]
Pretty good, Fukada Kyoko seems to do better in comedy and it's nice to see Matsuhita Yuki in a bigger role, she deserves it.
10. Comments by guchik [Rating: 7/10]
Kyoko-chan looks good in this dorama. Not much to expect in her acting/character but still a nice dorama to watch.
11. Comments by expanzee [Rating: 7/10]
This story is nothing special but it has the charm to make you watch it until the end. Good fo marathoning :p
12. Comments by Jellybean66 [Rating: ?/10]
Starting to watch this one today. I was told it was good and I've been putting off watching it...HERE I GO!
13. Comments by Eyeyore [Rating: 7/10]
The drama is so well written that HER presence didn't spoil the show......and my appetite for it.
14. Comments by sinned12 [Rating: 4/10]
If not for Fukada Kyoko's cuteness I wouldn't have finished watching this drama.
15. Comments by Fujishiro [Rating: 10/10]
I love the theme song!
This drama makes you happy when you watch it.
16. Comments by merumerumee [Rating: ?/10]
*will watch this in the near future once i have all the subs*
17. Comments by Q-chan [Rating: 7/10]
Funny though a little bit odd... Oshinari Shugo!!!
18. Comments by Dorochive [Rating: 5/10]
Kyoko's back with another annoying drama.
19. Comments by norani [Rating: ?/10]
Kyoko Fukada --- I Want To Be Happy
20. Comments by Akira_san [Rating: 10/10]
It was good to watch.
21. Comments by Orion [Rating: 7/10]
just ordinary dorama
22. Comments by fasix [Rating: ?/10]
I want to be happy!
23. Comments by Kendesu [Rating: 8/10]
nice drama
24. Comments by emiko [Rating: ?/10]
ep 1-2
25. Comments by Puxxn [Rating: 8/10]
26. Comments by Alienwork [Rating: 7/10]
27. Comments by InVINCiblE VINE [Rating: ?/10]
28. Comments by timmonsgray [Rating: 7/10]
29. Comments by dango [Rating: ?/10]
30. Comments by qiqi_16 [Rating: ?/10]

Users who voted for this drama (2)
1. Alienwork
this drama is kinda funny drama is quite great...
2. aku
good drama with good artist,,,FUKADA KYOKO