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Narimiya Hiroki 成宮寛貴 ( Hiroki Narimiya )

NameNarimiya Hiroki
Star SignVirgo
Birthday14 September 1982

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Narimiya Hiroki

Used to play only cameo roles in dramas until he got a role as Noda Takeshi in Gokusen. People started noticing him then, and he went on to act in dramas like K...

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Filmography (37)
Futagashira Season 2 [2016]
ふたがしら 2
Fukigen na Kajitsu [2016]
Nomura Kengo
Kaito Yamaneko [2016]
Katsumura Hideo
37.5°C no Namida [2015]
朝比奈元春 (35)
Hanasaki Mai ga Damattenai Season 2 [2015]
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松木啓介 (30)
Futagashira [2015]
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Kai Tooru
Oh, My Dad!! [2013]
Aibou 11 [2012]
相棒 11
Hidamari no Ki [2012]
Tezuka Ryoan
Umechan Sensei [2012]
Yoshioka Satoshi
Mou Yuukai Nante Shinai [2012]
Hi wa Mata Noboru [2011]
Yagisawa Takahiko
Juui Dolittle [2010]
Hanabishi Masaru
Yankee-kun to Megane-chan [2010]
Shinagawa Daichi
Bloody Monday Season 2 [2010]
J (Kanzaki Jun)
J・神崎 潤
Tokyo DOGS ~ Saiaku de Saiko no Partner [2009]
Tanashima Hideo (ep. 1)
The Quiz Show Season 2 [2009]
ザ・クイズショウ 2
Miyamoto Kenji (ep. 3)
Innocent Love [2008]
Segawa Subaru
Bloody Monday [2008]
Hachimitsu to Kuroba [2008]
Morita Shinobu
森田忍 (26)
Swan no Baka [2007]
Hadashi no Gen [2007]
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Karei naru Ichizoku [2007]
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Koumei Ga Tsuji [2006]
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Onna no Ichidaiki [2005]
Ishiyama Toshihiko (3rd Night)
Ai no Uta [2005]
Yaginuma Yusuke
Ima Ai ni Yukimasu [2005]
Aio Takumi �@
秋穂巧 (25)
M no Higeki [2005]
下柳晃一 (24)
Orange Days [2004]
Aida Shohei
相田翔平 (22)
Trick Season 3 [2003]
Kishimoto Seichi (epi 9&10)
Stand UP!! [2003]
Udagawa Hayato
宇田川 隼人 (17)
Kou Kou Kyoushi 2003 [2003]
高校教師 2003
Kamiya Yuji
上谷悠次 (20)
Gokusen [2002]
Noda Takeshi
野田 猛 (18)
Kisarazu Cat's Eye [2002]
Sarariman Kintaro Season 3 (TBS) [2002]

Users who voted for this artiste (198)
1. LoveMonster
I've seen him in Kagen No Tsuki and Gokusen. Quite fine in both of those. Honestly I have little in way of knowing whether acting is decent or not (even when the dialogue is in my native language ^^;) But Koukou Kyoushi 2003.. his role in that drama surpassed all boundries. He was just a side character but he lit up the whole screen with pure, charasmatic, utter evil. A passionate sort of evil that had me completely taken with the character- hating him, but not being able to stop watching for the life of me.

One of the very very best bad-guy roles ever. Just made me shiver.
2. haisai
he plays 2 completely different characters in "koukou kyoushi" and "stand up" and his acting makes me believe those characters: mean in koukou, crazy/funny/dorky in stand up. i like his acting. also, i love his facial expressions. even though his roles and his character personalities changes and he adapts to those personalities, his facial expressions dont change and are so distinctive and unique, so funny when he threatens someone at koukou or things some crazy stuff at "stand up". his eyes roll like they were gonna jump off and he looks on the verge of sanity, luv that!
3. anneyuu
The first time I saw him was in Koukou kyoushi 2003 and I was really shocked because I knew I hated the character but I was, at the same time, mesmerized by him.
That's how I started watching dramas with Nari-kun in. His skill in actin is terrific, imho! He's become my fav actor... He can play different roles and I forgot he's Hirokun! Great, great actor.
Also... I found him totally crazy! I love his devilish smile soooooooo much!!! My fav chara of him was Shoei in Orange Days, but I also liked him as Takumi in Ima ai ni yukimasu.
4. kchibi
noticed him in gokusen, he's soooo cuteeeXD
then in stand up, he played a similar role....you know youngsters...hehe..then orange days, he was mature but still a playboyish role....in koukou, he was the bad guy but still so hot!!
i think his acting is not bad, just that i need to see more of him in different roles like "ima ai ni yukimasu" which i havent seen yet but i think his role is of a father...and i wanna see him as Nobu in the movie "NANA", Nobu is my fav boy character in the manga so i hope he performed it well!
5. anasstassia
BRILLIANT ACTOR. How can NO one has mentioned of his REMARKABLE acting in outmost FAMOUS BLOODY MONDAY. He played as a terrorist there. An EXCELLENT and BRILLIANT portrayal there! I hate to love him and I never watched his acting before. Maybe in Gokusen but I never noticed him before.

His acting is truly remarkable for a young man. Far, far, far better than most out there. More that my personal fav Ikuta Toma or Ryo or else.

6. megumi s.
Nari-kun is indeed one of the best young actors in japan right now! he is able to pull off all of his roles very well. he can be a playboy type (Orange Days), a perverted and HILARIOUS character (Stand Up!!), downright evil (Koukou Kyoushi 2003), or a timid, honest young father (Ima, ai ni yukimasu). even though much of his popularity is due to his good looks, that aside he is still a great actor
7. K.T.Tran
This guy deserves my vote. Saw him first in Azumi, then KKK 2003, Gokusen, and now Orange Days. Great actor. I'm still surprised as to how he can play a school student, assassin, crazy psycho (played this part amazingly good in KouKou Kyoushi 2003), and a nice guy who has a romantic side. Saw him in movie NANA as well. Amazing to see him play the guitar. Looks like he really good at it too
8. azilian
WONDERFUL. He's one of the guys you don't really notice.. and then later it's like, hey he's in like 75% of the dramas I download, and he's pretty good!! From a baddie (yet incredibly hot, so i couldn't stay mad at him) in Kou Kou Kyoushi to a lovable loser in Stand Up to a fashionable Noda in Gokusen... Gawd I love him so much. Hrm.. he deserves a lot more recognition.
9. Patazilla
I started to love him for his quirky and weird depictions of characters as in Gokusen and Stand Up! and still love him for those. My recent favourite has to be Bloody Monday's J, who absolutely stole the show in the 2nd season.
If I ever need a character to cheer me up, it'd probably have to be one of his. They've all got this distinctive Narimiya-ness to them.
10. youhei_mito
this guy is definitely talented, along with looks & a unique personality to back him up. :) watched him in gokusen, kou kou kyoushi & stand up, and he seriously demands attention with his amazing acting skills. besides, i cant help noticing he has outstanding fashion sense & a really cute cheshire-cat smile :)
11. Junn
My role model for my acting career...simply the BEST actor I have ever seen. He looks very cool, is very stylish and funny. The way he smiles and the way his eyes roll back and his hyperactive reactions all show why he is one of the big young names in the acting industry today. Huge Props to Hiroki!~
12. Kagome452
Truely the Kevin Bacon of the Jdrama world!! Has starred in every good drama I've ever watched!! Innocent love, Honey and clover, Orange days, Stand Up, and even Gokusen!! Also a great movie actor in Azumi, Nana, and J-Rock star Hyde's movie, Last Quarter. Truly and actor to look out for!!
13. SweetchillixD
I don't know how a guy can be hot and cute at the same time, but he pulls it off just fine(^^,). Love watching him act in any drama. His expressions are just fascinating;) He has that extra something that others don't have. No idea what it is, but it keeps one coming back for more.
14. sanna
This guy is HOT! And he's so good in acting! First time I saw him is in Gokusen and my first thought was "This guy is HOT!" And then I followed him to Kou Kou Kyoshi where he acted like some crazy evil guy and then he turned gentle in "Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu" I love Narimiya Hiroki!!!
15. liap2
another talented artist / gd look , stylish , hot..... / like 2 see him in drama bcuz he can present many different roles which hav different personalities well or even perfect like in KOU KOU KYOUSHI 2003, STAND UP!!, ORANGE DAYS......IMA AI NI YUKIMASU
16. madsky
Not just a pretty face (a very very very very pretty face at that ^_^), Nari is a great actor. He can play a variety of different roles. I first saw him in Kou Kou Kyoushi 2003 and was amazed by his brilliant performance as such an evil character.
17. Nermal
Fantastic performances in Gokusen and Stand Up!!. Plus hyper cute! ^^ IMPRESSIVE performances in Koukou Kyoushi. Truly amazingly believable actor. And I need to mention a really great performance in Orange Days.
18. arashinokoto
kakkoii hito jyan.. he was really great in gokusen as noda.. esp in that ep when he was helping shizuka sensei.. he also cameo-ed in kindaichi 3 as ageha and in kisarazu as jun.. matsujun's great friend.. :)
19. tintedglass
Completely fell in love with him in Gokusen. omg his smile is so like totally amazing, can't even discribe it. My friend and I call him Mr. Shiny Smiley Guy. he's like incredible. s2
20. jrockreien
OH OH OH.. he is in alot of movies now... Loved ORANGE DAYS... NANA Live Action was great movie for him... didn't really notice him so much until watchin' more of him but he is cool!
21. Q-chan
Another young cute talented actor... Always play great in every movie/dorama. One of the most promising actor in Japan. Love him best in Stand Up!, Last Quarter, and Orange Days...
22. Swedish_Japan_Lover
despite his absolutley charming appearence and personality, he's a great actor with a lot of passion in any role he play, a comedyrole, a psychorole, a loveable role, he got it!
23. karen69
Nari has fashion sense and is brave to try things that others would not do. His smile is warm and cute~~~ His acting is very good and his films and drama are of wide varieties.
24. kneehard
i thought that he was really cute in gokusen..but he impressed me even more with his acting skills in ima, ai ni yukimasu. totally different characters potrayed nicely by him.
25. -TsukiKO
He has to be my all-time favourite Japanese Actor.
What's not to love about him. He's gorgeous, Funny, Extremely talented and isn't afraid to show his bum off >.<
26. Shinobu
I saw him first in Gokusen and was wondering, who this kakkoi and really stylish guy is. He has THE look, he has THE style and he has talent - that's perfect!
27. underthesky
1-Firstly, is it possible to update the picture?? Just wondering..
2-Have seen this guy in Gokusen & Azumi. ^^ He's great! Soo cutee, too.. Haha (#^.^#)
28. KokiChan
Really talented actor ! His roles are very diversified and he looks good ^^ He really can be cast as anyone in any drama and will manage to look convincing !
29. b0redomness
I love him in any drama, and any magazing scan I see of him. Wow, he's a great looking guy, and he is a great actor too. With nice hair to boot, so yeah. :D
30. Shurayuki-hime
Did a great role in Kou Kou Kyoushi 2003 even though it seemed like the guy had been watching too much Fight Club. But his performance was great anyway-

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