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GTO [麻辣教師]





Drama Details
Telecast:1998-07-07 to 1998-09-22
Season:Summer 1998

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:12 Episodes
1 Special
1 Movie

Eiji Onizuka, a graduate from a third-grade university cum a gangster head, has always wanted to be a great teacher. An opportunity has came when a school is short of a teacher and he happens to get employed! Although his gangster status and attitude create lots of headaches for many, his warmth towards teaching gradually touchs them and gains their acceptance.

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. Poison [Sorimachi Takashi]LYRICS | RINGTONE ]

Actor/Actress Cast (26)
Sorimachi Takashi
Onizuka Eikichi
鬼塚 英吉
Matsushima Nanako
Fuyutsuki Azusa
Kubozuka Yosuke
Kikuchi Yoshito
Nakamura Aimi
Aizawa Miyabi
Mizuki Nanako
Ikeuchi Hiroyuki
Murai Kunio
Yamazaki Yuta
Watanabe Masaru
Tokuyama Hidenori
Yoda Kenji
Kuroda Miki
Nomura Tomoko
Oguri Shun
Yoshikawa Noboru
Shirakawa Minami
Ooshima Chikako
Hayashi Tomoka
Tsukushima Erika
Nakao Akira
Uchiyamada Hiroshi
Shirakawa Yumi
Sakurai Akira/Sakura (SP)
Kondo Yoshimasa
Nakamata Kouji
Enjoji Aya
Kotani Hiroko
Numata Baku
Fujitomi Makoto
Kobayashi Masahiro
Hakamada Hajime
Ida Kunihiko
Teshigawara Yuu
Fujiki Naohito
Saejima Ryuji
冴島 龍二
Tateishi Ryoko
Uchiyamada Ryoko
Mabuchi Erika
Uchiyamada Yoshiko
Murakami Rikako
Murai Tsubasa
Tajima Reiko
Aizawa Reiko
Kimura Tae
Sasai Eisuke

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Drama Reviews (155)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. I finally understand why this is the #1 of all dra [Rating: 10/10]
After finally watching GTO. I've just had to write a review and I have just made an account to do so! This was one of the hole in my list and I've already watched Nodame Cantabile, Hana Yori Dango 1+2, First Kiss, Galileo, 1 Rittoru no Namida, Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake, and Nobuta Wo Produce. This has made my favourite, Nodame Cantabile, to my 2nd favourite. Guess what, GTO is my favourite now and it's really going to set the standard for all the TV dramas out there. Having watched a 1998 drama in 2008, here's what I had to say.

Let me first say for good dramas they may have all the best cast, good filmography, and perfect execution, but a great movie takes soul into making a great story and it's something not only that you enjoy while watching it but even after you feel good whenever you think about it. Unquestionably, this is a drama to be remembered.

GTO has many teachings, and of those the most important aspects of life. The actor of Onizuka, Sorimachi Takashi, he totally shines and even though it is a remake of a manga, he introduced new flavors to the character. Simply said, he made this drama very enjoyable. There wasn't a time that I disliked his acting.

There are times where you might hate the head teacher or the other teachers, but that's just part of the story. Being so, I believe something could have been done to alter that and have its own version aside from the manga/anime. And really there are some small tidbits that I thought were a little lame, but nonetheless it carried through progressively and became understandable.

Finally, what really touched me were the teachings and the very wise words from Onizuka. Near the end, I can feel the connection between Onizuka sensei and Fuyutsuki sensei. They were my favourite characters and I liked seeing them together because it showed a sense of true love. After finding out that both of them got together after GTO, later got married, and even had two daughters, made me think how lucky they both are! Both are in the same age group, and I guess love is all around.

Love, it's not about status, money, looks, or fate, it's an accomplishment to fall in love with someone that you can't live without. And remember you make your own fate, and as said in the drama, "life is not a rehearsal", so take the courage and enjoy lliving life without regrets.
Reviewed by Tranc3r on 4 April 2008
2. very disappointing [Rating: 4/10]
I was very eager to watch this drama after seeing all the rave reviews. I just finished the last episode and am definitely disappointed. I like dramas with some silliness (I loved Gokusen) but this one really requires you to turn off the logic centers of your brain.
Generally each episode contains what is often called the "idiot plot", meaning the conflict could quickly be resolved with just one sentence spoken at the right time. But then, of course, each
episode would only last 10 minutes.

Each episode is pretty much the same:
1. Some ridiculous conflict arises.
2. Onizuka takes an action which in the real world would result
in a significant prison term.
3. One or more people do a bunch ignorant things to make the
situation worse.
4. Someone makes a teary-eyed speech defending Onizuka.
5. Conflict is resolved.

Often this "great teacher's" actions are negligent and harmful to his students (like ignoring an unconscious, injured student for what appears to be hours in order to search for a lost necklace.)

I don't see what anyone sees in Takashi's acting. He seems to
have gotten his training from watching monkeys at the zoo.
Absolutely no subtlety in his performance, mostly just mugging for the camera. (Granted, there's no subtlety in the scripts so that might be part of the problem.)

There are touching moments in most episodes but they are based on such artificial situations that they don't ring true.
Reviewed by johnjeon on 4 March 2006
3. before anything, he is a star [Rating: 10/10]
with all that has been said about this drama, it is one of the best i have seen. Sorimachi plays a brilliant onizuka, and is able to, with great skill, draw in the audience to forget for even a second that he is an actor, and makes it seem that onizuka just might be an actual person. the storyline...where do i begin? the idea of even a gangster-type who never graduated from a top university becoming a private school teacher seems farfetched but this drama shows that even the biggest of dreams can come true. the motivation it brings seeing as he goes about his business in the school inspires many, if not at least me, to once again believe that perhaps anything you dream, if you truly believe and want it, can come true. the theme song Poison, sung by sorimachi himself, is something that does not easily leave the brain, with lyrics both deep and powerful. this is definately not a run of the mill drama but a classic that even now i find hard to stay away from
Reviewed by aznanimedude on 25 June 2007
4. this one touches my heart, really [Rating: 10/10]
i just loved this j-drama. unlike the other teachers especially in real life who are so mean to us mostly, i like the way onizuka treats his students especially the thing that he don't want his students to be called as trash. he really care for his students because he wants his students to have experience rather than education. he is not just a teacher but as a true friend which i have one in my school today. he really deserves to be called as a great teacher. the acting is great especially the funny ones. i just loved the movie as well. and of course, the soundtrack poison is so superb it is also very touching for me. i wish this j-drama will be aired here in the philippines so that the teachers nationwide will watch this and see what is the meaning of a great teacher. all my 10 are belong to this so you better watch this.
Reviewed by wazzup!!! on 5 August 2005
5. Recommended for teachers [Rating: 7/10]
The Story::
The story took the more interesting parts of the manga/anime, but at times it seemed that the story dragged... the ending was much better than the anime, but I wish it was more "finalized." The movie was a disappointment.
The Actors::
The chemistry between Sorimachi and Matsushima were on point! Although not the greatest actors, its easy to see why these two are so popular. Sorimachi was PERFECT as Onizuka. Matsushima was elegant as the beautiful Fuyutski. All of the students were decent, but the standout was Kubozuka (I recommend the movie "Go") and Ikeuchi.
Kinda long winded and preachy at times, but the chemistry between Sorimachi and Matsushima makes this an enjoyable show to watch. Definitely a must for teachers.
Reviewed by jondy78 on 13 March 2004
6. GTO -> One of My Fave [Rating: 10/10]
Gosh, it's indeed a great dorama!! I watched every episode with so emotional interest, sometimes it made me laugh, sometimes it made me cry, sometimes it made me think. Sorimachi Takashi is really perfect on playing his role as "Great Teacher Onizuka", he just has all the ability to play it naturally. The roles of his students are also so well done, Kubozuka Yosuke as Kikuchi, Ikeuchi Hiroyuki as Murai, Kirari as Nanako, Kuroda Miki as Tomoko, Nakamura Aimi as Aizawa Miyabi, and others are made the school's life shown so as it has to be. The conflicts happened are so real as those in the real life, and that's what made you will be touching. I highly recommended to watch this great dorama.
Reviewed by HimuraGirl on 29 August 2002
7. #1 on JDorama For a REASON! [Rating: 8/10]
Now I can understand why GTO is the #1 rated drama on JDorama - even if it might not be MY personal all-time favorite. Sorimachi Takashi is hilarious! He's so smooth and sly in his role. The series, despite boasting a "violent" teacher with a criminal past, it can be rather light-hearted and downright cute. I enjoyed the diverse characters and stories, and how Onizuka managed to heal all wounds with his unique style and attitude. Although, I have to admit that the drama special, and especially the movie, really stretched the limit as to how far you can take an outrageous character like Onizuka. However, if there's ever a GTO 2, I'd watch it.
Reviewed by Susan on 5 August 2006
8. Great story and HILAROUS [Rating: 10/10]
WHoa I love this drama. Takashi (Onizuka) a total bum in this drama lol. He becomes a teacher yet he doesnt give a crap how his students treat him, how the other teachers and principles treat him, Especially also how Nanako (Fuyutsuki) treats him. Yet in the end all his students, and teachers love him and are sooo loyal to him. Onizuka only had one priorty in this drama, and that was to take care of his students. Even for the ones who wanted to get them fired. He stilled cared about them even tho they treated him like crap. But the thing that makes this drama soo funny is the way Onizuka really never showed that he cared LOL
Reviewed by Ryo_San on 28 October 2003
9. Good Gracious!!! [Rating: 10/10]
I didn't think it was this good, this movie, when i watched it for its first few minutes. But by the passing second, I got more and more captivated by the flow of the story and the character's self-development. I didn't like it at first when I found lots of things were so different from the book. But, hey, things are better this way, i thought, cose it feels natural. The story was like following its cue naturally!!! It becomes sooooo GREATT like the GREAT teacher inside itself!! Damn!! How I wish I had a teacher like him in this lifetime!!! To spend my new year's eve watching this drama seri is not wasted!!!
Reviewed by Audy on 31 December 2001
truly the best japanese drama ever... i consider this drama a treasure in my life....and even the theme song. Poison. i consider that my inspiration song in my life... thanks JTV for this great drama... Takashi Sorimachi, Nanako Matsushima..the students which they grow up now...and all the other cast. thank you...thats why this is the number 1 in top 50 in JDorama.com.
Great Teacher Onizuka Live Drama in 9 years ive been watching this...it brings me an inspiration...it made me cry. it made me laugh most of all it touch my heart.... Thanks !!! ^_^....

Samuel Samaniego of Quezon City Philippines.
Reviewed by slashersam016 on 11 May 2006
11. Lets make today a great schoolday [Rating: 10/10]
GTO is fenomenal, it's one of my favorite. I even watch every episodes over and over. Onizuka is so cool as a teacher. And although it's not as @#%&^$& as the manga, But I personally think it's better that way. An ex-trouble maker, ends up as a teacher.....hmm maybe it is what the world today needs. His experience to handle people is superb. Sorimachi's act is great(like Onizuka always said"....omae wa GURETO(great)...."), love Rena Tanaka act at the GTO movie. And Kirari(Nanako) is so cute......Overall, it's a good drama if you want to find comedy, action, and romance in one movie.
Reviewed by kuuryu on 29 October 2001
12. Never been more annoyed in my life! [Rating: 8/10]
I've never been as annoyed with anything as with the stubborn teacher characters that plot Onizuka's demise episode in and out. The head teacher in particular made my stomach churn; I could barely even stand looking at him! So watching this drama was a sort of masochistic exercise for me, as opposed to the indelible pleasure I was hoping it would be. Toward the final episodes, there were a number of genuinely touching moments, but I think that my original viewing of the GTO movie may have moved me more. Of course, I'd probably be saying the exact opposite had I seen the drama before.
Reviewed by Kam on 29 March 2005
13. loved it [Rating: 10/10]
I think GTO is a favorite of countless amounts of people. Seriously, it was sooo funny and touching at the same time! I watched it after watching Hotman, also starring Sorimachi, so it was really shocking to see the different characters haha. Unruly class, crazy teacher, lots of life lessons. Makes me wish that my teachers were a bit more like Onizuka-Sensei...He cared for his students so much! And its super cool to see actors when they were young...like Oguri Shun. I've watched this drama several times, and it is still good. Hope you enjoy it like I did.
Reviewed by noodlefreak on 17 March 2006
14. One of the Best Ever [Rating: 10/10]
One of the first JDramas I've ever watched. It contained all of the right elements to make this one of the best dramas ever. The music, the story, the acting, and the chemistry between the people, are all superb. This is one drama that will make you laugh, will touch you, will enlighten you, and delight you all at the same time. I personally feel the key ingredient to the success of this drama is that Onizuka is played so well, his character on screen is brought out so much one can't help but connect with him and all the people around him. A must see!!
Reviewed by Hiro Toyo on 27 December 2003
15. Superb drama!!! [Rating: 10/10]
My all time favourite if i have to choose just one Jap drama (Mukodono come close).... this is the first jap drama that make me teared.... especially the last few episodes..... haha... i read the manga as well but i still loved the tv series better as it's more realistic and Takashi's Gto showed more concern for his students (i noe diehard fans of the manga wont agree wif me)... i loved the song "poison" (although i think the movie version of "poison sounds better but pls don watch the movie, it sux :) as well...
Reviewed by ben_soh23 on 11 March 2005
16. Amazing [Rating: 10/10]
This is probably on my top ten drama list because it is extremely funny, sad, and important. Takashi Sorimachi who is one of my favorite actors is amazing as Onizuka. The acting is very well done and the story is moving and extremely smart. Some of the parts in the episodes were so funny that i couldnt stop laughing. And some parts even made me teary eyed which is kindda lame for me because im a guy. This is a drama that everyone can enjoy whether comedy lover or drama lover, teenager or adult.
Reviewed by Azumanga Daioh Fan on 27 May 2006
17. Just OK for me [Rating: 8/10]
I've only watched a couple of J-dramas so far and although this one is rated high, but I think that it is only an 8. I've only seen episodes 1-4 and the special but it seems like each week Onizuka wins over another bad boy/girl in his class. He is suppose to be this cool sensei but he can seem really clumsey at times. The stories seem to be geared for students. So far it's rather predictable but I still watch it. Some of this would not be shown in the US as the censors would get to it.
Reviewed by 206 on 26 August 2003
18. A classic drama that will alsways be remebered [Rating: 10/10]
This is the third drama that i watched I love this drama and this is also was my very first takashi sromashi drama. He is so funny!

If you have seen the cartoon you know what the drama is like!
It is a good story about a formar gang member that becomes a school teacher. In his quest to get his teenage students to respect and love him. He finds out more about himself and becomes wiser. As he lives his dream of becoming the unusaual school teacher.
Reviewed by johuth on 29 March 2005
19. Good Drama [Rating: 10/10]
I loved this Drama! It was very entertaining. Sorimachi Takashi, Was a awesome Onizuka! I find that he was able to capture the feeling of him. His looks fit the part as well.

Though, I felt that Fuyutsuki was changed a lot. She was super nice and kind.... in this one she kind of annoyed me bit. But in the end I started liking her again.

I highly recommend this to fans of the anime! It a must watch because it's very cheesy and funny.
Reviewed by inuygoku on 5 February 2012
20. Now I know why its so popular! [Rating: 10/10]
I am new to Japanese and just started watching dramas. I saw this drama because my friend recommended it and all the reviews I could find on the web said it was good. So I saw it and WOW...this drama is great. Very touching and I love the character of Onizuka. The way he helps all the students are great...I especially loved the way he helped the last student(very touching)! Watch it, buy it...it wont disappoint.
Reviewed by biga816 on 11 May 2002
21. No one will rate it below 10/10 ;) [Rating: 10/10]
Basically when someone ask about which japanese dorama anyone is familiar with, I guess alot of the teens would first think of GTO.

It's a dorama where you can basically re-watch and watch for so many times. Plus it has a very nice opening theme named Poison.

For those who read this short review of mine and haven't watched this dorama, please go buy and watch it. You don't know what you're missing.
Reviewed by heimu on 12 January 2004
22. i love kikuchi!!! [Rating: 10/10]
i watched GTO last week.. hehehe.. am i too late? but i give ten thumbs <not two but ten> for this drama.. crazy..funny.. fulled with handsome actors -> aaarrrggghhh..if onizuka sensei teaches in my school, i can't imagine how i love him.. n i hope that many handsome boys in my school like in GTO.. i just want to say 4 kikuchi.. o my God.. u're so handsome...thanx God that U created this handsome man...
Reviewed by jenney_neyh on 17 June 2005
23. Better than I thought [Rating: 7/10]
I watched Gokusen before I watched GTO, so half the charm had already worn off. I really enjoyed Matsushima Nanako's performance, as well as Kuroda Miki's. The end was great, and even made me a little emotional, being a teacher myself. I think this drama is good and teaches some good morals, even if it is a bit over the top. Don't expect anything too profound or artistic, and you'll like it just fine.
Reviewed by Wynter on 13 August 2006
24. Not nearly as good as the anime [Rating: 6/10]
The GTO drama is not nearly as good as the anime is, and its not that good on its own. If i hadn't watched the anime i probably wouldnt even have wanted to keep watching the drama. Also I don't know why ppl like Sorimachi so much; he overacts way too much. Anyway, i know im going against a huge crowd when i say that but whatever. I will give the drama credit for having a good ending tho, hence the 6.
Reviewed by valmik on 5 October 2004
25. This grandaddy of high-school dramas has arthritis [Rating: 3/10]
"Great" teacher, you say? A teacher whose favorite pastime is watching porn videos and whose reckless attitude toward his students would have had him arrested? You'd think no woman in her right mind would fall for this guy who's so obnoxious and sexist that he makes his female co-teacher's blood boil every time they meet. Well, after undergoing brain removal (not revealed in the story), she does.
Reviewed by shari on 21 December 2006
26. One word "Onizuka" [Rating: 10/10]
One word "Onizuka"
This show inspired me thats for sure. This show opens a whole new level to watching televison and I can't believe it only lasted for 12 episodes and a special plus a movie. This is my all time favourite show out of all shows I have watch. I've only seen GTO as a j/drama series but comparing to popular series in the USA, for me, this show is way better. It's a master piece
Reviewed by markzor on 25 October 2006
27. GREAT! [Rating: 10/10]
its d best series iv ever seen! its a comedy drama... it can make you laugh at the same time cry!! it made me appreciate japanese films! i havnt seen the GTO movie and GTO special though, but im really trying hard finding a copy for myself! the 12 episodes are jaz very short! i want more! ONIZUKA is really one great teacher! i dunno if we can find one like him... i hope we could!! THE BEST!
Reviewed by frfefarfearz on 12 November 2004
28. Funny and touching at the same time [Rating: 9/10]
This drama is mainly a comedy but there are some very touching parts as well. Sorimachi is superb as the unconventional teacher with his own style of solving problems. The way he gradually gains the trust of the students is comical..yet touching as well. I believe after watching this show, all of us would wish we had/once had a teacher like GTO ! : )
Highly recommended!
Reviewed by esther27 on 5 June 2001
29. An overrated drama [Rating: 5/10]
I don't understand why this drama is number one in top 50. The actors are certainly good and atmosphere is quite funny but the story is completely unrealistic. That makes a lack of credibility. Criticism of japanese education model appears to me in GTO not very pertinent and the solution suggested (a professor who becomes a good friend with his pupils) is simply grotesque.
Reviewed by Koven on 7 April 2006
30. GTO rocks ! [Rating: 10/10]
Well there is not really much to say about it,GTO rules ! Eikichi Onizuka is the coolest sensei in the world,the plot is fantastic,the leading actors and the rest have done a great job as well,I finished this series in like 2 days and I still watch it when I feel low and need some boost ! This dorama is a must see,dont just miss it,you might regret if you dont watch it !
Reviewed by triyandafilisus on 25 July 2005

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Comments From Users (955)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by Dr_Pain [Rating: 10/10]
omg...this dorama is just...one of the best i've ever seen...and i really guess it is the best. there is all included what people needs. humour...seriousness...and morals for life...i felt really touched...and suffered with the studends and laughed with them the same time....i am seriously impressed. alle actors did a really good job especially our onizuka-sensei...i really felt in love with him i liked his actiing...really scary....it seemed so real >.<
anytime i thought...it would be so great if other people in this world would see this dorama especially students and teachers..i really think that onizuka is the REAl teacher...sadly there is no teacher like him in this world...
it was a really good decision to watch this dorama...i mean...in fact i wanted to see it just becuase of oguri shun who also did a great a good job here. but sooner after the first episode i came to the conclusion...the whole dorama indeed is of worth!!!
at the beginning after the first episode i thought..."hmm...okay...." but when the second episode was over it really casted a spell over me...i couldn't stop watching...
and when it came to the third episode where oguri shun was main student i really cried...in the scene when he put off his clothes and you could see his injuries... ;_____; damn i can never forget that....and i am already near the tears again when i think about it again ;_______;
i guess...a really good dorama makes up his reality...when you really feel like your inside of it...when you really moved by the story and sense how your heat is pulsating for the story and the humans in it. GTO really gave me this feeling...GTO the dorama

when it comes to the movie i didn't have the feeling....i really missed the old actors...it seemed to be totally different.
in my opinion the the sound in the background didn't suit to the rest....it was strange...anyhow the humour felt in the background...and sometimes i feel bored...although onizuka-sensei was the same person...hmm...dunno...

BUT i really love GTO....and i know that it was a really good idea to watch it. i can't imagine how it was when i didn't watch it because i think that it formed my character a bit..in a positive way....GTO is an example that shows that doramas make people thinking more about their typical day routine...

hmm now i can't imagine a life without GTO ^^" really great dorama...if you don't watch it you will miss so much!! so watch it out....please i beg you ^-^b
2. Comments by minochi99 [Rating: 10/10]
One of the best jdoramas imo. Sorimachi and Nanako really rocked in this piece. You can tell they had great on-screen chemistry and I guess it translated into real life. I've always loved the anime GTO version. So, when I watched this at first, I was skeptical. I think it's one of the harder anime characters to bring to real life. But Sorimachi did really well and very convincing too. Though he can still be over the top at times. I'm glad they added more meat to the character of Fuyutsuki sensei. Gosh, was Nanako cute in this drama. Loved her and still is one of my favorite actress. She brought a strong feminine touch to the series.

The storyline was strong in each episode and the plot was neat and tight. It flowed really well. It gets emotional at times, which makes the series stronger. I wished they had stayed more true to the anime, but I guess it would be difficult with a 12 episode series. The music was great and dramatic.

My only complaint with this series is the supporting cast. The adults were fine, no doubt, especially the guy who played Uchiyamada. The bad teachers were so bad you can't help but root for Onizuka and Fuyutski sensei. That's where the strength of the series comes from. It pulls the viewers into the struggle between both sides. However, some of the actors/actresses playing the students were downright horrible. The girl who played Nomura couldn't act if her life depended on it. She really made me cringe whenever she "read" out her lines. Ugh... Minor complaint, very minor.

Overall, one of the best jdorams ever and one I enjoy watching over and over. I definitely recommend it.
3. Comments by kumukurukuk [Rating: 7/10]
I think, its just an okay drama. If it didn't star Takashi sorimachi I would never have finished it. the stories were so-so, takashi sorimachi is such a great actor and he looks sooooooo good. Sorimachi is DAMN SEXY...I mean it !!!he is such a sexy man.
Onizuka seems to have no flaws. There was a lack of character development on his part. In every problem, he knows what to do to solve them and in the process teaches his students some wisdom. I am not bothered by Onizuka being something of a saint, someone without flaws ..hehe since I luv takashi sorimachi!!! anyway Onizuka is really like a saint. EVen though he is perverted and somewhat violent, he never did really did do anything evil throughout the drama. All he did was do the right thing. This perverted violent man facade was really necessary to at least show that he is HUMAN. The drama emphasizes Onizuka as a savior and as championing against evil. The performance/acting of the teachers outshine that of the students. The head teacher and the other Onizuka detractors were so clueless and greedy, they made my blood pressure high...... anyway, through Onizuka who they somewhat persecuted, they changed their ways and we may even say they gained salvation....its as if Onizuka was portrayed as like Jesus....maybe I'm looking into this too much ^^: Sorimachi was great in this drama!!!! he is soo cool and super sexy, even thpugh he just wears his plain shirts, he is still super sexy
4. Comments by Sorata [Rating: 9/10]
IMO this is an almost flawless story, without slow boring parts and funny&dramatic at the same time.
Most of the actors who played the students were just rookies, so they didn�Lt do a good job imo, but Sorimachi was great as Onizuka, him alone make up for all the flaws of the rookies, and an honor mention for Matsushima Nanako as Fuyutsiki.
I just don�Lt give 10 to this because i�Lm a huge fan of the character Onizuka, i saw the anime version of GTO and Shounan Jou�LNai Gumi and their manga versions plus Bad Company, and Sorimachi just don�Lt have the "Onizuka look", he was a good Onizuka in his own way, but not quiet as good as the original one: blonde, 22 year old, virgin, black belt karate, 150kg bench press, otaku and pervert lolol.
5. Comments by dnie [Rating: 9/10]
GTO is among the best doramas ever! the theme and plot is perhaps not credible but I like it. It changes a lot of my opinions and let me see through some matters in a different perspectives. Sorimachi excels as the 'abnormal' teacher, Onizuka.
He'sso cool and rooted to what he's doing and what he's inside. Nanako while remains faithful to the streotype of 'the beautiful
English teacher who cant speak English properly'. I think that is a message dispersed quitesatirically-she cant speak proper English while becoming a stewardess,LOL! Anyway, it is cool coz GTO brings us to analyze the depth and aspects of our everyday life in a
humorously and makes us think,is this rite?
6. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 10/10]
Definitely one of the best JDoramas ever produced, no exaggeration. I loved Onizuka's character and Sorimachi Takeshi just seemed to bring him to life. I was a bit skeptical at first whether or not an actor can pull off Onizuka's stunts and exaggerated, energetic personality on screen, but I was pleasantly surprised. Each episode, although the overall plot was a bit repetitive, was heartwarming and inspirational. Takeshi's off the wall stunts and gestures were really enjoyable to watch, especially because he was able to win over his students and regain their trust in teachers. Onizuka Eichi, age 22?, is definitely a teacher I would have liked to have while I was growing up.
7. Comments by akibakenji [Rating: 9/10]
I'm kind of a purist of the GTO manga, so I was quite displeased with some of the changes they made at times...However, I still really loved this one nonetheless. Sorimachi fit the role of Onizuka perfectly...he should have dyed his hair blond, though! I can't believe Oguri Shun looked like such a weakling in this one...oh how times change. I was upset they turned Fuyutsuki into a bitchy, high maintenance character, but her character change later on won me over. Matsushima was adorable as Fuyutsuki! The drama is a little overrated, but what isn't nowadays. It doesn't take away the fact that this is one of the most enjoyable experiences you'll ever see!
8. Comments by occultangle [Rating: 9/10]
Considered to be the best drama of all time in many polls, lists, and personal opinions. I am of the opinion that this is mostly because people really seem to like school dramas, and as a school drama this is certainly the best. The amount of shows that try to emulate GTO"s formula are uncountable, there is another one every year, if not every single season, and none of them can compare. personally, I don't really like school dramas very much, and that would be my only real complaint, but it wouldn't be fair to judge it by such personal standards, so if you have any interest in the subject matter what-so-ever, then this is THE show to watch.
9. Comments by michelle [Rating: 10/10]
I'm watching GTO at the moment...[up to the 3rd disc] and what can I say! SUGOI ne!! Onizuka is such a hilarious guy~ ^_^
==> SIGH....I actually wanted to finish this drama. However, I just realised I have 2 same discs for Disc 7. So, I can't finish this on time... [yeah...I've schedule on watching dramas...lol]. Anyway, so far, this drama is good. I find it very enjoyable and I always wonder that if I have a sensei like Onizuka, my life would be so different. I believe that teachers play an important role in everyone's life! Too bad all my teachers are not as understanding as Onizuka sensei. But then again, this is only a drama~ Sigh....
10. Comments by Susan [Rating: 8/10]
Now I can understand why GTO is the #1 rated drama on JDorama - even if it might not be MY personal all-time favorite. Sorimachi Takashi is hilarious! He's so smooth and sly in his role. The series, despite boasting a "violent" teacher with a criminal past, it can be rather light-hearted and downright cute. I enjoyed the diverse characters and stories, and how Onizuka managed to heal all wounds with his unique style and attitude. Although, I have to admit that the drama special, and especially the movie, really stretched the limit as to how far you can take an outrageous character like Onizuka. However, if there's ever a GTO 2, I'd watch it.
11. Comments by GreenIce [Rating: 8/10]
The first JDorama I ever bought; the fourth I watched. This dorama opened my eyes in that its not a typical drama, it's actually abit crazy and would instantly be deemed ridiculous by any self-respecting conservative society.

However, therein also lies its appeal, a certain freshness that would come to represent my favorite type of dramas, ones that are highly improbable but still vaguely possible. Takashi Sorimachi easily pulls off the cool gangster teacher thingie. Laughs abound and feel-good factor kicks in everytime an "episode problem" is solved. Matsushima Nanako is _hot_. Overall, great dorama to catch.
12. Comments by xiangh [Rating: 8/10]
At the beginning, the story is too much mike a reapeat from the manga and anime, yet without German Souplex. So it did not seem so interresting and I continued watching mainly out of Onizuka fanhood.
Nevertheless it differenciates as the story goes on and some episodes were real fun.
As a side note, I disapprove that they made Onizuka so "Boys Band", and was quite disapointed by Murai Mother. Fuyutsuki, on the other hand, is even better in the drama than in the manga (yet, very different).
Note also that the special drama is quite good (I think), while I would rate the movie as "pure boredom".
13. Comments by apple_grenade [Rating: 5/10]
Eh... No. Seriously. The weekly plots are damn cliched. A lot of what Onizuka said did not make an ounce of sense to me. The cast of students are neither pretty nor convincing (if they're pretty then at least there's something for me to look at. And we all know what's important here: ME. Ahem...)

As I was saying, I don't like this drama very much. Prefer the manga. The ending is also pretty corny. And gods, I couldn't stand the voice of whoever it was who played Tomoko.

So why did I watch this, you ask?

Well, It was all Oguri-san's fault. Blast him. >.<
14. Comments by epin8 [Rating: 5/10]
I didn't liked this drama that much. I found Sorimachi Takashi 's acting kind of irritating. Because of that weird smile of his al the time. This drama can never compare to the anime which displays a totally different and richer character for Onizuka Eikichi then displayed in this drama. I remember laughing my ass off watching the anime, hoping to keep laughing with GTO in this tv adoptation, i really got dissapointed. I prefer the Gokusen drama above the GTO drama, with all the respect to the very good Gokusen drama, shouldn't make any sense at all.
15. Comments by ScrappedShinigami [Rating: 7/10]
A really good JDorama! I watched this because it's so hyped up and whenever you get a new School Teacher drama it is ALWAYS compared to this. I must say I thought it was really fantastic. He made me laugh so much the class made me really angry at times and where I felt I could never forgive Miyabi... of course when she turned herself around I forgave her right away... I'm so fickle ha ha.
Onizuka and Fuyutsuki made a really cute couple, I think it's really sweet that they're married in real life.
Anyway definitely worth a watch in my opinion!!!
16. Comments by krazeealiens [Rating: 10/10]
OMG my very first JDorama... and wat got me into watching JDorama... GTO... i loved it... takashi is sooo cute... hes such a great actor... and omg having the chance to see my favorite actors... oguri shun, Kubozuka Yosuke as a child... omg... they were sooo cute... and then finding out dat the two main characters sorimachi takashi and matsushima nanako met each other and fell in love on GTO and got married later after dat OMG... i just love them and just recently bring a baby girl into this world... OMG i just love them...
17. Comments by KusMoG_X [Rating: 10/10]
An absolutely great drama! This was the first japanese drama i'd ever completed watching. Just about every episode is hilarious as it is emotionally touching. The most teary-eyed moments for me were the episodes with Tomoko-chan. Better than the anime! The manga is the best adaptation imo, but this version did a commendable job of changing the story without ruining it. Thanks to this drama, I find it hard to see Sorimachi as anyone else other than Onizuka himself. He even has the exagerrated facial expressions! A classic.
18. Comments by ben_soh23 [Rating: 10/10]
My all time favourite if i have to choose just one Jap drama (Mukodono come close).... this is the first jap drama that make me teared.... especially the last few episodes.....
haha... i read the manga as well but i still loved the tv series better as it's more realistic and Takashi's Gto showed more concern for his students (i noe diehard fans of the manga wont agree wif me)... i loved the song "poison" (although i think the movie version of "poison sounds better but pls don watch the movie, it sux :) as well...
19. Comments by dekatrain [Rating: 10/10]
This show makes the likes of Gokusen and co. look pretty lame in comparison...Sorimachi steals the show convincingly as Onizuka and it was just amazing that he could portray such a wild, uneven character with such precision and grace...The ending is probably one of the greatest finales you'll see...and i think it sums up the quality of the show in general. Also, even though it is now 8 or so years on, the drama still relates very much to the present, and i think that it is one of the drama's greatest attributes...
20. Comments by BijinDatta [Rating: 10/10]
I was a little turned off at first simply because it was a '90s show and I promptly attached the whole '90s, ridiculously cheesy show-sterotype to it. But let me say this - I have never, cried so much for any show ever. This show packs such an emotional wallop, it's a little embarassing to admit. But the cast has some of the strongest chemistry I've yet to see in dramas of late. Sorimachi Takashi is one of the best Japanese actors I've ever watched! This is a must for anyone beginning to watch Japanese dramas.
21. Comments by marzyu [Rating: 6/10]
I seriously dun see why everyone likez this drama? I dun think it'z great at all?! This is my opinion so please dun saying *beeps* about me! I thought this drama wuz pretty weird! I mean it'z warming that Onizuka tries his best to make his studentz happy but if he actually helped the skewlo and did not even kidnapped the studentz why did he still get fired!? And also just becuz one councillor betrayed them doesn't mean all teachers are like dat! Great Teacher?! I'll leave it to u ^.<
22. Comments by rikastar [Rating: 10/10]
Great Teacher Onizuka! Sorimachi was awesome in this role. Onizuka sensei is my favourite dorama sensei so far. :) Some students are quite annoying here, like the pretty girl Aizawa. But others like Nanako and Tomoko were cute. Oguri Shun was also great as the shy boy who gets bullied. I really like watching Sorimachi being all baka and funny instead of serious and cool because as cool as he looks, I find that he does the baka character so well that it's really endearing.
23. Comments by Tachii [Rating: 9/10]
I read the manga before I watched it. It (the drama) was good nonetheless. I think they made the romance a bit more obvious, since the manga only featured Onizuka helping just about every one of his students with their problems (at least 5 kids wanted to commit suicide :|). Probably one of my all-time (anime) role-models. Ridiculously strong and stupid at times, but have all the wisdom in the world to help other people. Students and teachers and parents alike.
24. Comments by yume [Rating: 9/10]
This is the classic that spawned so many teacher dramas, alright! And I know why! Onizuka-sensei is really kickass! And he's funny. Sure, there is no way one person can always be the hero and know the right things to say (which Onizuka initially never does, but eventually learns--so it is a little drama-esque), but we can have fun watching this light-hearted but kind of serious drama about the relation between students and faculty members.
25. Comments by nishishi [Rating: 6/10]
Not a bad dorama (considering that GTO is kind of old) but far from being the best school dorama ever. The casting is so-so... altough i really like most of Sorimachi's works GTO definitely is not one of his bests. Lots of not known actors in this one that made their careers after this show... so i give GTO some credits for that. The theme song is the worst music ever. There r many better school doramas to watch.... but GTO is worth a try.
26. Comments by jdfan [Rating: 10/10]
Sorimachi's strong performance make this comic-book based drama a fun and energetic show to watch. What's more, it sometimes makes you reconsider whether or not you have always done everything 'by the book'. Maybe breaking the rules can also be fun and useful once in a while... A very nice comedy. High rating with two very popular stars. Never a dull moment. This was my first Japanese Dorama and I can't stop thereafter! It's really good�c
27. Comments by Sleepingstar [Rating: 8/10]
Whole story is a bit silly and some things are a bit stupid and not realistic at all, but it's not like they were going for realism here anyway. Rather there actually lies message here what for they were going making these stereotypic and a bit aggravated characters. But it's not like this dorama is perfect for sure, though it's good and enjoyable to watch. It was also first Japanese drama I watched so I might be overrating it :P.
28. Comments by Helena [Rating: 8/10]
e reason y i watch it is becoz is so damn popular, high rating, e manga, e movies n etc, n since im quite new in japanese drama, so i guess im just following e majority then, n YES! i really enjoy watching this drama, usually im only into romantic kind of story, but surpisingly i really like this drama, great teacher w great attitude n of course not 2 mention e superb acting from Matsushima Nanako n Sorimachi Takashi
29. Comments by michiru3 [Rating: 10/10]
What more do I need to say? It's GTO. This was one of the first doramas I've watched (like, 3rd series, i think) and I gave it a 10 b/c at that time, I really enjoyed it. But since then, I've seen better ones and I could see all the flaws in this one. Sorimachi over acts, but it works in GTO. The students were all great. The only annoying part were the teachers. They were all so mean, petty, and just plain annoying.
30. Comments by meiohsetsuna [Rating: 8/10]
My first drama ever. I had heard the GTO anime was good but I got ahold of the LiveAction first. This led me into the new world of JDorama! I thought Sorimachi Takashi was uber cute and so is his wife! Glad they got married IRL. ^_^ The story is awesome, you gotta love the thought of having a teacher who would stick out his neck for you. And a cute one at that! Great cast overall, I want a teacher like that!

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Users who voted for this drama (682)
1. minochi99
My first jdorama and still one of the best. One of my favorites that I can watch every now and then without getting bored. Has 2 of my favorite performers in Sorimachi and Nanako. The on screen chemistry was crackling. I don't know if it's great acting or not, but you can see love and "lust" ;-) in their eyes when they look at each other. They made the show.
Emotional and heartfelt. I'm studying to get into grad school to be a professor. Of course, GTO wasn't my inspiration. But, it serves as a positive reinforcement that teaching is a wonderful and needed profession. Highly recommended and 10 thumbs/toes up!! Not surprising it has the most votes. It's a can't miss for any jdorama fans.
2. takim
GTO is fenomenal, it's one of my favorite. I even watch every episodes over and over. Onizuka is so cool as a teacher. And although it's not as @#%&^$& as the manga, But I personally think it's better that way. An ex-trouble maker, ends up as a teacher.....hmm maybe it is what the world today needs. His experience to handle people is superb. Sorimachi's act is great(like Onizuka always said"....omae wa GURETO(great)...."), love Rena Tanaka act at the GTO movie. And Kirari(Nanako) is so cute......Overall, it's a good drama if you want to find comedy, action, and romance in one movie.
Reviewed by kuuryu on 29 October
3. enen_shun
ahhh ~~ GTO is my ever every first drama which i could repeat watching it over & over again !!!! i remember GTO was the hit drama discussion in my primary sch class in 1998/1999 ~~~ GTO was my first every japanese drama i've ever bought in my life ~ at that time japanese drama vcd could only mainly be found in Takashimaya ~~ heez ~~ i've watched GTO all over for 20 over times i tink ... haha ~~~ a very touchy story .. Onizuka is a very noble teacher ... how i wish i could have such a good teacher ~~~ GTO really rawks my life ! Even till now ~ this drama is the only drama which i could not resist watching it !!!!!!
4. CheeSauce
I am voting for this as the greatest drama for the same reasons why everyone has been voting for it for the past 8 years... IT IS SO FREAKIN GOOD!!! It doesn't have HOT guys and is not over populated with famous singer or models. The characters and the storyline just rocks! All of the actors bring out the characters and every story just fits so perfectly. I am a big fan of the manga but I like the drama so much better (although many people will disagree with me.) I am still waiting for a drama to top this one but I don't think that is possible <3
5. donna8157
One of the most inspiring dramas ever produced, GTO will surely touch you. The energetic and idealistic Onizuka Eikichi enters a school and is told to teach a class full of delinquent students. The students who believed that this teacher would be another push over find themselves in new territory when the teacher shows that he isn't afraid to raise a fist, speak his mind, etc. Not only are the students changed for the better, but so are the other teachers that work there.
6. Helena
e reason y i watch it is becoz is so damn popular, high rating, e manga, e movies n etc, n since im quite new in japanese drama, so i guess im just following e majority then, n YES! i really enjoy watching this drama, usually im only into romantic kind of story, but surpisingly i really like this drama, great teacher w great attitude n of course not 2 mention e superb acting from Matsushima Nanako n Sorimachi Takashi
7. Taurmindo
i saw this after watching the anime (kind of fell in love with the story, characters and concept). this drama is way better than the anime, and i still loved the anime. great acting by them all, especially sorimachi takashi who makes this one of the best characters ever. with the anime on 40+ episodes, this felt a little short though, i really would have wanted to see more.
8. Freigest
Great teacher Onizuka is one of the greatest japanese dramas which I have watched. GTO was my first drama and after that there were no return. Since then I have started to watch more and more different kind of drama series. I have all sort of drama series but I haven't found for a match to this prilliant and entertaining drama. I'd say this serie is the one of the best.
9. Shindou
My first, and my favourite. A riveting and inspirational jdorama driven by an unconventional Sorimachi Takashi as GTO. The script was very well adapted from the manga and kudos goes to the cast for a terrific job in portraying their characters so convincingly. If you haven't watched this, you are missing out on one of the greatest jdoramas ever.
10. Organized Chaos
This dorama, in opinion was the mother of all teacher/student doramas. The plot was so great it gave birth to similar school doramas like Gokusen and Gachibaka. I was totally hooked on this dorama. It could be funny or serious when it wanted to. I love Onizuka's way of teaching, he can be my highschool teacher anyday!
11. Stresemann
GTO's the most inspirational show I've ever watched. Not even sure why; Onizuka just resonated with me for some reason. Onizuka's an impeccable leading man--he's imperfect but good-hearted, not to mention extremely funny and highly unpredictable. Dig the rest of the cast, too, but this is really the Onizuka show.
12. Feng
GTO was surprisingly very good--although the individual problems of Eikichi's class were on their own levels, I enjoyed watching how he solved them, and by his own means. I'm glad that this series was able to express that there ARE teachers that care about their students than treating them like profit or trash.
13. kimurababe
funny, unconventional, and endearing, this series gets my vote for the best dorama ever! sorimachi takashi is just perfect as onizuka and nanako was charming as ms. fuyutsuki. the supporting cast was equally great (nice to see a young kubozuka yosuke here). gto should be included in any jdorama lover's list!
14. Patazilla
I really enjoyed watching this. All the actors do a great job, especially Sorimachi Takashi, who's just too awesome... The last episodes were just breathtaking exciting, as it should be and the whole dorama had some good ideas. One of the best school-doramas I've ever seen... amusing, exciting, hilarious!
15. ^aPPLe^
Loved this drama.. i still watched it from time to time, and still loving it... takeshi is so cooll... his character is laidback, and funny, not forgetting cool ^^ i've watched more and more drama, but GTO is still the best i've ever watched... watching GTO makes me feel energized and optimistic ;)
16. Ryu-Kun
i really like it. there are several changings in the storyline and the chacter-design, but wayne ? the GTO-feeling is absolutly there and that counts. Sorimachi Takashi doesnt really look like onizuka, but he has lots of style. Ikeuchi Hiroyuki was perfect casted, i directly knew his role :)
17. Hontoni_Kawaii
GTO is such a GREAT series!!! So cool & interesting and very funny! even though the Live Action series isnt as GREAT as the ANIME ^_~ - I still liked it very much since it was based on the main idea of the anime - and it was GREAT indeed! Plus Onizuka is sooo CUTE! ^^
18. Jani
Undoubtedly one of the best jdramas ever. And even though the years will go by, it will undoubtedly never lose its charm. From the casting down to the story to everything else, it is one of the classics. A must watch for anyone even those remotely interested in jdramas.
19. effronterie
My first j-dorama ever, and still one of my absolute favorites :) Love the chemistry between Nanako and Takashi, and I love that each episode is a little story in itself. I know this is supposed to be a fun comedic type series, but the last few episodes made me cry :)
20. thomas.k
Sorimachi Takashi acts kind different from the original character from the manga/anime, but overwall he gets the point and create his own style. The story itself is amazing. If you like people who break the rules that they belive were wrong, this is your drama.
21. Pisces
All I can say is that before GTO, I was persuing business for money. Now I am persuing Engineering for passion. GTO has a big influence in the way I see life. Also,, I learn to like classes in which the professor is hard but I can learn a lot from them.
22. Chokoreto_Gal
can i give 15 out of 5? this dorama have everything (basically..)you name it!sad?happy?touching scene?love affair?pshyco teacher? everything!really love sorimachi acting...and this dorama have most of artist that i like! highly recommend dorama...
23. aitri
the dorama that got me completely hooked on doramas! Great dramatic elements as well as its comedy, with good acting of course! and of course the theme music in any of its varieties (vocals/piano solo/instrumental) adds a great touch to it all!
24. sword_of_heaven
Very entertaining series, and interesting to watch a teacher behave a lot more like a student. And boy was I surprised to see so many of those students who turned out to be successful actors in their own right - quite an old series, isn't it?
25. Wisteria
This is definitely a great series, funny and touching, Sorimachi Takeshi is very good as Onizuka, able to bring out the different sides to the character. The storyline is similar, yet different from the anime and manga, but is still as good.
26. tsukushi
There's a reason this is the number one rated drama. It rocks!!!! Onizuka is an amazing character. And the kids each have great stories! When I am watching it, I can't help but smile from ear to ear! If you love j-drama, you'll LOVE GTO!!!
27. insomniac
a very entertaining dorama. an all in one show - drama, comedy, action. great cast. never a dull moment.

i envy his (onizuka) students. though he resorts to violence at times, he's such a caring teacher his students - really caring.
28. xiong_here
My first DORAMA and I loved it. Don't expect the manga but its a great adaptation of it. Sorimachi is an excellent and eccentric Onizuka...I love BOTH Manga and Dorama Onizukas! It doesn't just stop with the series, watch the movie!!
29. Jumpdiva
VERY good drama. It was a change from most other Teacher helps students type drama, but this was in an extremely hilarious way. Loved it!

A definite worth seeing drama, especially for those who enjoy comedic relief over romance.
30. Onyx
I just love these series, I really enjoyed watching them, and they made me laugh, moved me, kept me in suspence, suprised me, and even taught me some things. If you're ever gonna watch japanese movies/drama's this is a good start.

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