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Good Luck !! [グッドラック!!]





Drama Details
Title:Good Luck !!
Telecast:2003-01-19 to 2003-03-23
Season:Winter 2003

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TV Station:TBS
Duration:10 Episodes

Having achieved his life-long dream of being a pilot, Hajime is first officer on an international jetliner and is now working to become a captain. But he can't seem to please Captain Mizushima, who has become an exacting taskmaster since an air incident many years ago. To complicate matters, he begins a relationship with stubborn and straight-talking mechanic, Ayumi, whose parents died many years ago in the plane crash for which Captain Mizushima feels he is responsible. What follows is a story of 21st century love, dreams and passion.

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. Ride on Time [Yamashita Tatsuro 山下達郎]

Actor/Actress Cast (17)
Kimura Takuya
Shinkai Hajime
新海元 (29)
Tsutsumi Shinichi
Kouda Kazuki
香田一樹 (40)
Shibasaki Kou
Ogawa Ayumi
緒川歩実 (24)
Uchiyama Rina
Fukaura Urara
深浦うらら (23)
Kaname Jun
Abe Takayuki
阿部貴之 (26)
Danta Yasunori
Ota Kenzaburo
太田健三郎 (45)
Kuroki Hitomi
Togashi Noriko
富樫のり子 (38)
Takenaka Naoto
Naito Jane
内藤ジェーン (45)
Ikariya Chosuke
Shinkai Ryoji
新海良治 (60)
Nakao Akiyoshi
Shinkai Makoto
新海誠 (16)
Nishiyama Mayuko
Yoon Son Ha
Pak Mee Suk
朴美淑 (22)
Azumi Shinichiro
Azumi Ryujiro
安住龍二郎 (29)
Kato Takako
Harada Miwako
原田美和子 (32)
Ichikawa Miwako
Ogawa Kaori
緒川香織 (26)
Iwaki Koichi
Mizushima (ep1)
Ishida Eri
Ushijima Misa (ep6)

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Drama Reviews (64)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Review for Good Luck !! [Rating: 8/10]
Being and aviation buff I must say this is one of the best aviation drama's I have seen compared to the Hollywood junks you get in the movies. Sadly while the directors tried to explain the story life of a pilot in high detail there still lack some accuracy.

But to the good points first. In terms of the technical quite a lot of the plots were well replicated such as the dispatch& NOTAMS pilot briefing rooms. As for the flight deck shots they were also well replicated. To give a few most of the procedures call outs that were played by the actors were also very accurate to the details used by everyday pilots e.g. the landing call outs sounded by Capt Kouda and Shinkai during the Honolulu landings. What really impresses me was details like the Capt Kouda take off sequence. You actually see he pushes a button in front of the throttle quadrants. That is actually real as they are the TA/GO switches used by pilots to do full automatic throttle control take off. Another example was the bad weather landing at Tokyo sequence that Shinkai and Kouda did which required the automatic pilot landing. Pushing the APP switch at the MCP activating the 3 pilot switch and all accurate.
Sadly while a lot of detail was put into making the drama extremely believable there were some shots taken by the film crew that could have been better with more efforts on their side. For example many times you will see confusion in the airplane sequence where they shot 747-400 in flight and a 747-200 at the ramp making it confusing which aircraft Shinkai was flying Even worst the first episode shot showing his senpai and him using a B767 and later on flying a 747 (the gear door opening sequence). Also the cockpit is another problem. It was model against a 747-400 so during the times Shinkai was flying a B767 or a B 747-200 would be actually totally different. Another shot that was strange was when Shinkai did the ground check of the aircraft and found a feather in the engine. That was clearly a B767 but later on you see him and the Capt flying a B747. The directors should have stick to one aircraft type shots that would have made if very realistic.
Non-technical the story line was driven by the typical Japanese company concept of respecting your senpai and juniors always fearing their seniors. This is actually not true in the case of aviation companies I would assume would be the case for actual ANA practise as well. In a flight while the Capt is responsible for everything the relationship between a co-pilot and Capt. is more colleagues orientated as appose to senior – junior relationship. Capt normally seek advice and opinions of Co pilots during any crisis and decision making to reduce error of judgment. Also for any decision made BOTH pilots MUST be in agreement. Also Co-pilots are also trained to the capacity equivalent and proficiency as the Capt. Meaning Co-pilots can carry out all necessary duties without the aid of a Capt if the necessity arises. So the first episode sequence is not very realistic from an aviation point of view. The rank associated with is merely due to seniority in the company and not to the level of competence or knowledge of the pilot in question.

All in all it is still an impressive Drama catering for the usual hustle bustle of Japanese life while adding the realistic ness of a pilots life or a co pilots life to be more exact.
Reviewed by ac1097 on 19 February 2005
2. Good, but really cliche [Rating: 7/10]
I�fm a little disappointed in this drama. Not because it was bad. In fact, this drama was very good. I think my expectations for it were just too high. I�fve heard so many grand reviews that my anticipation swelled to the point where I was expecting nothing but the best.

To be fair, the cast truly delivered. Kimura was brilliant, as usual, and it was nice to see him portray a character in moments of weakness. Shibasaki Kou was charming and truly shined in that modest, humble way she has with her audience. I was truly shocked with Tsutsumi Shinichi and his portrayal of Koda Kazuki. I have only previously seen him in Lunch Queen and his character was completely different. I was very impressed with his performance. Uchiyama Rina was really annoying in the beginning. Her pathetic, pushy character was not at all appealing. However, after her starring episode, when she fell back into just being an �gextra�h, she became a silly, loud, colourful personality again and was easier to watch. Of course, to balance her painful role, there was Kuroki Hitomi. I could tell right away that she is a gifted actress with quite a bit of experience. I�fm still in shock that she�fs nearly fifty. She has far more star quality and talent than most actresses in the business today.

It was the plot that let me down. The story was far too average. It was one big cliche�L. We have the protagonist (Kimura) who is a young, handsome, upbeat individual who acts carefree but is really in love with his job and has a deep soul. Then we have the antagonist (Tsutsumi), who is perfect in all things the protagonist fails in, and causes much grief for the protagonist�c in the beginning. The protagonist than realizes that the antagonist is in fact a nice guy and begins to respect him. In the end, the protagonist proves himself to the antagonist by some heroic act, and thereby makes himself equal to the antagonist, who in turn acknowledges and befriends/respects the protagonist. In the midst of all this, we have the female lead (Shibasaki) who is simply there as a vessel through which both the protagonist and antagonist can reveal their inner selves to the audience. Mix in some extras for comedy relief, and you have yourself a story.

I was disappointed when Koda�fs past experience was revealed. It seemed really anti-climatic. I was assuming that he was the survivor of a crash, but instead the incident was lame. I was also disturbed by Shinkai�fs quick decision to go through a surgery that had less than 10% success rate. If he cared about flying as much as he claimed, why gamble so readily? And his recovery took all but 5 minutes of the show. Why all the drama if you�fre not going to play up the part? Because the main plot is thin, each episode has an inciting incident specific to that one episode. If it hadn�ft been for the amazing talent in this drama, I�fm not sure if I would have enjoyed it.

As it stands, this drama does have an amazing cast, and I enjoyed the drama�c regardless of its blueprint plot.
Reviewed by Wynter on 9 May 2007
The Cast:
Kimura Takuya, Tsutsumi Shinichi, Shibasaki Kou, Kuroki Hitomi, Takenaka Naoto

In a Nutshell:
Commercial pilot Shinkai Hajime sets his sights on earning another stripe, but must first navigate through workplace issues, personal dilemmas, and unexpected romance at All Nippon Airways.

Aerodynamically Challenged

On the surface, Good Luck! looks as sleek as a newly minted Airbus, with all the modern trappings of a workplace renai. But the plot encounters some, uh, turbulence due to contrived situations and mediocre writing in the first half.

The opening sequence is promising enough with its brisk editing, modish music and saturated tropical hues (very One West Waikiki�c look it up, heh). But after the initial thrill of watching a tan, toned, topless (!!!) Kimura Takuya sprint through downtown Honolulu in the first few minutes, the rest of the first episode, well, never really takes off.

The pilot *wink, wink* episode is usually a pretty reliable gauge of how the rest of the drama will play out. There are some exceptions, of course, as some dramas get progressively better and end up surprising you, while others get progressively worse after a pretty promising start. Good Luck! is no such exception. So why does this drama fail to, uh, leave the ground? *more winking* Hmmm, let me count the ways�c

Good Luck! may be technically smooth and glossy (TBS certainly didn�ft stint on the production values and overseas shoots, I�fll give �eem that), but the story also suffers from faulty writing and (amateurishly) tries too hard to string together what the writers must have thought were Cute Rom-Com Moments and Cool Pilot-y Moments (they must have been contractually obligated to include at least 3 of each per episode, heh). Many situations have a manufactured feel, and seem like they were written in as mere springboards to An Important Moment in the story.

Full-length review:

Reviewed by Ender's Girl on 15 June 2009
4. Good, but a bit overrated. [Rating: 7/10]
This is more like a 7.5. The story is descent and I really did like the interaction between Shinkai and Ogawa. I also liked the constantly evolving relationship between Shinkai and Kouda. However, the plot is really slow moving, especially at the beginning, and the comic relief is a little bit cheesy. I originally watched it because of the high ratings and the fact it had Uchiyama Rina and Yoon Son Ha in it, two actresses I've enjoyed watching in the past. However, I found both of their character's annoying, although Rina's character does change, matures, and develops nicely in episode 5. I think this drama is a bit overrated and gets its high reviews because of the strong cast that includes Kimura Takuya and Shibasaki Kou. I also didn't like how they didn't devote any time to Shinkai's recovery from leg surgery. The writing is a bit spotty. Overall, I found the first 4 episodes to be rather boring but the last 6 episodes were good but not great.
Reviewed by mrsmith10 on 12 January 2011
5. Good show [Rating: 8/10]
Takuya Kimura is the cool dude as always but his character in this drama is better rounded in the interplay of his family ties. He is often the maverick in his dramas. So it is refreshing to see him as a grudgingly respectful son to his reticent father and a caring, playful bully to his younger brother. Beneath the macho veneer of all three, is an understated love for each other.

His leading lady is not the usual chatty feminine but an ice-cool mechanic that straddles the motorbike. Though her role is rather limited. From the start, both are reluctant to admit their mutual attraction and keep stealing sidelong glances at each other.

The plot (case by case flight incidents and encounters) is not very substantial but carried through by the good performance of the cast. Overall entertaining. Especially if one is a Takuya Kimura�fs die-hard (like me) just so to catch his cool vibes!!
Reviewed by yuka on 4 May 2003
6. Refreshing, light-hearted and funny [Rating: 8/10]
Enjoyable star studded cast that portray individuals with realistic ideals and struggles. Kimura Takuya, great performance as per usual. Kou Shibasaki was wonderful with her realistic portrayal as the icy cool mechanic Ayumi Ogawa. Very believable and refreshing in that her character represents a departure from this stylized ideal of Japanese femininity. Kuroki Hitomi as Noriko Hitomi was awesome and lovely looking as ever. A seasoned actress with a great capacity when it comes to acting. Not as uber-depressing as some dramas that leave you drenched in tears. If you want to watch something light-hearted and romatically mellow, this might be your thing. Some intense dramatic moments but balanced out so as not to be too "heavy."
Watch it....and "good luck."
Reviewed by Tu_triky on 9 May 2005
7. Great drama. [Rating: 10/10]
I personally thought this was a great drama. I really like Kimura Takuya character in this drama. Shibasaki Kou on the other hand had a totally different character from him. I actually think it's funny when they quarrel all the time (but most think it's annoying, yes i know.) I seriously didn't like Tsutsumi Shinichi charcter in the drama, but if it wasn't him, then I don;t think Kimura Takuya would be as motivated in his job, but then he loves his job as a pilot anyway.
After watching the drama, i feel unsafe to go on the plane again. XD jk jk. Well, I just learnt that many things can happen on the plane and that everyone had to co-operate so well in order to keep passengers fell safe on the plane. I really like the last 3 episode of the drama. Kimura <3 LOLZ!
Reviewed by princess on 4 March 2005
8. Very impressed. [Rating: 10/10]
This is actually one of my favorites. Another great one for Kimura Takuya.

I liked how they showed Kimura's character interacting with his family, playing around with his brother and trying to get through to his father.

It seems like every character has something unique to add to the plot. I loved watching the subtle romance grow between Shinkai (Kimura) and Ogawa (Shibasaki), and Koda (Tsutsumi) finally loosening up and trying to start his relationship with Togashi (Kuroki) over. Then there was comic relief from Shinkai's crazy neighbor, and the pilot Naito Jane (Takenaka), who I really liked.

I found the flights and incidents interesting. This drama makes me think pilots are so cool! It's definetly one everyone should look into watching.
Reviewed by madsky on 29 April 2005
9. Good luck over Pride [Rating: 9/10]
I would pick Good Luck over Pride, because Pride is too DRAMATIC, the main reason is that 90 % of the plot focus on Halu and Aki.Every thing happens will affect them , soon or later. Overall I think It's a dragging love story. Aki has not much personality,I would like to see more. She can act, she has a pretty face , wish she could be more interesting.
GL is simple funny ( of course Takuya stole the show ) but this serie focus more on other people's life goal. We has a chance to see and understand other despite from the main characters. The love story may not be as strong mentioned as in Pride but It's much more enjoyable for me.=P
Reviewed by rainbowtonight on 17 June 2006
10. Recommended! [Rating: 9/10]
The acting by Tsutsumi is fabulous (esp. Episode 9... very touching indeed). You get your same old Takuya with the different hairstyle. Shibasaki Kou's character is rather strong, but I don't really see a strong chemistry built between her and Takuya's character Shinkai. I'd have loved to see someone like Kanno Miho in that role instead, which would make the show even more fabulous. The supporting cast lead by Kuroki Hitomi is respectable, although not overly exceptional (maybe because they don't have much chance to develop)

The OST is fantastic for this drama. Anyway, I would recommend this to any dorama viewer.
Reviewed by nhk9 on 25 February 2006
11. Watch this with your gf! [Rating: 10/10]
amazing and I'm blown away by the theatrical quality of this drama. I'm moved with inspiration from the soundtrack, acting chemistry, and directorship of this drama. It's been a while since I've found a favorite. Shibasaki's acting was was great and I feel very convinced about her hidden sorrows from just watching her facial expressions. Kimu is great as usual. Tsutsumi is also great in his straight and sharp appearance. I could not put this down and now I have to eat and go potty. I wished to hold my potty longer than 10 eps, so I guess I'll start from the beginning all over again.
Reviewed by gizm092 on 1 June 2004
12. b (^.^) d [Rating: 8/10]
another decent takuya drama starring a very solid casting....the 4 leads portrayed their characters quite well (takuya, shinichi and hitomi did fantastic although i wus hoping more from teh usual icy kou), alongside funny, and good supporting cast (rina wus cute at times but most of teh time friggin annoying but shes jokes nonetheless, same with ota and june guys, pretty funny)...storywise, pretty predictable throughout teh beginning and middle, the end episodes peaked the interest again but with foreseen results...all in all, i rate it 8.5, a bit behind beauty or beast....
Reviewed by Baka Senpai on 3 May 2004
13. Don't miss It!! [Rating: 10/10]
A perfect story with perfect casts available in this dorama. Kimutaku, Shibasaki Kou, Tsutsumi Shinichi, Kuroki Hitomi, and many more. The storyline was special and meaningful in each episode. You will see man's desire and love to achieve his dream. How Shinkai (Kimutaku) show his ability, profesionalism, and his dedication to his job. There will be a nice love story about Shinkai and Ayumi (Kou), the engineer. Nice scene, great script, perfect cast, and beautiful scene in the ending. So, what do you wait for!Hurrry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good Luck!! Suki desu!
Reviewed by makimura_RAn on 16 January 2004
14. It was a good try..... [Rating: 7/10]
The writers tried their best to make a story out of a pilot. It's just not too realistic though. But then again, it's a drama, so things happen to these people every episode, but I sure wouldn't fly with them in real life. Kimura Takuya is his brilliant self, but he's beginning to become too predictable in his acting, almost as if he's playing the same character in each of his dramas. It's a relaxing drama; there aren't any big twists in plots or any pondering over after watching it. Good for overall entertainment, just don't take it too seriously.
Reviewed by Hiro Toyo on 3 December 2003
15. confused.. [Rating: 7/10]
Hmm okay,first off I havent done watching this show yet,but I have seen most of the episodes so I have a word..Well at first i thought all that "plane" stuff was quite unappealing and the first episode was in my opinion not that very good..I wasnt very impressed with the roles of the leading actors but everyone told me that I should try watching the next episodes,so i did and well gosh i am happy that I did ! Although i thought it was a dull,boring dorama at first my opinion suddenly changed afterwards ! So i am dying to see the two last episodes now!
Reviewed by triyandafilisus on 25 July 2005
16. I think the drama is overrated [Rating: 6/10]
Hmmmm....I don't really find this drama interesting as the rating given to this drama seems to be, though I quite like Takuya acting. I don't really like Kou shibasaki character in this drama as I think it's rather annoying at some part. I think the drama started off well but after some episodes, it begins to get boring. I didn't find really find any episodes that are really touching. I think I still prefer the other drama by Takuya like Beautiful days and Love generation.
Reviewed by WinterLove on 30 October 2004
17. Brilliant but... [Rating: 9/10]
The plot is very good with no preaching unlike in 'Big Wing' or other dramas and the pace is not slow nor fast. It is like wine which tastes better as it goes. The acting is brilliant! The cast protray their characters out perfectly! Kimura Takuya is brilliant in this drama as a convincing pilot. I'd give it a 10 if not for the fact that I think that they look more like siblings instead of a couple... Gomen...
Reviewed by Ryvyan on 2 July 2003
18. Disapponted. Shibasaki looks pissed all the time [Rating: 4/10]
The situations created in each episode are so contrived but that's not the main problem, which is Shibasaki Kou. She looks pissed and constantly pouting when ever the camera points at her. She's clearly an incapable actress and she's not that attractive at all. I ended up fastforwarding every scene with her in. In the end, I just don't care about the internal struggle of her nor the story at all.
Reviewed by jameslam on 14 June 2003
19. Absolutely a Must Watch Drama [Rating: 10/10]
Damn the acting is so good! Kimura is definitely a pro. I'm no SMAP fan but I gotta say I'm a fan of Kimura's acting. And Shibasaki was really good too! Its the first drama I've seen that actually had some real kissing rather than the typical pecks in most shows; though it only comes at the end. Very good progression throughout the whole drama. Absolutely you must watch and a must love.
Reviewed by himitsu-kun on 14 August 2007
20. Was expecting a bit more then what it was able to [Rating: 7/10]
This dorama has an outstanding cast, and I really loved Tsutsumi Shinichi's character. However with all the hype around this dorama, I was expecting way more than it was able to deliever. Shibasaki Kou's and her constantly pouting expressions didnt help either. But on the whole, the storyline for some episodes were pretty good and I thought the filimg was done pretty well.
Reviewed by dys199 on 25 July 2004
21. BEST AVIATION DRAMA EVER.. [Rating: ?/10]
another 1 of my fav j dramas by takuya kimura..this drama is really realistic n nt far-fetched like others n it really potraits the kind of situation tat will happen on the plane..this drama is really fun to watch n it has oso a high content of touching n tearful scenes..THIS IS REALLY THE BEST AVIATION DRAMA I HAVE WATCHED!!I HIGHLY RECOMMENED THIS DRAMA TO EVERYONE..
Reviewed by fre3domlin on 1 August 2008
22. Good Luck [Rating: 9/10]
Excellent script and cast. The use of the "sun" theme (Takuya reaching out to the sun) in depicting the "comeback" of Shinkai was very touching. The theme was superbly wrapped up in the last episode when the rising sun shone through the dark passenger cabin. Tsutsumi's excellent acting stole a lot of limelight from Takuya, especially in the early episodes.
Reviewed by Angel2001 on 8 September 2005
23. Disappointing [Rating: 7/10]
but not a disaster .....I'm a little suprised at the high ratings this drama has, above that of Love Generation. But Kimutaku and Shibasaki Kou lack chemistry. I enjoyed Kuroki Hitomi and Yoon Son Ha's performance as Kimutaku's funny neighbour though. Maybe the script writer should have had Kimutaku and Tsutsumi Shinichi fight over Kuroki Hitomi instead.
Reviewed by Sun_Shang_Xiang on 15 November 2010
24. More Rina Uchiyama please! [Rating: 8/10]
It was a good drama. I can't say outstanding but certainly worth watching. I am in Love with Uchiyama Rina so I wished she had a bigger roll but that aside I thought Kimura Takuya and Shibasaki Kou did decent performances but I never really felt that the love connection really ever came together. Their chemistry was off. Still it was enjoyable.
Reviewed by MonsterZero65 on 15 August 2010
25. Memorable and Great! [Rating: 9/10]
This drama really deserves good credits. It has every bits of what a good story should have. This drama is really enjoyable. You can see the heroic act, family value and of course the romance. Good Luck is the great drama and memorable too. I personally think that it should be voted as one of the most memorable drama of this year.
Reviewed by Akakage on 26 May 2003
26. Grrr... frustration [Rating: 10/10]
The pace has been steady so far and with the episode of revelation (7), things are going to pick up even more.
I agree, Sutsumi Shinichi is a great actor - he got his shine in that episode.
I'm about to hit the end pretty soon and I'm distressed not to find the last episode anywhere... *sighs*
Reviewed by Saiki on 16 April 2004
27. this drama stands out... [Rating: 9/10]
Very creative story setting that looks into the life of pilots, stewards & technicans. altho the 2 leads (Kimura Takuya & Shibasaki Kou) aren't quite compaitable, the chemistry between them is unique. of coz not forgetting ageless gorgeous kuroki hitomi. a nice peek into the life in the air....
Reviewed by IniQx on 7 July 2004
28. I loved this drama.. [Rating: 10/10]
who wouldn't fall in love with Takuya Kimura and dream of flying in the sky after watching this drama? very well-made..
top actors and actresses..very good drama for enjoying yourself and relieving stress..sure, plot line is not the best..but Takuya's face was enough for me to give 10
Reviewed by ilovetakuya on 22 May 2005
29. Doesn't disappoint [Rating: 10/10]
A Kimura Takuya drama always comes with high expectations. Good luck doesn't disappoint. It's a high class drama with high class casting. Good plot, fast pace, funny, intriguing and with a nice atmosphere. I really liked the airline theme.
No need to say more, another great drama.
Reviewed by kaonashi on 11 June 2004
30. Even if you have no interest in aviation, watch th [Rating: 10/10]
Great characters, cast, plot and what a great soundtrack, this is up there in my favourite J-Drama list, I was in two minds about watching a show about planes, but it was really interesting and added some great moments to the story, 10/10 for everything.
Reviewed by Tatakau on 25 October 2005

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Comments From Users (499)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by Kitsuchi [Rating: 10/10]
This is, without doubts, one of the best dorama I've watched. It's really so amazing.
The casts are doing amazingly great too. I have seen doramas before with Kimura Takuya, and I like him very much. He is a good actor. I have as well seen Shibasaki Kou before, but not in as many doramas. So I was curious about this dorama and wanted to watch it - to see how she was. Well, to say, she acted really well in "Good Luck !!" as well as in "Orange Days".

While watching this dorama you feel like flying somewhere in a plane and think that the pilots actually are doing their best for their customers. Because normally, you don't think about stuff like that.. But after watching this, you might begin to think of it.

At first, I thought that this dorama sounded a bit boring, with the flying and all. I wasn't that interested in it. But as I figured that the dorama is quite popular and should be good, I decided to give it a try. And I'm not regretting it. It's true, before watching this, I thought nothing about flying. But after watching, I almost feel like being a pilot..

You should give this dorama a try if you haven't watched it. It's really good. There are, of course, both sad and happy incidents. And also shocking incidents that makes you think like "Oh, noo.. It can't be.." while gasping. So trust me and give this dorama a big try ;P.
2. Comments by ScrappedShinigami [Rating: 10/10]
Definitely one of my favourite dramas now. I never expected it to be so good, I've always skipped over it in the past. But I caught a random clip on YouTube, when I was searching for something totally different. I became intrigued and so brought it and man am I so glad I did. It kept me occupied for hours once I put it on, I had to sit through it all, I got up many hours later with a stiff back!
I loved the relationships three in particular, obviously the main romance between Shinkai and Ogawa, that was very sweet and not too heavy. I loved the relatiobship between Kouda and Togashi and last but by no means least I really really liked the relationship between Kouda and Shinkai. Kouda may seem to hate Shinkai the most to start with but as the show progresses it's obvious that Kouda sees in Shinkai who he used to be and wants to guide him to bring out the potential he know he has.
Overall the show was exciting, romantic and a lot of un. All the actors played their part well, the acting convinced me (but then I am no great critique). Only one character annoyed me and that was Rina's character... she was ok by the end though.
Definitely worth a watch, definitely one of my favourites!!! <3
3. Comments by minochi99 [Rating: 9/10]
Why am i giving it a 9. Cause it has Kou! J/k. The story is a good one. Kou is so bit?!y, yet so kawaii in this series! Kimura is pretty cool here too. Kinda like in Hero, where his character is more down to earth, not so snobby. I like him in roles like these. Their on screen chemistry was better than I thought since Takuya is a lot older than Kou.

Not many airline jdoramas, so it has it's originality. Surprised it's based on ANA, and not JAL, but I digress. Nice CA uniforms worn by the ladies :-) Did I mention Rina Uchiyama is in this too. So sweet and adorable. And the never aging beauty Kuroki Hitomi. Very beautiful and elegant as always.

The supporting actors stole the show tho. Man, was Shinichi kick-ass as the hardnosed flight auditor. He looked cool and whoever played Jane, the hentai pilot, was a riot.

Overall, a great series. Had fun watching it, as the storyline moved briskly. Some of the "flight situations" in each episode were really good and imaginative. Definitely recommended.
4. Comments by michiru3 [Rating: 8/10]
Kimura did a great job here! So did Tsutsumi Shinichi (sooo diff from Yamato Nadeshiko) and I also loved (the lead stewardess) Kuroki Hitomi's part. The plane's whole crew had good chemistry together and was fun to watch them interact.

The only annoying one was Shibasaki Kou (Ogawa Ayumi), playing KimuTaku's love interest. For me, the pilot-struggle plot was MUCH more interesting than the love-love plot btwn those 2. I actually skipped over parts with her in it b/c they were just too boring. Yea, I know she's troubled b/c her parents died, but why is she still so cold & uptight all the time?? Plus, scenes with her didn't really push the story much, so they weren't necessary to watch thru. Those scenes were mostly just KimuTaku telling her stuff that happened....which we already know b/c we've been watching!!! But luckily, her love story with Kimura isn't that heavy, so that's good. Other than Ogawa & her lisp-y way of talking, i really enjoyed this drama.
5. Comments by ginger ale [Rating: 10/10]
I love Takuya Kimura and Shinichi Tsutsumi! Both are kakkoii! So otoko mae! Takuya must have been first in line when God gave out sex appeal, I love this guy. I love his voice, his face, the way he moves, everything about him. Tsutsumi has the perfect face, so handsome, angular and not a single bad angle in any of the shots. No wonder I read in a thread somewhere one of his adoring fans saying How can someone be so handsome? And how can God create only one? Well, God also created Jo In Sung of Korea who is the handsomest man in the universe. The story of this jdorama I can relate to, reminds me of the time I trained with Lufthansa in Germany. Well, I wasn't a cabin crew but I use to explore Frankfurt Flughafen from top to bottom during lunch break and watched the pilots and cabin crew all the time. I love the catchy OST Ride on Time.
6. Comments by GreenIce [Rating: 9/10]
This drama was based on the theme of commercial flying.. Kimura plays a young pilot who absolutely loves flying and dreams of becoming a captain one day. His straight-talking character is endearing because of his compassion and his desire to fly. The love story with kou Shibasaki was enjoyably similar to the love-hate relationship between Kimura and Takako in Love Gen.

I felt that Tsutsumi Shinichi's portrayal of Capt Kouda was perfect to a t... the classic stone-cold-look but warmth-deep-inside character. I really sympathised with him as the true nature of his character unfolded.

The couple of episodes near the ending really really touched me and the musical score was great and portrayed the emotion of the show excellently.. but I dint like the ending theme though.
I rate this a must-watch.
7. Comments by Sorata [Rating: 7/10]
This dorama was really good but i was expecting more of a romance, instead we got a dorama about a pilot and his life, that made me drop a few points on this one.
Ogawa(Shibasaki Kou) was by far my favorite character, i love this tough girl routine, but she was relegated to like the third most important character of the show, and the big time storylines only envolved Shinkai(Kimutaku) and Koda(Tsutsumi Shinichi).
I really laugh my ass with Shinkai�Ls crazy neighbour and Naito�Ls(Takenaka Naoto) "cool" personality(allways speaking english and flirting with the girls).
The ending on the beach with Ogawa and Shinkai was really cute and warm.
Overall a good dorama but nothing new, Shibasaki Kou�Ls fans will probably enjoy this because she was the star of the show.
8. Comments by Nekobus [Rating: 9/10]
Great, great drama. Really interesting as a portrayal of what happens behind the scenes of an airline, and since it was produced with the cooperation of ANA, I assume it's fairly accurate as far as the technical details. Really strong characterizations all around, as almost all of the characters are varied and not just one-dimensional stereotypes as you see in dramas sometimes. I like how the characters also had their own roles and identities as well as their own subplots, instead of just merely serving to play off Kimutaku. All the principals are good in their parts, like Takuya, Kou and Shinichi Tsutsumi. Also some strong supporting parts by the late Ikariya Chousuke as Shinkai's father, and Naoto Takenaka providing some great comic relief in a smaller role.
9. Comments by princess [Rating: 10/10]
personally thought this was a great drama. I really like Kimura Takuya character in this drama. Shibasaki Kou on the other hand had a totally different character from him. I actually think it's funny when they quarrel all the time (but most think it's annoying, yes i know.) I seriously didn't like Tsutsumi Shinichi charcter in the drama, but if it wasn't him, then I don;t think Kimura Takuya would be as motivated in his job, but then he loves his job as a pilot anyway.
After watching the drama, i feel unsafe to go on the plane again. XD jk jk. Well, I just learnt that many things can happen on the plane and that everyone had to co-operate so well in order to keep passengers fell safe on the plane. I really like the last 3 episode of the drama. Kimura <3 LOLZ!
10. Comments by madsky [Rating: 9/10]
This is actually one of my favorites. Another great one for Kimura Takuya.

I liked how they showed Kimura's character interacting with his family, playing around with his brother and trying to get through to his father.

It seems like every character has something unique to add to the plot. I loved watching the subtle romance grow between Shinkai (Kimura) and Ogawa (Shibasaki), and Koda (Tsutsumi) finally loosening up and trying to start his relationship with Togashi (Kuroki) over. Then there was comic relief from Shinkai's crazy neighbor, and the pilot Naito Jane (Takenaka), who I really liked.

I found the flights and incidents interesting. This drama makes me think pilots are so cool! It's definetly one everyone should look into watching.
11. Comments by plenar [Rating: 5/10]
outstanding: kimura's hairstyle, suits him to a T.
and brings out the good looks he is known for. aside from this, there's only 2 other great things going for this drama, hitomi kuroki and kimura's chemistry with co-star shibasaki kou. what a waste of tsutsumi shinichi's talent, plus some really unbelievable scripting which makes the character spout nonsense and look like an idiot. coming after sora kara and hero, and though we can't always have something fab even if its kimura, i found good luck!! to be something of a let down. tis got a pretty great cast, only wish the content was more substantial. still i enjoyed seeing kimura in his fly suit and tsutusmi san looked pretty cool too :) mldesu
12. Comments by ml_desu [Rating: 6/10]
outstanding: kimura's hairstyle, suits him to a T. and brings out the good looks he is known for. aside from this, there's only 3 other great things going for this drama, hitomi kuroki, co-stars, and kimura's chemistry with co-star shibasaki kou. some really unbelievable scripting makes the tsutsumi shinichi character spout nonsense and come across as excessive and idiotic. this kouda captain character brings back memories of sawatari toru, which much as i liked, nakahara osuke of yamato was for me still the best of the lot. its got a pretty neat cast, only wish the content was more substantial. and oh yes, they could most definitely do away with the "u have"s. mldesu
13. Comments by kartanoman [Rating: 9/10]
AN excellent story of a young co-pilot who overcomes critical management and personal setbacks to fully understand and appreciate his love of flying. Takuya Kimura's doramas are commonplace in our household and this one ranks up there as one of his best efforts. Kou Shibasaki turned in a fine performance as the mechanic but high marks go to Kuroki Hitomi and Shinichi Tsutsumi, whom we've both seen in several doramas before, play off each other very well to create a secondary plot within the story. In all, a pleasure to watch and, in addition to the developing love story, a revealing look at behind-the-scenes corporate world issues in the airline industry.
14. Comments by ilovetakuya [Rating: 8/10]
It's entertaining for sure, though i don't think this drama has real substance. Still, it was a treat for the eyes. Tsutsumi Shinichi was great. I think he looked very sexy here. Kimura Takuya looked very good too. I hope he will cut his hair short like this once again. His hair has been too long for a long time....
I didn't like SHibasaki Kou at all though... Her character didn't have real personality, and she didn't look pretty at all. Couldn't really understand why Shinkai's so attracted to her.
Still, I'd give this drama 8 because of great music, cool atmosphere, and occasional fun moments.
15. Comments by koalabear [Rating: 10/10]
What can I say, I have watched this drama about a squillion times! Put a website upon in its honour: http://www.gel.com.au/koala/goodluck/intro.htm and obsessed about it for hours. This is the jdorama that made me like Takuya Kimura and I think it's a wonderful ensemble performance with humour, drama and just the right touch of chemistry and romance. Although of course I love Long Vacation and Love Generation, but it's quite nice to have a drama where love is not the main theme but is a wonderful wide story. I also love having a drama where all of the actors and cast members are fabulous.......
16. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 8/10]
This was another fun Kimura Takuya drama. As always, Kimura's dramas are usually better than the average JDorama. This time he takes the role of a co-pilot named Shinji who has dreams of flying his own plane. The series was good and I liked how it portrayed the daily crises that airline workers encounter on everyday flights. Things that we passengers don't ever worry about while we take the plane.

The only problem I had with this drama is that I didn't like the female lead, the engineer. Both her and Kimura Takuya lacked chemistry together and she seemed to be "pissed" the entire time.
17. Comments by bibam [Rating: 9/10]
Loved the innocent and straight forward personality portrayal of his role as Shinkai Hajime. Showed compassion towards work and life as a pilot. Really loved the bits of humor and comedy inserted here and there throughout the story, kept the storyline more interesting. The relationship between Shinkai and Ogawa was also good (annoying, love hate, and childlike romance). Also enjoyed the potrayal of the older couple relationship, between Captain Kouda and stewardess Noriko. Kuroki Hitomi adds class and elegance in her potrayal as Noriko. Truly enjoyable and highly recommended!
18. Comments by ffrostte [Rating: 7/10]
To be honest, I don't think Takuya's acting was 'brilliant' in it. He's just trying to be the same 'charismatic' guy that he has always been.

Kou, the actress, caught my attention though. This was the first dorama that I saw of her and think she is very talented. She isn't the prettiest japanese actress, for sure, but she just got this ability to catch the audience's attention very easily.

Its sutble way of describing love is very nice and to-the-point. No mushy lines or scenes could be find here but one can still feel 'love' throughout the show. :)
19. Comments by lalaland [Rating: 6/10]
There were some meaningful moments, but the drama was paintstakingly boring to watch. What this drama lacks is focus. I wasn't quite sure what the underlying theme was and the drama doesn't give you a chance to fathom what the characters endured. It just goes from problems to problems and you don't really see much of the process. The ending of the episodes barely gave you an idea of what was going to happen next or how it ties to the central plot or theme. There was this one moment when Takuya's acting really drew me in, but the moment was shortlived.
20. Comments by blakmetalik [Rating: 8/10]
I really enjoyed this drama because of the story and the complicated relationship between Kimura Takuya and Tsutsumi Shin'ichi (I love misunderstood, aloof characters like Tsutsumi's). Admittedly, there are some overly dramatic scenes and unrealistic situations, but it's all entertaining. Lots of colorful supporting characters, like the flight crew and the family of Kimura Takuya's character. Kou Shibaski acts well, but I couldn't see any chemistry between her and Kimura Takuya. One thing to note is the excellent ending theme!
21. Comments by nutda_chan [Rating: 9/10]
22. Comments by kneehard [Rating: 9/10]
I think I saw Good Luck before I saw Pride and Engine, so I have better reviews for this one because I haven't gotten sick of Takuya Kimura playing the same old character over and over again.

On a whole this drama is more solid than Pride and Engine as well, with Shinichi Tsutsumu and Shibasaki Kou making up a solid cast. The acting is excellent for the main four characters, and although I didn't get that warm buzz I usually get after watching a great dorama, I still enjoyed watching this one immensely.
23. Comments by rikastar [Rating: 7/10]
As if I didn't already think pilots were cool, Kimura makes the occupation look even better. The plot about the growth of 1st officer Shinkai is pretty straightforward, but some of the weekly stories are pretty good. I still think his love interest, a female mechanic like Kou is unbelievable but she suits the stubborn and firm character pretty well. Tsutsumi Shinichi and Kuroki Hitomi were also good in their roles of the more experienced and good mentors in the company.
24. Comments by yuka [Rating: 8/10]
Brandish machismo in the strong male cast who brings a credible performance to the light plot. Young pop-idol Kimura held his own against his much older substantive male co-stars. There seems to be a genuine sense of camaraderie amongst them. Departing from being the usual maverick, his portrayal of a grudgingly loving and caring son/elder brother is noteworthy. Quite an enjoyable and entertaining ride with just a light touch of romance for spice.
25. Comments by Susan [Rating: 8/10]
Predictable, but good. This series benefits from having a few of the best leads in Japanese dramas (Kimura Takuya and Shibasaki Kou), though they didn't have as much chemistry as I would have liked, and some half-decent writing. Of course, if you've watched a few dramas this one will come as no surprise to you whatsoever. It has a feel-good ending and is nice when you're looking for something light to watch, but it's certainly not a masterpiece.
26. Comments by ben_soh23 [Rating: 9/10]
veri gd and entertaining drama.... had to mentioned that it was veri inspiring as well...... i can see the love of Kimura's character for flying n hw hard he work to get tt dream back.....

the romance between the two leads were great n i had a gd laugh whenever they were together....such a cute couple.....

the rest of the cast were great as well n i really like them, except for uchiyama's character who i found to be irritating.....
27. Comments by yamete_evie [Rating: 10/10]
Kimura Takuya was adorable as Co Pilot Shinkai, an idealistic young pilot who, although he may not be the most skilled, genuinely loves flying. Tsutsumi Shinichi was good as the "Cyborg" Captain Koda. Loved Shibasaki Kou as a female mechanic in a male-dominated profession and her reasons for choosing that career. Only bad point is Uchiyama Rina is ludicrously vapid and unlikeable in this! Probably my fave Jdorama of all time, though.
28. Comments by aiyachan16 [Rating: 10/10]
awesome series! especially the scenes where they have situations with the passengers. kimutaku is sooo cute! kou's pretty.. didnt recognize her.. havent seen her since battle royale. after awhile of watching this series.. kouda san is hella funny.. the guy never smiles!! plus his voice is so momotoned, u can actually mimic it. captain jane is so funny! great casting, great plot, great actors, great soundtrack, great series!~
29. Comments by jdfan [Rating: 10/10]
This drama scored a rating 31.6% first week. Kimura Takuya magic did it again. This is a very enjoyable and he proves to many drama fans that he still has it. The interesting relationship between the leads and suppoting case is great! In addition, this is rare that Kimura had shown a father and son relationship, except "A Sleeping Forest"! A MUST watch for the season... you won't find an all star cast like this too often!!
30. Comments by shink86 [Rating: 10/10]
Good Luck!! i love the plot of this drama series because it offers us people a glimpse of what it is like and the lives of CAs, pilots, etc. A job that many of us can only dream of. Takuya kimura's performance is astounding, i personally feel that he potrays the boyish role of Shinkai Hajime very well - the determination and "never say die" attitude, shinkai's every expression...chemistry with kou was very good too! 10/10!! :D

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1. chyra
well, here we see the charming kimura san acting as a co-pilot, wearing the pilot uniform looking as kakoii as ever. here, he depicts a co-pilot with alot of passion for the sky, for flying. how caring he is, but sumtimes irritating too. this show got very high ratings in japan, once again proving kimura san's magic. but of course, with only kimura san, the show might not b as sucessful, we also have other cast, together, they really make up a strong crew, with brilliant and experienced artistes, such as kuroki san, tsutsumi san, takenake san, and of course, ikariya san. this is a MUZ C
2. some_gurl
I think this is a really good series. Well, to tell the truth.. i think ALL of Kimutaku's series are awesome. It is really entertaining. Though there isn't much chemistry between Kimutaku and Kou Shibasaki.. it didnt spoil the show at all. The other characters in the movie stand out as well. Kuroki Hitomi and Tsutsumi Shinichi did a great job here. But I think the Korean actress is a bit redundant. I have no idea why they have to give her a part in the show. It is rather silly.
3. Angel2001
Excellent acript and cast. Tsutsumi's performance most outstanding. He steals the show up to episode 8. Of couse, the focus turned back to Takuya in the last episodes. His reaching out to the sun with his hand was very touching! Again, shows the strength of the directing by giving an otherwise ordinary theme that moving touch. The "sun" theme was skilfully wrapped up with the rising sun shining through the dark passenger cabin in the last episode. A very up-beat drama.
4. yuka
Brandish machismo in the strong male cast who brings a credible performance to the light plot. Young pop-idol Kimura held his own against his much older substantive male co-stars. There seems to be a genuine sense of camaraderie amongst them. Departing from being the usual maverick, his portrayal of a grudgingly loving and caring son/elder brother is noteworthy. Quite an enjoyable and entertaining ride with just a light touch of romance for spice.
5. shanghai_honey
Enjoyable drama, good acting by all the cast, and Tsutsumi Shinichi particularly. He was a scene stealer and I liked his highly charged scenes with Takuya Kimura. The story is quite fast-paced and gives a glimpse into the workings of the airline industry. The only quibble I have is that the characters personal stories aren't given much focus so the story doesn't have a deep pull on me. But it's light and breezy and fun to watch.
6. yuko^
once again, kimura lived up to his drama king title...at first while i was watching, i thought it was just a common light hearted drama waiting for kimura to add spark to it, but it was until episode 8 onwards taht u c the real story, re-watch it again, and u can see the whole picture even clearer, itz really a very very interesting and a must see drama. AWESOME
7. missind33
I love the main actors of this series! This series was fantastic with great acting. There was plenty of drama, romance, action, and comedy to keep me interested. I loved how the leading girl was a mechanic, a tomboy, and strong, independent woman that series need more of. After watching this series, I seriously wanted to become a pilot.
8. ScrappedShinigami
One of my favourites! And my first KimuTaku show.
My favourite aspect of the show was the relationship between Shinkai (KimuTaku) and his "Sempai" (the antagonist) Kouda (Tsutsumi) and how it developed throughout.
It had the most perfect ending! EVERYTHING was tied up!
Oh and it really made me wanna be a Pilot XD
9. Shindou
Kimura Takuya, Tsutsumi Shinichi, and Shibasaki Kou brought this jdrama to life. Shinichi pulled off a very convincing Captain
Koda while Kou was an inspired choice to play the mechanic Ogawa. With a superb supporting cast and a refreshing plot, Good Luck!! is one of the few jdoramas that stand above the rest.
10. doramaotaku
"Good Luck!!" is great drama that inspires one to overcome the past and always keep trying. There are many scenes that illustrate the good things I love most about Japanese culture. Finally, this drama (and all of the recent problems at JAL) has made me decide to fly ANA whenever I go to Japan.
11. Tatakau
Great characters, cast, plot and what a great soundtrack, this is up there in my favourite J-Drama list, I was in two minds about watching a show about planes, but it was really interesting and added some great moments to the story, 10/10 for everything.
12. oline
Shinkai Hajime !!!! Takuya kimura so kakkaoi!!! He charms every generation of ladys........ (my mom adores him....) Somewhat like a view from the top (guy version though ....) And theres always a little something called l.o.v.e.!! In the air waves !
13. shink86
i simply love shinkai's determination and the way he goes all out to achieve his dreams. really inspired me! of course, takuya's chemistry with kou - FANTASTIC. oh yah, i love the character "naito jane" - simply hilarious! 10/10!! :D
14. nakashige
One of the best, I think. If you haven't seen it, this is one of the greats of Kimura Takuya. Great cast, great story, very moving. Takenaka is great, Shibasaki is great, Uchiyama is hot, Ikariya is awesome, Kimutaku is the best.
15. stararies17
if u ever ever miss it, u'll regret man!..very exciting n humourous coz of shinkai. plot is super good about realising ur dreams and inspires one to become a pilot..cool drama. like ogawa's attitude n shinkai's courage
16. Sugarplumie
are ya kidding?? that short hair totally does it for me! and he was not as cool (character wise) i think. shibasaki kou is growing on me, but i think b/c of sora kara i dont particularly like like her - excellent OST
17. daphne01
All the actors and actresses are great, this show gave me an insight to the people who are involve in the plane industry and Takuya potrays his role really well and I feel like taking ANA on my next trip!
18. kaonashi
A Kimura Takuya drama always comes with high expectations. Good luck doesn't disappoint. Everything is top notch & I really liked the airline theme. No need to say more, one of the absolute best.
19. von
The plot is interesting, reveals the life in airport and the situations encountered.
Each episode have something interesting. And the great cast: Tsutsumi Shinichi, Kuroki Hitomi, Kimura Takuya etc.
20. tiktok
It's a pretty much a feel good drama that is COMPLETELY worth your time. The pacing is perfect and the chemistry between Kou and Kimura was outstanding. It's very funny and light-hearted. MUST-SEE!!
21. Signo
My favourite actors in one dorama, it's terrific !!! (I love the song "Ride on Time" by Yamashita Tatsuro!!!) Altogether it is a very beautiful show with some touching moments. "Good Luck!!"^^
22. IniQx
EXCELLENT drama! love the story, love the characters, love the theme song. The scene is beautiful as well. u cant wait but pin for the nxt episode. dis 1 is not to be missed. 10/10 for this drama!
23. beryl_28
I like Takuya Kimura's acting... He's so cute!!!
I think that they acted really and it gave me quite an in depth description of how a pilot drives a plane.. the hard work and all....Way to go!
24. iluvhyde
Extremely entertaining! Great plot complete with talented actors and amazing OST. I'm just like hooked to the TV and wish I do not need to sleep so I could finish it without interruption!
25. aghi1004
very cute success story~ KimuTaku is VERY HOT in his pilot uniforms... love relationship is cute too... also interesting characters keep the drama itself interesting!! highly recommended
26. lohcharmaine
a delightful kimura drama that leaves a lot of room for thought and reflection, tugs at your heartstrings, and tops it all up with a very sweet and subtle romance. loved this one. :)
27. gizm092
awesome movie quality drama. I watched this drama as if it were a daylong movie. I'm still blown away with the same blown away given to me by Love Generation and Yamato Nadeshiko.
28. z3juk
ONE OF THE BEST DRAMA!! LOVE IT!!! this drama is the reason why i love takuya so much !!!!! LOVE IT, love it, love it !!! the acting is soooo gooddddddd.....A MUST SEE DRAMA!!!
29. andra mega
I like the dorama. It's about dedication to the job they were working. Takuya is looking great in this dorama. shinici tsutsumi got the koda's character. kou shibasaki is cute.
30. Fukadafan
I Love this drama. An amazing Plot and an incredible cast, all of them make a good job. The Relation ship between Shinkai and Ogawa it's great, they are a very good couple.

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